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Matt's Monday Night RAW Recap - 10/27/2014

AndyPG is a good guy. Let me start by saying that. He and I had a talk about stuff on Facebook and we traded our likes and dislikes about Hell in a Cell. He likes what we're seeing. I'm "whatever" at this point.

Look, whether you like or hate the current product/regime, we all agree on one thing: after taking several chair shots, Ambrose pretending to be afraid of Obi-Wyatt Kenobi was beyond ridiculous. It was Paul Bearer with a Flashlight Urn ridiculous. Papashango making Warrior puke ridiculous. The end of the match was ridiculous.

But I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself.

Please excuse my bullshit. How are you? You good?  That's cool. I'm in for AndyPG this week and he'll be in for me, doing Main Event, tomorrow.

I'm used to writing these things late but I'm on a deadline everywhere I look (I've kinda put myself out there now) and I have to get things done on the dot or they send Bray Wyatt to Sister Abigail my cat while spewing gibberish about demonic unicorns who have been poisoned by the imaginings of the corporate dogs or some damn thing.

Also, I'm really fucking nervous about Game 6 of the World Series. I'm a lifelong Giants fan (est. 1986) and I don't think I've been this nervous for a game in a long, long time. If you're a Royals fan or just rooting for the Royals, get loud and support your team. This has been an awesome Series. One that's lived up to its billing.

Let's get going.

We start with photos of Cena/Orton & Ambrose/Rollins along with Cole's frantic commentary. I crack up each time Cole screams, "ISHEGONNATAP" like he's being paid by the syllable.

We are LIVE(!!!) from San Antonio, Texas!!!

JBL, Cole and King are the guys on the mics...

Triple H, Steph and Kane For Some Reason are out to talk about last week. She welcomes everyone to RAW and says that last night was a hell of a show. Triple H praises Seth Rollins' performance and welcomes Seth Rollins who walks to the ring like he's just had a rectal exam.

Steph tries to get applause for Seth but the crowd boos instead. They chant that Seth sold out and Seth says they're the best. He says that the Lunatic Fringe is out of his hair, once and for all. He says that smarts are better than brawn and, now that he's done with Ambrose, all he has on his horizon is the man who beat Randy Orton. He's moving on to John Cena.

The fans do the usual Cena Sucks chant and Rollins mocks them, saying that, tonight, he'll SEE John Cena (doing Cena's hand wave) and he'll witness Cena's failure.

Randy Orton's music hits and he says he can't stand what he's hearing. He wants to know why he's hearing that Cena beat him. Maybe he lost because of Rollins psyching him out with a Curb Stomp. Maybe he oughta go back to Anger Management...or maybe -- then he attacks Rollins. The Authority separates them. Triple H tells Orton to calm down. Orton: "I'll calm down when he's dead!" Triple H tells him to shut up, calm down and relax. Triple H tells him to take the night off because tonight isn't the night to settle this and -- RKO out of nowhere to Rollins, which I can no longer take seriously due to the 157 RKOON Memes that frequent my Facebook like artcles about Ebola. Then he leaves. Triple H looks like somebody shit in his bag.

  • John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
  • The return of the Big Orangish-Pink Rawhide Chew, Hulk Hogan.
John Cena reads Dylan Thomas.

MATCH #1: Gold & Stardust (champions) vs. Big Show & Mark Henry (challengers) for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Earlier tonight, Mark Henry verbally fellated Show in the dressing room. Henry suggest they become a tag team. That way, they can get the Tag Titles. Become a tag team, get a title shot. Gotta do something since The Usos and Dusts are the only two tag teams of any worth right now. Gold and Henry start. Gold does his deep breath thing. He beats on Henry and runs at him but Henry just clotheslines his head off. He puts Goldie in the corner and tosses him across the ring. Tag to Star and it's Henry beating him in the corner. Henry tags Show who chest slaps Star twice. Show puts Star in the corner and tags Henry who just knocks Star down. He puts Star in the corner as the crowd chants "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE". Henry smiles and grinds his hips into Star in the corner. Show tags himself in and Henry's not happy about this. Already? That was fast. We go to break.

