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BoD Survivor Series

This has nothing to do with the WWE

Finally, BoD Survivor Series has arrived. Let's jump right into things as we see a glimpse inside the locker room of the face side of the 5 Tag-Team Traiditional BoD Survivor Series match:

Mar Solo presents each member of the team with their own carafe of "Special Brew" coffee. Solo distributes them with great enthusiasm as he prepares a toast for his team, who are wondering where the cups are but Solo raises his own carafe and starts chugging as the other nine guys look at him in disbelief. After a minute, Solo finishes and slams down the carafe as he proceeds to run out to the ring for the match. The other nine guys look around then Dancin' Devin Harris & Lil' James proceed to GIT FUN-KAY. Abeyance & thebraziliankid are on their phones feverishly typing away in the BoD Evening Thread about god knows what. The Drivers arrive as the bus that takes them to the arena broke down and Dr. Facts & Onita100 are just happy to be part of the card. 

Now lets head to the other locker room:

Curtis Williams is putting on his tape as theberzerker yells "HUSS" repeatedly. WWF1987 & Bobby are getting ready as they prepare to stop the funk tonight. "Happening" Harry Broadhurst says that no one will get to hear Harry facts 18-27 but that Harry Fact #28 is that he will not get eliminated from this match. Danimal, Harry's partner, appears to only be talking using insider wrestling terms as he tells Paul Meekin to stop "working the boys." And finally the RIPSHIT KILLERS walk through the walls as THE YETAAAAY punches off the cinder block that was stuck on AAAARGH THE BARBARIAN'S antler. 

Strike Force & Dancin' Devin Harris & Lil' James & Abeyance & thebraziliankid & The Drivers & Dr. Facts & Onita100 vs. Curtzerker & Paul Meekin & White Thunder & RIPSHIT KILLERS & Harry Broadhurst & Danimal Crossing & WWF1987 & Bobby

