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Luger Question

So, I finally broke down (since I have disposable income again) and signed up for the Network <insert 9.99 joke here>. I'm still on my trial but I've been watching a lot of old NWA/WCW PPVs (I have the Great American Bash 1990 on as I type this, Luger-Mean Mark) and this is more of a what if.

But what if Luger had gone to the WWF after his time in Florida circa 1986-1987? How different do you think his career would have been? Would he have been groomed as a replacement for Hogan? Would he have gotten the Savage-like treatment (friend then enemy, title traded between them)? Would he have gotten the Warrior spot at WrestleMania VI? Would he have been a midcard draw/IC Title contender?

​Interesting question.  Luger's circumstances were kind of special in 86 because Crockett pretty much snapped him up instantly following his debut and groomed him to be a Horseman.  Everyone knew he was green as grass and terrible in the ring, but working with Flair and Windham and that crew night after night turned him into a decent worker pretty quickly.  ​Amazing how that works.  

Had he gone to WWF, I think he would have been slotted into something more like the Hercules Hernandez slot -- guy with a good body, probably given a goofy gimmick and fed to Hogan for a heel of the month run around the horn. He wasn't showing any particular breakout charisma or star power at that point.