Gold all over Show when we come back but Show plants Gold into the mat and hits the inverted Sharpshooter. Star makes the save. Show tags Henry and he levels Star who gets the tag on the other side. Henry goes for a powerslam. Star escapes and clips the knee. Tag to Gold and he immediately works on Henry's knee. Tag to Star who hits a Front Facelock on Henry. Henry lifts Star up and drops him to break the hold. Henry gets up and charges at Star. Star kicks Henry, then dropkicks him into Show who tags himself in. He destroys Star and hits a Flying Bus, then goes for the KO, which he hits. Gold comes in and gets dumped. Henry decides, "Fuck this" and argues with Show again, then hits the World's Strongest Slam on Show, picks up Star and drops him on Show. The Dusts retains at around 11:30 or so.
RATING: **. You're telling me that Show didn't simply cover Star? Come on.

Post-match, Henry stalks Show and then hits the WSS again. Show gets to his feet, using the ropes, so Henry hits the WSS again in case you didn't think he was heelish enough yet. Then he hits a Warrior Splash right after. SHADESOFWARRIOR!SHADESOFWARRIOR! 

  • Cena owns the place. So Rollins has to pay him some rent and ask him about fixing his stove so he can have people over this weekend.
  • Roman Reigns is gonna tell us he's healing. 
Renee Young stops Mark Henry backstage and asks him what happened. Henry's pissed and says he's always been better than Show.

Cole presents a Roman Reigns montage -- and we get an interview with Roman Reigns. He says he's proud of Ambrose and calls Rollins a weasel. I'd ask for a "Weasel" chant to return but I'm sure that would confuse the fans and they'd chant for CM Punk.

Speaking of...

MATCH #2: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox (non-title)
Paige is at ringside. Again. Alicia dropkicks AJ out of the ring. She chases and rolls AJ back in. One count. Holy crap...the fans are actually chanting "LET'S GO, AJ". I'm not used to that. Fox hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two and a headlock. AJ breaks, misses a clothesline and Fox elbows AJ while Paige pretends they're STILL FRIENDS. So, all we've done is add one more person to this feud?! Fox covers AJ and screams because she's "psycho", see...AJ breaks but Fox picks her up for a slam. AJ counters into a nice Whirlwind DDT. She runs at Fox who hits a Spinning Backbreaker. Paige distracts Fox. AJ rolls her up for the win at 3:36. We just can't have nice things.

Post-match, Paige apologizes to Fox, then kicks her and tosses her outside. Paige picks her up and tosses her into the barricade, then slingshots her into it. She rams Fox's head into the barricade and calls her "her worst best friend". What is any of this even about?!

Cole recalls last night when Bray Wyatt appeared from out of nowhere. It was shocking because he was supposed to be at the Senate Meeting on Coruscant.

NEXT: John Cena is gonna say stuff.

Cancer. It sucks. You don't have to donate to Komen. ACS is a good place, though.

LAST NIGHT AT HELL IN A CELL: Wyatt interfered in Ambrose's match.

TONIGHT: Ambrose goes one on one with Cesaro.

John Cena is out to the ring to talk. He says there's lots of excitement tonight. He says that the crowd is acting like they're raising a Championship banner tomorrow. He congratulates the Spurs. COLE: "He's talking about the Spurs and the NBA Championship." Thanks, Cole! He says that he earned his shot at Lesnar by beating Orton last night. While Lesnar sits at home, thinking like a champ, Cena is fighting like a champ. He says that Lesnar will lose the next time they face one another. He says that the City of Champions gets a main event worthy of San Antonio. He says that Rollins will get a First Class Wake-up Call. He says that the future isn't next week, next month or next year. When might it be then?

Steph interrupts the promo and heads to the ring. She congratulates Cena on his victory and she says she can't wait for him to face Rollins. But she can't wait for Survivor Series for $7.83 on WWE Network. She criticizes Cena for using the Spurs to get a cheap pop. He says that he listens to people. She asks him if he hears them saying "Cena sucks". She says that people don't care about him. She says that they only care about him bleeding and pouring out his guts. She says it doesn't have to be that difficult. She invites him to become one with the Authority. She tells him to come to a place where he's loved and respected. She says that he will face Lesnar, who has already beaten him. But The Authority can provide insurance. She says the winner of his match tonight will become the Captain of Team Authority. She says he deserves all the best in WWE.

Cena says that all he deserves is to come out here for the fans. He fanwanks with the WWE Universe and says he's there for all of them. He asks if she's serious. She says that when Cena's gone, they won't remember him. He says that he won't be remembered as a sell-out punk.