Mar Solo has the 1986 Chrysler Lebaron convertible and tells his teammates to pile up as he proceeds to push them all to the ring. JAVA POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oddly enough, the Drivers, who take the bus to the arena, got driven out to the ring. Match starts with Williams and Harris going at it in the middle of the ring. Harris punches his way out and tags James, who comes off of the top rope with an elbow drop that gets two. James now tags Spicolli Driver as he stays on offense. Williams rakes the eyes and tags Thunder, who takes control of the match. Spicolli Driver tags out to Dr. Facts as he comes in swinging. DDT gets two. Gutbuster gets two. Dr. Facts climbs up top but Thunder ducks a crossbody then tags Meekin. Thunder puts on the figure four then Meekin hits the Earthquake splash for the pin as Dr. Facts & Onita100 have been eliminated. thebraziliankid comes in and dropkicks Meekin from behind. thebraziliankid tags Abeyance as they try to double slam Meekin but that fails. Meekin sends them both down with clubbing forearms then tags Danimal, who drops an elbow on Abeyance. Danimal stays on the attack and tags Broadhurst, who finally makes it in the ring! Harry Fact #29 is that Abeyance got stomped on the head and #30 is that a suplex got him a two count. Harry tags out to Meekin, who toys with Abeyance then taunts the crowd, who comes back with the signature "Shut up Meekin" chant. Meekin sends Abeyance into the corner but misses the Avalanche splash as both men are down. The crowd chants for Abey as Meekin picks himself up but White Thunder runs in and boots Abeyance down. thebraziliankid comes into the ring as the ref tries to maintain order. Meekin grabs Abey as the ref orders the Kid to the corner but Thunder accidentally hits Meekin instead with a high knee smash then Abey comes back with the Zig Zag off of the rebound and covers for the pin as White Thunder & Paul Meekin have been eliminated. OH NO, THE YETAAAAY has come in and knocked Abey down. The YETAAAAY tags his partner as the RIPSHIT KILLERS are destroying Abey in the corner. Abey needs to make the tag as Bobby is in the match choking out Abey with his foot. Bobby sends Abey in the corner but eats boot on a charge then Abey makes the tag to Harris as things are GITTIN' FUN-KAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harris goes after Bobby and beats on him but WWF1987 runs in and now Lil' James comes in and there is a four-man brawl in the ring. Neither team will stop so the referee ha no choice but to disqualify both teams as WWF1987 & Bobby and Dancin' Devin Harris & Lil' James have been eliminated as this is now a 3 on 3 match. Matt Indeed comes in as Mar Solo is highstepping and pumping his fist out on the floor as he still has on his white windbreaker. He's excited, folks! Indeed hits Danimal with a pair of armdrags then highsteps himself while bouncing around. AAAARGH THE BARBARIAN tags into the match and Indeed ducks a clothesline and takes him out with a dropkick. Solo tags himself in and Strike Force takes out both of the RIPSHIT KILLERS with dropkicks as the crowd is in a frenzy. AAAARGH THE BARBARIAN tags in Broadhurst as Solo is in the match for the other team. Solo catches Broadhurst with a hip toss then parades around the ring pumping his fist. Juvydriver tags and chops down the Happening One. theberzerker tags as the HUSS section erupts. "HUSS" "HUSS" "HUSS." theberzerker HUSSES and backs Juvy into the corner. Juvy escapes and charges at theberzerker but runs into a boot then Williams tags himself into the match and they put Juvy in the HUSS lock as Juvy taps out almost immediately as The Drivers have been eliminated. It's 3-2 now as Williams jumps thebraziliankid from behind. On the apron it appears that Mar Solo is crashing as the effects of a carafe's worth of coffee of caffeine has worn off. Danimal tags and yells "get heat" as he stomps away. Abey tries to rally the crowd behind his partner as Solo is sleeping on the apron. Indeed runs to the back as I have no idea what is happening now. Tag to theberzerker as he HUSSES a lot. Williams tags himself into the match and puts the Kid in a sleeper as two people on the face side are asleep. Indeed is pushing a tray down the ramp and...and.......THAT'S A CARAFE OF SPECIAL BREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Indeed tries to wake up Solo then pours him a cup. Solo takes a sip and is immediately awake then chugs the carafe as Danimal tags back into the match. The Kid slides underneath him and ducks a clothesline then comes back with an enziguiri as both men are down. The Kid is up first and rolls away then tags Solo, who is a carafe of fire!!!!! He runs in at full speed and knocks down Danimal then takes him out with a flying forearm and gets the pin as Danimal Crossing & Harry Broadhurst have been eliminated. Harry lets us know that Harry Fact #31 is that he was never pinned. thebererker is in the ring but Solo knocks him outside with a flying forearm. As theberzerker gets up, he notices the HUSS section. They are all yelling "HUSS" as theberzerker looks at them and yells "HUSS" right back. They are all communicating through the powers of HUSS but the referee is counting as Williams is yelling for his partner to get back into the ring but it's too late as theberzerker got counted out and Curtzerker has been eliminated. THE RIPSHIT KILLERS head into the ring but Strike Force and Abey & Kid take them out with double dropkicks as Abey hits THE YETAAAAY with the Zig Zag and Kid climbs up top for the leg drop and gets the pin as THE RIPSHIT KILLERS have been eliminated and your winners are Strike Force and Abeyance & thebraziliankid.

SURVIVORS: Strike Force, Abeyance & thebraziliankid

In the Administration locker room, GM Bayless prepares his team for their upcoming match against Archie Stackhouse and the Riverdale Covenant. They then head to the ring. As they are inside, Stackhouse comes out with his Covenant that consists of Reggie, Hot Dog, Moose, and Pee Wee. Stackhouse then grabs the mic:

"Let me introduce to you all my Covenant. Here they are: Gosh Hopkins, Garth Holmberg, Rockstar Gary's #1 Fan, and..............................Nebb28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Bayless is beside himself. Those are his Administration cabinet members.

GM Bayless & The Administration vs. Archie Stackhouse & Riverdale Covenant

Nebb starts off the match with Average Joe Everyman. Joe tries to tell his friend to come back to the Administration but Nebb laughs it off and pulls out HIS PET ROCK!!!!! Bayless yells from the apron that the rock is his but Nebb bounces it off of the head of Joe then hits a Downward Spiral for the pin as Average Joe Everyman has been eliminated. And now the other Covenant members not involved in this match carry Joe to the back as White Coat Security heads after them. Nebb tags #1 Fan as he heads over and decks Gary. He tosses Gary into the corner then tags Archie, who smiles then hits the Neck Crank and covers for the pin as Rockstar Gary has been eliminated. And Moose and Pee Wee are back and take Gary away. It's 5-3 as Archie grabs a jacket and shows it to Bill Ray. It's a Covenant Jacket with his name on it as they are recruiting Ray! Bayless yells at him not to take it as Ray seems conflicted. Justice Gray sneak attacks Stackhouse from behind now but Stackhouse turns right around and grabs him by the neck. Bayless & Ray now take down Stackhouse from behind but the entire Covenant runs in to save their leader. The Administration manage to escape the ring as Bayless yells at the fabulous timekeeper, Mister E Mahn, to ring the bell. The bell does no get rung as we do not have official word that this match is over now Bayless tells the remaining men to head back to the locker room and as they head up the ramp they run into Reggie and Hot Dog!!!!! The Administration and the GM now take off through the crowd as the entire Covenant chases after them. The ref counts to ten as the only person in the ring is Archie Stackhouse and he has won the match by default since everyone else has been counted out. Stackhouse calmly walks out and heads to the back as this feud appears to be far from over.

