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NXT - November 27, 2014

Date: November 27, 2014
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Renee Young, Jason Albert

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

The big story this week is Finn Balor facing Tyson Kidd in his first singles match in NXT. It's going to be interesting to see how much more impressive he is than Itami, who hasn't done much for me, though he needs a longer match than he's had so far. Other than that we're gearing up for Zayn vs. Neville II in two weeks and it should be glorious. Let's get to it.

Marcus Louis vs. Tyler Breeze

Louis continues to be in a state of shock and potentially psychotic over losing his hair. He doesn't take his towel off for a few moments as Tyler looks disgusted by Louis. Fans: “WHERE'S YOUR EYEBROWS???” Breeze says he can't be asked to take on the uggo of all uggos and won't be the precious to Louis' Gollum. Marcus takes the towel off his head and Breeze is even more disturbed. Now he thinks Louis is an idiot and a freak. “NOBODY WILL EVER LOVE YOU!” Louis looks away and turns around into the Beauty Shot for the pin at 2:28. Breeze was as evil as I've ever seen him here and I LOVED IT.

Louis rolls out and screams as he leaves. I could go for more of this Louis Is Nuts thing as he's selling the heck out of it. Marcus gets back in the ring and the fans think this is awkward. After a break, Louis very slowly walked out the front door of the arena.

Carmella vs. Blue Pants

Enzo says he has a surprise for Carmella (Fans: “BLUE PANTS! BLUE PANTS! BLUE PANTS!”) and of course it's Blue Pants, complete with Big Cass humming a theme song for her. He does the entrances and the fans actually give her a standing ovation. Fans: “REMATCH! REMATCH! REMATCH!” Carmella runs her over to start and does it again with a dropkick. Off to the leg crossface from Carmella for the submission at 0:48.

Carmella laughs at Enzo post match. They better not split up Enzo and Cass.

Balor says Kidd should send a tape of their match tonight to Kidd's uncle Bret.

Lucha Dragons vs. Tye Dillinger/Jason Jordan

Non-title. Cara and Dillinger get things going with Sin grabbing the arm and taking him back into the corner for a tag off to Kalisto. The champs keep taking turns on the arm until Dillinger takes Sin over to the corner for the tag off to Jordan. In something you don't see all that often, Jason covers him for no count. Back to Dillinger for some stomps but we get heel miscommunication to frustrate Dillinger. The hot tag brings in Kalisto to speed things up with a very high springboard wristdrag to Tye. Cara's suicide dive takes Tye out again and the Salida Del Sol pins Jordan at 3:35.

Rating: D+. Glorified squash here but the Dragons looked good going into their title match against the Vaudevillains at the next Takeover. The problem though is their reign hasn't had the time to build yet, and when you're coming off a year long title reigns, it's kind of hard to get into one that has consisted of the rematch with the champs and potentially the feud where the titles change. At least there's been a bit of build to the upcoming defense though.

We recap Sasha Banks costing Bayley a match against Becky Lynch last week and Charlotte making the save post match.

Kevin Owens, complete with a FIGHT t-shirt, is coming in two weeks.

Here's Bayley with something to say. She doesn't have a match tonight (“BOO!”) but she has to deal with something tonight. Charlotte may not be here, but she's used to dealing with bullies like Lynch and Banks. When she was a kid she was bullied every day and when she came home from school crying, her mom told her to go back the next day and stand up to the bullies because they're cowards. Cue Banks and Lynch to shove Bayley but she nails Sasha in the face. Becky nails her from behind though and they stomp away until the referees come out. Again, Lynch looks like a star here.

Natalya is excited for her husband to get to face Balor tonight. Tyson cuts her off (Natalya: “But I'm putting you over!”) and says Justin cost them that match because he has a knack for losing. Tyson has been working with Bret recently and is the new Hitman. Balor is a guy who can't live up to his hype. Yeah he's good, but he's not THAT good. Natalya goes to hug him but Tyson has to go Facetime with the cats. She doesn't seem too bothered by this.

Time for a silent movie starring the Vaudevillains. The Lucha Dragons are trying to rob a bank and it's up to the Vaudevillains to stop them. But first, TRAINING MONTAGE! English does push-ups while Gotch gets in a fist fight WITH A BEAR. They go for a run before heading to the bank where they find a box of TNT. It's the Mini Lucha Dragons behind it of course, and they wind up getting blow up, somehow making Gotch and English the NXT Tag Team Champions. Voiceover: “No Lucha Dragons were harmed in this production, but at NXT Takeover: R-Evolution, we make no such promises!” This was GREAT.

