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A worthwhile breast cancer month plug

Being that we've begun to be inundated with WWE and Komen's pinkwashing bullshit machine, I thought I'd try to get out a plug for a worthwhile charity that your readers might consider donating to.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has spent over 500 million dollars on research which has lead to new treatments for the disease. They spend 88 cents of every dollar donated directly on lifesaving research. And they don't have any John Cena merchandise. So they've got a lot going for them. You can do donate at if you all are so inclined.

​Yeah, it's not even just that Komen is a terrible charity for WWE to get in bed with​, it's the fact that they can't even do something charitable without being all LOOK AT US, WE'RE DOING CHARITY.  They can't just give money, they have to produce a bunch of cheesy pink t-shirts where they still keep 90% of the money from them and then force all the wrestlers, babyface or heel, to wear them on TV incessantly.  They have to produce TV spots about how they great they are for doing TV spots about breast cancer.  And they have to do this for another MONTH.  Bill Gates gives billions of dollars to charity and you barely ever hear about it, but WWE donates 10 cents per shitty t-shirt and suddenly they're Gandhi?  And that's not even to disparage the legitimate charity work that the company and people like Cena do behind the scenes, like the Make-A-Wish stuff, because it's great that they do, but SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT already.  This shit is even on their YouTube channel!  Do we now get a "Top 10 Most Courageous TV spots produced by WWE" list next on there or the Network, where they celebrate Titus O'Neil talking about his grandmother and Stephanie comparing the US government to terrorists?  

OK, I'm good for a while.