Out comes Triple H. He tells Steph, "Told ya'." He mocks Cena's "hero" thing and he says that things get harder in WWE every single year -- and Cena eeks by every night. Triple H says Cena cannot fight the future (©X-Files, 1998). He says that Cena could come out for one last hurrah as an old man. But he knows that Cena doesn't roll that way. He tells Cena that he can't stop what Cena does -- but, at Survivor Series, Team Authority will beat Team Cena. He says that The Authority is the future and they always win.

So we're teased, a second time, with a Cena heel turn for another 15 minutes for the sole purpose of plugging a crappy tag team elimination match?

TONIGHT: Cena vs. Rollins

We get a nice shot of the outside of the AT&T Center where you can't get a drink during the game because it has NO BARS! HI-YOOOOO! Aren't you glad I'm in for Andy this week?

MATCH #3: The Miz & Damien Miz-dow vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)
Jimmy starts with Miz. Crowd wants Miz-dow. Miz puts Jimmy to the mat. Jimmy misses the Superkick but hits a sitting Atomic Drop for two. Tag to Jey. Miz knees him in the stomach on a rush and teases a tag to Miz-dow. He doesn't tag him. Jey comes back with an uppercut, then clotheslines Miz from the ring. Miz-dow falls next to him. I can't wait for Miz-dow to eliminate himself at the Royal Rumble. That would be so awesome. Uso Crazy to the outside. When we come back from break, Miz has Jey in the ring with a headlock. Jey escapes but Miz catches him in a DDT and FINALLY tags Miz-dow.

Sandow hits a snap suplex for two. Miz-dow hits a DDT. Two count. Cole, JBL and King all suddenly pretend that being a part of "Team Cena is dangerous" and that "no wrestler would join Cena in the fight for fear of repercussions.". Haven't we had about a dozen tag team matches over the past three months against The Authority? Anyhow, Miz-dow gets kicked in the face on a rush at Jey in the corner. Jey tries to get to his feet and makes a hot tag because it was A Critical Point in the Match-Up.

Jimmy winds up an uppercut and hits Miz, then hits a Samoan Drop and Shades of Rikishi. Miz avoids it but Jimmy manages to get him to the mat anyhow. He goes for a Superkick but it's a counter by Miz and a roll-up. Miz-dow comes in and kicks Jimmy. The ref is distracted and doesn't see Twin Magic as Jimmy and Jey switch places. Jey gets the pin at 11:51.
RATING: **1/2. Nothing terrible here. Just kinda bland.

Backstage, Cena and Ziggler chat but the mic isn't on them.

NEXT: The Big Orange Chewtoy is here.

Ziggler walks backstage and Kane stops him. Kane asks if he talked to John Cena. Ziggler says he does. Kane says that's "an act of aggression", so he wants Ziggler tonight.

Hogan is out here. King asserts how manly it is to wear pink on a show where big, sweaty men in tights wrestle each other. He says he's glad that Cena beat Orton. The crowd boos. He says he disagrees because Cena will beat Lesnar. Crowd's still not impressed. He says that Komenmania is running wild in San Antonio, Texas, sister brother. He plugs all the cancer survivors. WhatchagonnadowhenKomenandwomenandcancerandchemoandpink run wild all over you. He invites the women into the ring to dance and frolic and cavort and they obey him like he's a big orange Slenderman.

Bo Dallas is NEXT!

Apparently, Dallas issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. It's Ryback. (DANIELLE: I didn't know he was still a WWE employee.)

MATCH #4: Bo Dallas vs. Ryback
Ryback just tosses Dallas into the corner twice, then presses him into the air and down to the mat. Spinebiuster. Meathook Clothesline. Shell Shock. Done at 1:10.
WINNER: Ryback

Aaaaaand, the burial of Dallas begins. Say what you will about Ryback. At least his return didn't require a transmission from Rebel spies.

AT HELL IN A CELL: Wyatt appeared and beat up Dean Ambrose, fucking up a perfectly good match.

TOMORROW ON MAIN EVENT: MizTV will host Mark Henry. Sorry, Andy.

EARLIER TONIGHT: Orton RKO's Rollins. Backstage, he says he dealt with the issue the way he always does: RKO'ing people through the mat.

Ambrose has a mic. He says he went straight to hell and he loved every second of it. The only problem was that when he got to hell, he found Bray Wyatt. He has no idea how or why Wyatt did what he did. He doesn't care. He says you never screw with Dean Ambrose.