SURVIVOR: Archie Stackhouse

After hearing from the Champion side of the match two weeks ago, lets hear from the challengers:

Mikey Mike: "I lost the C-List Title once and I will get it back, DBSM. And when I do it's staying with me forever and when that happens you can say by to Mark Linn-Baker and Harvey Grant forever!

Andy PG: "Perri, what you did to my friend Stranger was inexcusable. It was chickenshit! Tonight, I will pay tribute to the Stranger by eating a meal similar to his. I had Frankenberry for breakfast, a donair for lunch then a can of soda and the pulled pork pizza from Papa John's for dinner before kicking Perri's ass all over the ring."

Magoonie: "Tonight, Upper Midcard Express, we get our revenge on you then after that we will take the Tag Team Championship Belts right back to the midcard! 

Ferrari: (gets off of his cell phone) Sorry but I don't have time as I have to judge the 4th Annual Poughkeepsie Bird House Festival. Rita Dugan is looking to take home her 4th PBHF #1 Trophy. Is their an assistant around to hand me a Larabar? No, oh, uh, Upper Midcard Express, we comin' for you!

Kaptain Kiwi: "Hart Killer, I went to New Zealand and trained in conditions that would make any third-world prisoner jealous. Sir Garea was hard on me so I could take on anyone and win anything. And after this, I will win the BoD Solid B+ Player Championship. 

Before the match starts, DBSM comes out to the ring with his entourage and is about to introduce the newest member of his posse. Who will it be:

DBSM: "Now, the musician of the posse, the one who will always sing on the drive to the parties and when we use Uber to bring us home, get up on your feet and put your hands together as it's virtually insanity that you get to see him. Ladies and gentleman, here is...........................................................


Technically, he is Jay Kay, but fuck that and the group too. All the stars are here tonight, folks.

Champions vs. Challengers
DBSM & "Marvelous" Matt Perri w/ Miss Danielle & Hart Killer & Upper Midcard Express vs. Mikey Mike & Andy PG & Kaptain Kiwi & Midcard Mafia

Starting off this match are Magoonie and DBSM, who points at his posse in the front row as we see them. Jamiroquai's hat is blocking the view of everyone else. DBSM is acting a bit cocky here as he slaps Magoonie on the back. Magoonie slaps him back and drops him with a back elbow smash. DBSM scurries over and tags kbjone, who comes in and stares down Magoonie, who is a house of fire. Magoonie takes him own with a hip toss. Magoonie tags his partner, Ferrari, who comes in and works the arm. Ferrari gives kbjone a backbreaker and that gets two as Petuka runs in for the save. Magoonie runs in but the ref orders him to the back as the UMX are double-teaming Ferrari. Petuka is now the legal man and he puts the boots to Ferrari. He whips him in the corner but Ferrari dodges a charge. Ferrari hits a suplex then kbjone runs but Ferrari takes care of him. Magoonie runs in but Petuka ducks and he accidentally boots his partner down. kbjone grounds Magoonie as Petuka covers and grabs tights for the pin as Steve Ferrari has been eliminated. The UMX are now beating on Magoonie as they hit him with a double suplex as Ferrari is livid. Ferrari appears to leave but stops and goes back in and kicks Magoonie right in the face! The UMX are shocked and the rest of the Challengers are irate as Ferrari heads to the back. Piers tries to go over to him but Ferrari completely ignores him. Uh oh, CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD!!!!! PETUKA BAZOOKA IS ABOUT TO BE LAUNCHED.

