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Kamala is not doing well

Very interesting and touching article, although I have to agree with the note of skepticism that Hogan wouldn't take care of one of his biggest opponents.  Those Kamala matches drew like gangbusters because everyone instantly bought him as a threat and they could milk it for months around the horn.  You can say a lot of things about Vince and Hogan at that time, but they always did honest business with guys who were making them box office.  


  1. I liked Kamala because he was one of the monster characters I was legit scared of as a kid. I bought him as a threat

  2. Kamala has always bitched about money and played the 'poor black man' card, despite pissing most of his cash up the wall

  3. He was on Steve Austin's show recently and told some pretty great stories. He had the perfect character for the time and always came into a territory and worked with the top guys.

  4. YankeesHoganTripleHFanNovember 20, 2014 at 2:45 PM

    Was Kamala denied an ice pack in the locker room too?

  5. He was a sharecropper with a Grade 9 education who grew up in pre-Civil Rights Act Mississippi. I have no idea if James Harris "pissed most of his cash up the wall" (and I suspect that you don't either), but using terms like "bitched about" and "poor black man card" to dismiss his story is profoundly ignorant.

    I realize that this is the Internet and people feel compelled to be as incendiary as possible, but your comment is just so unnecessary. Harris is certainly responsible for the decisions that he made in life and their impact on where he is today. To suggest that race, poverty, and lack of education weren't significant factors in his downfall well beyond his control, though, is ridiculous.

    He's not "playing a card". He was born a poor Black man, enjoyed a few years of earning good money, and will unfortunately die a poor Black man.


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