MATCH #5: Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose
Ambrose attacks Cesaro with the mic. Cesaro runs out of the ring but Ambrose is all over him like shit on Velcro, wacking at his face. He chases Cesaro to the top of the entrance ramp, beating on Cesaro's head. Dean wants Bray. Guess we're not having a match. One that would have involved Ambrose fighting somebody but never happened. Again.
WINNER: No contest
RATING: You already know.

Wyatt appears on the Jumbotron. He says each time he looks at Ambrose, he sees his own deranged reflection. He says that sick things that make people cringe excite the both of them. This world was made for them. He says he'd like to dismantle Ambrose's mind. There's a new little before and after Wyatt blurb which is pretty sweet stuff.

TONIGHT: John Cena faces Seth Rollins.

For some reason, nobody will team with Cena despite the fact that Ambrose, Sheamus and the Usos have all teamed with him.

Nikki's out to the ring with Brie in tow. We go over their match at Hell in a Cell that nobody cared about then and nobody cares about now.

MATCH #6: Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella) vs. Naomi
Naomi hits a sliding clothesline after putting Nikki to the mat. She tries to leapfrog Nikki when she ends up in the corner but Nikki grabs her and throws her to the mat for two. Nikki stomps her and gets two. She rams Naomi with shoulders in the corner and then stretches her arms in the ropes while Brie "assists" her by standing there. Nikki clotheslines Naomi in the corner and hits a Snap Mare. Nikki gets nonchalant and Naomi clotheslines her, then hits a sitting slam. Nikki leaves the ring. Naomi rolls her back into the ring. Nikki runs at Naomi who kicks Nikki. Brie pulls on Naomi's leg and Nikki knees her in the back, knocking her out of the ring. Nikki grins, rolls Naomi back in and hits the Rack Attack for the win at 4:19.
WINNER: Nikki Bella via Rack Attack
RATING: 1/4*. That's generous. Three more weeks of this shit.

TONIGHT: Cena vs. Rollins

NEXT: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane

DID YOU KNOW: WWE debuted on Fox Sports Mexico and immediately took over the channel, killing everyone in the building? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NO NETWORK IS SAFE!!!

Kane is out for his match to punish Ziggler because Ziggler is considering fighting against the Authority in a match that the Authority sanctioned themselves, but is also mutiny for some reason.

MATCH #7: Kane vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler (non-title)
It's so awesome, all the time we've spent recapping each and every match from last night. I'm sure that omitting Ziggler's match was just to save air time for the epic Cena/Rollins fight later on. Ziggler slides out of the way of Kane's corner attack, then leaves the ring. Ziggler rushes back in and attacks with a flurry of kicks and punches. Kane finally shoulderblocks him to end that shit, then drops him, stomach-first, on the top rope. Kane boots him in the head and chokes him. Kane hip tosses Ziggler into the ring and locks in a side headlock. Ziggler breaks but Kane knees him in the guts when he rushes off the ropes. Headlock #2 by Kane. Ziggler is free and dropkicks Kane out of the ring.

After a break, Ziggler manages to plant Kane's head into the mat and then attacks him in the corner. Kane uppercuts the shit out of him when Ziggler tries a splashs and covers him. Ziggler kicks out. Kane sets Ziggler up for a huge boot and nails it. Two count. Headlock #3 by Kane. Ziggler breaks again so Kane knees him in the gut again. Kane puts Ziggler in the corner and clotheslines him. Ziggler fights out of the second corner, then climbs Kane and punches away. He hits a neckbreaker and big elbow for two. Ziggler runs off the ropes and flies into a Kane Sidewalk Slam for two. Kane goes top rope but misses hit attack.

Ziggler hits a Fame-Asser and NEARLY gets a fall. Kane gets up and Ziggler goes for the Superkick. Series of counters and Ziggler finally lands it. He tries the Zigg Zagg but Kane shrugs him off and hits a big boot, nearly getting a fall. Kane goes for the Chokeslam but Ziggler counters with a Sunset Flip to get the pin at 10:10.
WINNER: Dolph Ziggler
RATING: ***. Match of the night, so far. That's a surprise.

Post-match, Rollins clubs Ziggler in the back of the head with the MITB case. The heels gang up on him. Kane goes for a Chokeslam and here comes Cena to save the day. Rollins immediately bails and Cena clotheslines Kane from the ring.

