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Question for the blog

Hi Scott,

So, the Monday Night Wars, then - the era, not the TV show.

I've been a WWF fan since 1990, but I'm starting to think that maybe the wrong side won.

Were these long 13+ years the Invasion, HHH vs Everyone, and Cena vs Orton, really worth what we lost?

The big news these days is the Performance Center - the Powerplant on, uh, steroids - and the Network. Simply put, WCW + Turner = pretty damn good coverage.

You'd still get the best of the indies coming in (Punk, Bryan, name 'em).

TNA would never have existed.

Your thoughts?

​If you think that WCW wouldn't have managed to self-destruct even in a monopoly, you're fooling yourself.  They were doomed to die and I'd rather the wrestling world be at least controlled by someone with a track record of success.  ​