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That 5-Star match sucked

Are there any great matches (5-Star or 4-Star) you hate? For any reason... Kayfabe. The commentary. You got dumped midway through the match. 

Personally, I cannot stand Steamboat-Savage from WrestleMania III. 

I was 12 and a huge Ricky Steamboat fan when the throat belling occurred. I wanted REVENGE. I wanted Savage to be bloodied and battered; to be stretchered out, never to be seen again. Anything less would be a disappointment. As a result, I get irrationally pissed every time I it. I know it's a great match, but my 12-year-old self will have none of it.

​Hmm, interesting topic.

I really dislike watching the Bret v. Shawn Iron Man match, even though I know it's "great" in a technical sense.  That would be my #1 choice.  

British Bulldog losing the Euro title to Shawn at One Night Only is a great match where I was so disgusted by the politics involved that it ruined the match for me.

Those are the two that stand out for me.  ​