THIS FRIDAY ON SMACKDOWN: A ton of Divas show up to fight for a Halloween Special.

MATCH #8: John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (w/ Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury)
Rollins, who is wearing bandages around his ribs, leaves the ring to start and consults with Joey Mercury, whispering something in his ear. He gets back in the ring and lunges at Cena who takes him down. Rollins leaves the ring. Rollins puts Cena in a headlock and ends up getting hip tossed. Another Rollins retreat. This happens one more time and Cena chases and starts clocking him. Security distracts Cena and Rollins busts through them to attack him. Back in the ring, Rollins his a running lariat. When the ref is occupied with Cena, Joey Mercury decks Cena. Rollins gets a two count. Rollins tosses Cena outside and the Security jackals attack while Rollins distracts the ref. Rollins suplexes Cena to the mat outside. Rollins rolls him back in. He tosses Cena into the corner and splashes him. Cena fights back and runs at Seth in the corner. Rollins puts Cena to the mat and gets two as we go to break.

When we come back, Cena is beating up Security and Charles Robinson is like an NFL Ref at a Seahawks game: he doesn't care. Rollins rolls Cena back into the ring with a side headlock. Cena comes back with Move #1 but misses #2. He ends up outside. Rollins hits the Suicide Dive and his lower back hits the bandaged ribs. Ref nearly counts both men out. Rollins rolls Cena in for two. He sets up a Superplex in the corner. Cena fights out and knocks Rollins to the mat. Cena hits a Cross Body for a near fall. He goes for the AA but Rollins counters with a quick falling DDT for a two count. Cena is ejected from the ring again and Rollins follows, tossing him into the ring and going to the top rope.

Rollins hits...something off the top rope and gets a near fall. Rollins puts Cena in a headlock. Cena mounts another comeback but Rollins dropkicks him. Rollins gets to his feet and knocks Cena from the ring again. Noble kicks at Cena while Rollins distracts the ref. The ref counts and Cena BARELY beats the count at nine. Rollins is less than enthused. Cena hits Moves #1 - #3 and then the 5KS. Noble distracts Cena. Rollins runs at Cena and Cena dumps him right on top of Security. Cena goes outside and gets Rollins, rolling him back in but Rollins hits an Enzuguri out of nowhere. Rollins rushes Cena in the corner. Cena kicks him and goes top rope. Rollins tries to toss him to the mat but Cena hits a NICE Swinging DDT, getting two. Cena sets up the AA. Rollins lands on his feet, misses the Enzuguri. Cena goes for an STF. A series of counters and Rollins hits a BEAUTIFUL reverse suplex for two. Holy shit.

Rollins goes up to the top buckle. Cena gets up and punches at him. Cena goes for a Superplex which turns to an AA. Rollins counters with a powerbomb in the corner. CLOSE fall. Rollins goes for a Curb Stomp but Cena sits up and hits the STF. FUCKING KANE to end with a DQ at 23:19.
WINNER: John Cena via DQ.
RATING: ***3/4 even with the finish. Better than Cena/Orton and Ambrose/Rollins. Would it fucking kill WWE to job Rollins or even have him sell a submission hold?

Kane, Rollins, Mercury and Noble beat on Cena. Ziggler makes the save but IT'STHENUMBERSGAME. Then, for some reason, the entire locker room comes down for a gigantic brawl. Cena clears the ring, fighting off 40 guys and finishing with an AA on Bo Dallas who can now say he was involved in a match with John Cena. He stands tall as The Authority glares from the entrance ramp.

OVERALL: **1/2 tonight. Not a bad effort, all things considered. The last two matches really saved the show from being totally mediocre bullshit. 

Er...that's it.

Tuesday sees AndyPG taking over for me on the Main Event Recap. Wednesday, I cover Superstars. Just kidding. Nobody fucking cares about that show. Scott's got NXT and also some retro shows along with Bayless. Tommy takes you into the weekend with the Smackdown recap and AndyPG returns next week to his regular slot.

Thank you to all the BoD'ers and, hey, if you wanna read more of our stuff, please visit WE HATE YOUR GIMMICK at and, of course, visit us on Facebook at


  1. I enjoyed it. And "Best Raw in ages" isn't saying much. Especially when they've been in the toilet for so long. So, yes, in a way, I would agree with you.

