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Throwback link for the blog about miz and the Real World

Found this article while cleaning out my mailbox. Article on the Real World season The Miz was on, from right before when the season in question debuted, which singles him out as far as his presence on the show embodying how far the franchise had fallen in terms of the franchise becoming formulaic and cliched.  

I only watched a couple of episodes of the season in question when it first aired (Real World pretty much jumped the shark around Seattle/Hawaii and Hawaii itself pretty much was a clusterfuck of fail that broke the franchise) but I'm curious, given the retroactive fame issue and that that The Miz is one of the ultra few Real World cast members to go on to amount to anything, why the WWE never really mentioned or brought up his Real World days when he became a centerpiece of the company. Even when he was going toe-to-toe with John Cena, we never got to see Cena throw the Real World into Miz's face to mock him. Is the Real World off-limits by the WWE (which is insane given that you've had other wrestlers be upfront with their pasts and dirty laundry) or is it a matter of Vince, ever being several years behind the curve, not even knowing Miz was on the show, let alone what Real World is?

Jesse Baker     

"The Real World" refuses to grow up
The show that spawned reality television comes back for its 10th season, forgetting the lessons it taught everyone else.
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​I never watched or even knew what the Real World was until many years after it was gone, but perhaps one had to be of a certain age and disposition to pay attention to it in the first place.  Might have also had to do with not getting MTV in Canada at the time it would have been airing.  ​


  1. The Real World still airs. Duh.

  2. Chicago was tge last good one

  3. Number of people Miz has mentored that appeared in the main event of Wrestlemania: 2
    Number of people all others have mentored that appeared in the main event of Wrestlemania: 0

    Number of people Miz has taken to tag team championships: 4
    Number of tag title reigns those people had once the stopped teaming with Miz: 0

    Number of titles Damian Sandow won in the eight years since he first started wrestling in WWE: 0
    Number of titles Damian Sandow has won in three months as Miz's stunt double: 1

    In summary, The Miz Is Awesome.

  4. C'mon, Vegas was pretty gangster.

  5. He oughta think about incorporating that into his gimmick.

  6. I'm rewatching the Wrestlemania 27 "You Can Hate Me Now" intro video for The Miz right now.

    The Real World is all over the place in this video.

    Jesse Baker is clueless.

  7. Haven't watched the real world since the one with Kenny Anderson's ex-wife and that comedian that was in House Party 3. I want to say that was the second season.

  8. Extant1979 - Mr. Cable AccessNovember 30, 2014 at 7:58 AM

    The fact that Miz was a reality TV star is the entire basis of his character, from his very beginnings on the roster. What a tucking stupid question.

  9. I think in the early 90s it was. I saw the first two seasons then. It was sort of innovative as the first reality show. In can't believe it's still on though - that's surprising.

  10. Yeah, I haven't noticed much about it lately, but it's most definitely been mentioned during his run.

  11. Cool. Like Scott I was never even aware of it.

  12. Real World Hawaii was awesome.

  13. Yeah, a pretty huge thing.

  14. Extant1979 - Mr. Cable AccessNovember 30, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    Tucking autocorrect on my tucking tablet.

  15. Extant1979 - Mr. Cable AccessNovember 30, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    I remember watching the season of the Real World Miz was on. He was clearly the midwestern imbecile who had never seen a black person before. Watching Coral put him in his place all year was a lot of fun.

    WWE should negotiate for the rights to that season and any season of the RW/RR challenges Miz did and put THOSE on the Network, too. Good times.

  16. that was the last season I kinda watched. Hawaii was the one that broke the mold. Once they figured out how to type cast the "rube" the "miltant black" the "gay guy" the "lesbian" etc. it was worthless. And they figured out how to find folks who drank a ton and had loose morals that resulte in casual nudity and lots of hookups.

  17. it was very innovative. And actually interesting on a sociological level for a few seasons. But once they figured out the forumula for maximum conflict, drinking, hookups among house members, it was done.


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