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WCW Worldwide: September 29, 1996

With the nWo complete and totally in control of WCW, is there anything WCW can do?

YES! They can continue to hold WCW Worldwide – where the nWo has no chance of EVER appearing! However, big stars are on tap. Super Calo, Alex Wright, Stevie Ray, and The Dungeon of Doom! If that won’t bring the hits, NOTHING will!

Our unseen hosts are TONY SCHIAVONE and “SOBER” BOBBY HEENAN.

SUPER CALO vs. REY MYSTERIO JR. (in a non-title match)

This is a rematch from Fall Brawl. That’s right, PPV quality here on Worldwide. You can leave your Nitro at home. This was taped before Calo’s injury, but possibly after they turned Calo into a big fat jobber. Rey reverses a body scissors into an armdrag, and hits a springboard rana. Calo hits the floor, so far that Rey pretty much misses a tope con hilo – but Calo sells anyway. They head back in, where Calo greets Rey’s springboard dropkick with a dropkick of his own. A powerbomb leaves Rey dazed, and Calo sends Rey to the floor, where he immediately hits a springboard senton! The fans boo in disgust for the quality lucha libre. A tilt-a-whirl slam gets Calo all giddy and soaking in the boos of the audience, before Rey pops up and hits a Frankensteiner with the legs hooked for the pin at 2:55. ** Bobby sends Rey to the pay window, and Calo to the frozen tacos.


Randy Starr would make for an excellent porn name – but his tights would indicate that he wouldn’t make for much of a porn star, he’s missing a big part of the overall package. NICK PATRICK is your referee, and immediately gets on Wright for hair pulling. Wright works the leg, and applies a half crab. Wright moves to a grapevine when Starr won’t tap, but that doesn’t work any better. Starr throws an elbow to Wright’s throat, and takes over. Wright responds by punching Starr in the pooter. A missed dropkick finishes the turning of the tide, and Wright drops the failed genetic jackhammer with a series of European uppercuts. Bridged German suplex wins at 4:05. *1/2 Bobby refers to Starr as “Ham and Egger” throughout the highlights, which always brings a smile to my face.

STEVIE RAY (with Booker T, Sista Sherri, and Colonel Robert Parker) vs. RICK STEINER (in a match to determine wrestling’s least talented brother)

I’m setting the projected rating at half a star. Take the under. Stevie hits Steiner with the clobbering, drawing boos because he’s a bad person, and also because he’s run through his whole move set already. Rick hits a powerslam for 1, and decides to punch Stevie until he falls to the floor. Bobby: “Why does that man bark? Dogs don’t yell. Does he have the mind of a Chihuahua? You know, he has a red shoe on and a white shoe on, and he probably thinks he has a pair at home just like them.” I’m running verbatim because it’s far better quality than anything in the ring. Stevie works a rear chinlock to slow things down, but Rick escapes. German suplex from Steiner sets up a clothesline for 2. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Booker decides to take Steiner hostage, but Stevie accidentally kicks Booker in the face, and a roll up gets the 3 at 3:13. Post-match Harlem Heat hit Stevie with the Heat Bomb.

A commercial advertises an appearance from Rough & Ready up next, but my copy runs out. What kind of an awful rip off is this? I happen to know for a fact that the following took place later in the show:

Rough and Ready faced Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson in a 15 minute spectacle, where Mike Enos really finally found his groove. I rated it a solid ***1/2.

VK Wallstreet burst into flame and his match was cancelled. In its place, we saw a returning Brian Pillman (who was responsible for the sudden flash fire, as we’d find out at Starrcade) threaten to whip out his Johnson and piss all over the nWo, getting a hero’s welcome.

Then he turned nWo to swerve us :-(

Glacier fought the Super Giant Ninja, and defeated him by turning him into a frozen statue and uppercutting him into a million pieces.

Ron Studd was then defeated by Jim Powers in the main event.

Tune into Nitro to see if I’m a giant liar. 


  1. Well? What was the rating on the Stevie Ray v Rick Steiner match? Was it half a star? I can't wait to tune into Nitro to find out!

  2. "he’s missing a big part of the overall package"


  3. Wrestling's least talented brother? Come on, Ricky Steiner at least has the edge over Kane.


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