  2. As soon as Cena put in the STF, I turned it off to watch MNF. I knew a solid main eventer would once again be ruined by Kane interference. Seriously, what is the fucking point of watching the last 5 minutes of this show? Or the first hour? Or the hour leading into the main event? Shit.

  3. I think Randy Orton has some new life breathed into him -- partially due to the RKO Out of Nowhere Meme.

  4. Nice change of pace on Raw recaps. As opposed to WWE "Kane interferes in everything" booking.

    Was Bo ever high enough to be buried? And, if so, wouldn't his burial have begun a while ago since I don't remember him being on Raw much in the past few weeks/months?

    How can creative have weeks to come up with something cool for Reigns and give us the generic, midcard, happy/smiley babyface for a guy who has (had?) cool appeal?

    Why didn't Kane just stay at ringside for Rollins' match? Doesn't Kane interfering mean Cena (winner by DQ) is Captain of Team Authority?


  6. This is what I'd do -- the Raw before the show, it's 5 on Team Authority (Orton, Rollins, Kane, Gold, Star) vs. 3 on Team Cena (himself, Dolph, anyone). And on the last show, Cena says the match will not be 5-on-3, but 4-on-4.

  7. For the record, I REALLY like Bo Dallas. He has potential. I really have no idea why they're mis-using him. Plus, my friend's little girl LOVES him.

  8. I can't tell if Bray Wyatt is a Poor Man's Mankind, a Poor Man's Waylon Mercy, or a Poor Man's Simon Dean.

  9. He has BOtential.

    As in, we are as sick of him as we are sick of BO puns by now.

  10. Is the night after Wrestlemania already "ages" ago?

  11. It certainly feels like it.

  12. Do you know what was a subtle chance of pace? Rollins waiving for Kane to come out instead of Kane just magically knowing the proper time to come out and save Rollins from tapping out.

  13. Soon as I saw the hand wave, I didn't want to believe this was ending with a DQ. I'm still trying not to believe it.

  14. Virgil's Gimmick TableOctober 28, 2014 at 1:14 AM

    Can you just keep doing this please? You're so much better at it.

  15. Virgil's Gimmick TableOctober 28, 2014 at 1:16 AM

    Kane has the most infuriating gimmick ever: the guy who ruins good matches.

  16. Doubting the Giants?.... smh...

  17. They really are protecting Seth (as far as actual losses go; the guy's the definition of a chickenshit) but is that really a bad thing?

  18. Dude, EVERY match.. yes, it is a bad thing. There's no "protection." He could have lost that match and came back next week equally as strong.

  19. Dude...I have awful memories of 2002. :( I will be happy if they can close it up tomorrow...I just have a bad, bad feeling. I don't want that bad feeling anymore.

  20. As long as Bochy doesn't take Russ Ortiz out in the 7th while he's throwing a shutout, we'll be fine..

  21. Unlike Seth, Orton's been losing on PPV a fair bit.

  22. I notice you made no attempt to defend AndyPG's honor here.

  23. "Cena owns the place. So Rollins has to pay him some rent and ask him about fixing his stove so he can have people over this weekend".

    Could be worse, at least he didn't make Rollins "pay rent' by sucking his dick like the prison inmate wanted Jeff Wincott to do in Street Law.

  24. I notice you made no attempt to defend AndyPG's honor here...

  25. Crikey Mate Down Under AussieOctober 28, 2014 at 2:11 AM

    I vote Zana for Raw next week

  26. Virgil's Gimmick TableOctober 28, 2014 at 2:28 AM

    He's a PG Raven with no followers left.

  27. "Please excuse my bullshit. How are you? You good? That's cool."

    We're not in conversation.

    Other than that, this has been far easier to read than Andy's. Goo'job.

  28. I notice you made no attempt to comment in the correct place here...

    Just stirring the pot.

  29. Didn't Cena win the match, technically, via DQ?

    In terms of jobbing Rollins, I would agree if it wasn't for the fact it was against Cena, who doesn't need the rub and is boring the crap out of everyone again.

  30. PG Raven is, actually, spot-on. Good shout.

  31. Bo was on a winning streak until he started to get over with the crowds, then they just dumped him.

    Was a shame - his schtick was quite fun. Him running over Mini Mantaur in his celebration lap was gold.

