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Marvel Puzzle Quest

I don't know whether to ask what took you so long or tell you what a mistake you've made. Game is ridiculously addictive. I've been playing for most of the last year, and I got bored with SuperCard after a few days.

You'll get plenty of shared rewards from me, although I don't play as much as I used kid, new job, you know the drill. I will also offer advice if you want. A few tips to get you started:

- Don't bother with Bag-Man. He sucks. If you get a Bag-Man cover, sell it for Iso-8 and use it to level your other guys.

- As you get more three-star characters, you might want to ditch your one-stars to make room for new guys, but keep one or two to use in events where you need a one-star. I especially like Venom, because you can team him up with Classic Spider-Man and have them build on each other's powers.

- I never really liked using Sentry, so I got rid of him, but he seems to be everyone's favorite character in PvP events. Daken is another one that I was late to the party on.

- My favorite characters: In **, it's Original Black Widow, Classic Storm, Astonishing X-Men Wolverine, Marvel Now! Thor, Marvel Now! Magneto, Hawkeye and Ares. When you get to ***, Captain America gets to be a beast, Patch Wolverine is nasty, and Hulk is another mainstay. I also like some characters that a lot of other people don't: Spider-Man, Punisher and Grey Suit Black Widow come to mind.

Yeah, as soon as I gave up Candy Crush for good a few months ago, I knew one of these fucking games was going to entice me in again and ruin my life.  Simpsons and Family Guy are starting to get really tiresome so I was looking for something else simple and stupid and this seems to fit the bill.  But of course I linked to Facebook so as soon as I started playing I got a billion notifications and requests.