We run down the Takeover card and Sasha vs. Charlotte is confirmed.

Finn Balor vs. Tyson Kidd

Itami/Balor vs. Ascension is confirmed too. Technical sequence to start with Tyson grabbing a wristlock to take over but Balor spins him down to the mat in a nice counter. Kidd comes back with a chinlock as the fans call him Nattie's Wife. It turns to a TYSON CHICKEN chant as Balor dropkicks him to the floor, only to have Kidd hide behind Natalya to avoid a dive.

We take a break and come back with Balor kicking Kidd from the apron but having his springboard broken up. Kidd knocks him out to the floor and follows up with a neckbreaker outside. Back in and Tyson hammers away in the corner before catapulting him face first into the bottom turnbuckle for two. Another chinlock doesn't last that long but Kidd stops the comeback with a kick to the ribs. Tyson puts him in the Tree of Woe for some knees but stops to yell at Natalya for not helping him cheat.

There's a running dropkick in the corner for two and we hit another chinlock. Kidd: “ASK HIM!” Referee: “He said no!” Kidd: “WELL ASK HIM IN IRISH!” Back up and Balor escapes a suplex and fires off some chops followed by a Pele. A spinning suplex gets two for Finn but he charges into a boot in the corner. Balor kicks him off the top but misses the top rope stomp. Tyson can't hook the Sharpshooter so he sends Balor face first into the buckle again. The springboard elbow hits knees so Finn hits a running knee to the face. Up top again for the stomp but Ascension runs in for the DQ at 14:41.

Rating: B-. Good but not great match here as they were just getting going near the end. Balor continues to look like a much more well rounded guy than Itami, but again I need to see Itami in a long match like this one to get a better feel for him. Kidd is still the work horse of this show and I'm glad that he's getting some shots on Raw as a reward.

Itami comes in for the save and a big pull apart brawl ends the show.

Overall Rating: B-. I want to see R-Evolution. That's the key to TV shows like this and it's worked like a charm here. They spent last week building up the main event and this week it was all about almost every other match on the card. This was a good, entertaining episode with more wrestling to balance out last week's talking heavy show. Good stuff again and the big show looks like it could blow the roof off the place again.

Tyler Breeze b. Marcus Louis – Beauty Shot
Carmella b. Blue Pants – Leg crossface
Lucha Dragons b. Tye Dillinger/Jason Jordan – Salida Del Sol to Jordan
Finn Balor vs. Tyson Kidd went to a no contest when the Ascension interfered

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  1. Adam "Colorado" CurryNovember 27, 2014 at 11:15 PM

    You're thinking of Kyle Warne, who's said he has Asperger's.

  2. I've seen it boiling up for a while but I didn't expect an explosion like what happened.

  3. Kidd: “ASK HIM!” Referee: “He said no!” Kidd: “WELL ASK HIM IN IRISH!”

    Hahah! Kidd is really getting to show his value now. It's a shame they didnt push him and Gabriel as a high-flying tag team properly before the injury, they're both great at zipping about the ring. Still think there's potential there, though. We need a new Hardys type team.

  4. I wonder if Tyson Kidd's gimmick is that he is Teddy Hart.

  5. Okay. Well, that's that potential discussion topic ended quickly. Sigh.

  6. This is the second show this week where the review here was more positive than the review at Bleacher Report. My whole world is in disarray.

  7. How does Bleacher Report usually go?

  8. Up and down--there's usually just less of a sense of prejudged disdain in the Bleacher Report reviews. Here sometimes there's a tendency to expect the worst, meaning that the reviewers are harder to please.

  9. I don't ask much. Just don't waste my time with stupid stuff, don't treat me like a moron and give me a reason to come back next week. NXT does that almost every week.

  10. I was going to note, the reviews of NXT you do seem to usually be pretty positive. It's more shocking that the review of Raw here was more favorable than the ones I've seen elsewhere.

    I'm way more positive about the shows than I should be, personally--I know it's not the best, but I'm new to wrestling, and it's all entertaining right now (well, most of it--never been an fan of Fandango or Adam Rose or the Bellas)

  11. I'll say again, Big Cass will be the next big thing, both literally and figuratively, once he's called up to the main show. Enzo has to come with too of course.

    Kidd is, in my opinion, the best heel in wrestling right now. Unfortunately his size will always be a detriment.

  12. Cass? He shows very little in ring.

  13. It is though. Do you read his twitter?

  14. What do you mean?

  15. Nice one from Big Cass using the song from The Price is Right.

    More importantly, the nice young lady chirping along with Enzo's entrance schtick needs to get in touch.

  16. Tyson's? I don't,no....


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