  32. Second week in a row that RAW got cut off on my DVR halfway through.
    Anyway, I like how the Henry-Show story played out. It actually made more sense to do the heel turn tonight than during the PPV, as they were able to tell a better story during a tag match. After feuding with Show, I'd like to see Henry work with Ziggler. Dolph can do what he does best and sell like a crazy person to make Henry look like a monster, but Henry doesn't need to win the feud so Dolph can keep the IC title and come out stronger in the end.

  33. Extant1979 Most Must-See BoDerOctober 28, 2014 at 4:29 AM

    Fuck this shit. Just got the news that my girlfriend passed the New York State Bar Exam.

    Fuck yeah!

  34. Good job, Matt. It didn't feel like it took five hours to read this, so it's certainly an improvement.

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  36. ER, that's it!

  37. So he shouldn't join up with Bray anymore?

  38. Extant1979 Most Must-See BoDerOctober 28, 2014 at 5:34 AM

    So, I don't know how to deal with Tuesdays without BoD Raw...

  39. "Yep Mode" Abeyance Brown ©October 28, 2014 at 5:35 AM

    Congrats to that.

  40. Wait, there was a RAW yesterday night? I thought that WWE declared bankruptcy and went out of business yesterday afternoon! At least that's what I got from all of the "gloom and doom" comments. (ok, that was the only one. Promise) :)

  41. "Yep Mode" Abeyance Brown ©October 28, 2014 at 5:40 AM

    Good review Matt, I'd rather see you putting in the times they announce the main, rather than guy vs guy # whatever like how Andy does it.

  42. What would have been better news is "Just got the news that my girlfriend passed".

    Women, HUH!?

  43. "Yep Mode" Abeyance Brown ©October 28, 2014 at 5:43 AM

    On another note, 2K15 looked decent enough (for the 360) and outside of a few minor details, Sami Zayn has a near perfect entrance complete with Ole chants and an El Generico sign in the crowd.

  44. Extant1979 Most Must-See BoDerOctober 28, 2014 at 5:46 AM

    Do more!

  45. Extant1979 Most Must-See BoDerOctober 28, 2014 at 5:48 AM

    I think I may pick 2K15 up for the PS3 because I usually enjoy the games.

  46. Hoppin' on the lawyer train to Moneyville! TOOT-TOOT!

  47. As long as you don't care about customization, you'll probably like it. But they took out created finishers, custom entrance themes, and create-a-story on the PS3 and 360 versions.

  48. I haven't seen RAW yet.

    HIAC was one of the best PPVs of the year. Of a bad year, admittedly.

    My girl and I watched the whole baked admittedly but we were never not entertained. Other than AJ v Paige.

    Even the Bellas match was fine for what it was. I hope RAW is even better.

  49. I literally have not watched a single minute of current WWE programming in a month now. The only way I know what's been happening is coming here.

    I'm pretty sure you're the same way from what I can tell, and yet you defend it. I'm not really sure why. If it was must-see TV like it should be, you and I would be watching it. Unfortunately for us, it's not.

    Are they going out of business? No, of course not. But it's not very good right now, or we wouldn't be missing it.

  50. Raven's WCW run was technically a "PG" Raven.

  51. So once again Orton is given a newish direction and seems fired up. What's the betting on who gets bored and gets lazy first, Orton or creative?

  52. Not to shit on anyone but I enjoyed this more than Andy if Scott keeps track of such things.

  53. I don't like the preamble, but the review itself is pretty good, and light years better than the other guy that usually does Mondays.

    My Raw boycott continues until the Bellas have been summarily executed though. Paige too.

  54. The good news: This'll be the only one. For now, at least.

  55. They need to freshen the product up...Pay brock to show up..have Mizdow squash him..let the era of Sandow begin...print the money

  56. Eat a small storehouse of dicks.

  57. 60% chance Creative loses interest first 40% Orton violates wellness policy or duo or smacks a chick around or something before creative loses interest

  58. If it were Andy, I'd still just be 1/3 of the way through the recap.

  59. The one thing I'm in agreement with all of you is, 3 hours is simply too long. The moment it made the permanent switch, I have maybe watched 2 episodes. I knew from the get go that it's just too much, and I would get burned out.

    For example, I watched the PPV sunday, but I didn't even consider watching yesterday's show. I had my fix on sunday with what I found to be 3 solid hours. Watching Raw right after would have felt like overkill.

  60. Creative lost all interest in the time it took you to type that. Heh.

  61. We are seeing some new faces as part of the main event scene. This is good.

  62. Really, though, you're not actually boycotting a 3-hour show because of two weekly segments (Bellas, Paige) that are probably a combined 10 minutes. Right?

  63. Stephanie finally tries to recruit Cena

  64. That seems to be the case, yes.

  65. Extant1979 Most Must-See BoDerOctober 28, 2014 at 7:23 AM

    It really doesn't bother me. I want to use the guys I watch on Raw. Plus the NXT guys on the PS3 version sounds like a good trade off.

    If/when I get a PS4, I can always pick up the updated version.

    (My birthday IS in 8 days, so if anyone wants to get me something...)

  66. The losing streak gimmick gets everyone over.

  67. I think we all knew from day 1 that his gimmick won't make him a main eventer. His role is basically to annoy people, then get beat up, still BO-LIEVE, and re-start the cycle. He's a comedy mid-card heel, no more, no less.

  68. Then he lost to R-Truth one day . . . . . . .

  69. maybe we'll get some useless vignettes of Bray at home with his family in a rich neighborhood with mama Windham and poppa IRS sitting around the breakfast nook and zany next-door neighbor (somebody in Sandman's place). That would be interesting.

  70. "Oh no honey, I will somehow survive not having to work, don't you worry your pretty little head. Have a nice 14 hour day at work!"
    Hops on couch turns on tv and does nothing all day.

  71. So you are saying he is getting BO-Ried?

  72. It’s an exaggeration to say that those are the only two
    things that have put me off, but those are two of the bigger ones. The others are most of the same stuff that
    everyone else complains about – the insipid commentary is another big one for

    The Bella stuff is honestly some of the worst, most embarrassing
    television that I have ever seen come out of the WWF.

    Just about anything that isn’t actively bad is, at best,
    boring, and incredibly heavily laden with commercials and self promotion. This does not make me want to watch.

    So, I could watch and bitch, or just tune out for a
    while. I’ve chosen to tune out.

  73. Yup, totally the same thing as people saying that the PPV sucked and that they're screwing up with another potential star. Never lose that ability to make shit up, VJ!

  74. I'm behind the times. I need to get an XBOX or PS4.

  75. To be fair, I did mention that Wyatt talks about Unicorns and dogs. So, there was that... :-/

  76. Thanks for the feedback. :)

    It's Conversational Style. I use it all the time.

  77. He needs to let Bonds hit in the DH spot.

  78. The pre-amble to the thing wasn't enough? I like Andy and his writing. He asked me to be here for one week. There's no point in saying, "No, Andy's a good writer and you shouldn't say that," because Andy already knows he's good at this, I'm not fighting his battles for him, and I don't see the point in invalidating somebody's opinion and getting in a pointless back-and-forth about who is better or worse.

    I've been told I'm good. I've been told I suck and I should never write again. Honestly, I don't really care. I'd rather people discuss the show than hear either or those. I just keep writing, regardless.

    Anyhow, Andy will be back next week and that will be that.


    Wow, Ryback almost made me cry.

  80. his character doesn't seemed to be phased by losing. He's pretty much the comedy guy since Santino left, which isn't the worst role for him.

    Plus he sells really well

  81. take him off tv for a month, put him in a headdress and have him start over as Bo Youngblood

  82. "the big guy" seems like a pretty generic nick-name for a wrestler, though. It's better that Mr Wrestling, or Grappler #2, but still not that creative

  83. I've sorta always tuned out what the women wrestlers were doing in, Change the channel to FXX and see what Homer is up to on the reruns, then switch back in 15 minutes or so

  84. You can have a conversational style without actually asking yourself question and then actually answering them yourself. It's not a big deal, but it does sorta get an eye roll when you do stuff like that.

  85. good for you then, i guess

  86. I'm being funny. Or trying. I get ya'. Thanks.

  87. Watching Bo run over El Torito is a permanent fixture in my animated GIF collection. Watching it is hypnotic.

  88. I gotta say, this is the first time since probably 1995 where I was home not really doing much, but didn't watch Raw. The 3 hour PPV was enough for me, couldn't endure another 3 last night. The roster is just too thin and the matches are repetitive. Glad that there were a few new directions last night, but the main event was the usual 20 minute match followed by a crap DQ finish that they've done every week for a couple months now.


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