petuka bazooka
Petuka Bazooka

And Petuka covers for the pin as Magoonie has been eliminated. The Champions now have a 5-3 advantage. Andy PG is in the ring as Perri also tags into the match. Andy begs Perri to come over but he tags kbjone instead. Andy takes down kbjone then tags Kaptain Kiwi. And Kaptain Kiwi is unleashing some GAREA MADNESS!!!!!!! Two jumping side headlock takeovers and a hiptoss. Petuka runs in and Kiwi backdrops him. Kiwi goes over to kbjone and puts him in an abdominal stretch then takes him over in a cradle and gets the pin as kbjone has been eliminated. DBSM runs in and takes down Kiwi from behind. DBSM hits a back suplex that gets the thumbs up gesture from the guy who played Waldo on"Family Matters." Perri tags in and boots down Kiwi as Miss Danielle cheers from the outside. Perri whips Kiwi but he leapfrogs him and hits a crossbody as both men are down. Kiwi gets up and somersaults then tags Mikey Mike, who goes right after Perri, who runs over and tags DBSM. The C-List champion and his challenger go at it in the ring trading punches. DBSM gets a knee to the gut and once again signals over to his posse but that allows Mike to roll him up and get the pin as DBSM has been eliminated. It's 3-3 again in the match as Hart Killer runs in and chop blocks Mike then immediate turns him over for the Sharpshooter but Mike grabs the ropes. Perri tags and kicks Mike then taunts Andy, who is sitting on the apron. Andy runs in and shoves down the referee and goes right after Perri. The ref signals for the DQ as Andy PG has been eliminated. Andy takes Perri outside and is laying into him with right hands as he is fighting for his friend, Stranger in the Alps. Perri then puts Miss Danielle in front of him as Andy stops and Perri heads through the crowd. Andy sidesteps Danielle and chases after Perri as the referee counts to ten as Matt Perri has been eliminated. It is now 2-2 as Petuka is beating on Mike. Hart Killer tags and starts choking out Mike. The ref breaks that up as Petuka and Hart Killer are beating on Mike as Kiwi looks on in anger. Or not as Sir Tony Garea taught him well to master the stonefaced facial expression. Hart Killer now as Mike in the Sharpshooter. Mike tries to reach the ropes but Hart Killer pulls him back in the middle of the ring and after a valiant effort, Mike taps out as Mikey Mike has been eliminated. Its now 2-1 as Petuka yanks Kiwi off of the apron. He rolls him back inside as Hart Killer puts him in the Sharpshooter. Kiwi is in the move but look he is powering out!!!!!!!!!!! His facial expression remains the exact same as he gets out of the move. Petuka tags in and quickly goes after Kiwi. Petuka gets him up and DEAR LORD NOT ANOTHER PETUKA BAZOOKA. But wait, Kiwi floats over and uses a reverse rollup that knocks Hart Killer off of the apron and gets the pin as John Petuka has been eliminated. It is now 1 on 1 as the crowd goes nuts as Kiwi has Hart Killer where he wants him. Kiwi hits Hart Killer with a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG jumping side headlock takeover. That was so beautiful Sir Tony would think about cracking a smile. Kiwi is now firing away as Hart Killer calls for time but his wish does not get granted. Kiwi goes up top and tries for a crossbody but Hart Killer ducks the move and rolls him up and grabs the ropes and gets the win as Kaptain Kiwi has been eliminated. Oh man. Kiwi rolls right outside and heads up the ramp as we are all getting 1986 Tony Garea flashbacks when he really didnt feel like doing the job. Has the bad luck of Kaptain Kiwi returned? Will he ever be able to beat Hart Killer for his title when they finally meet?

SURVIVOR: Hart Killer

Backstage, an angry Steve Ferrari heads to the parking lot and goes up to the Yaris, but walks right by it and gets into a black sedan. Guess he is traveling in style to his next gig.

Team Ice Cream: Hoss & Primetime Ten & Biscuit & Tommy Hall & Dock Muraco vs. The Good Guys: Beard Money & Joe Dust & Logan Scisco & "Mr. WCW" Chris F-B & Night81

Hoss has pushed out a cooler full of ice cream and plates of lettuce. He yells at his team that if they lose, they will have to eat lettuce. Hall, who according to Wade Michael Meltzer, has been so desperate he was found dumpster diving at Panera Bread, starts off the match with Scisco, his BoD Mania opponent from last year. Scisco starts unloading on Hall, who looks too depressed to even fight back. Scisco charges and hits a flying forearm then goes up top and drops an elbow and gets the pin as Tommy Hall has been eliminated. And Tommy slumps out of the ring as Hoss yells at him to eat his lettuce. EAT YOU'RE SAD LETTUCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muraco, wearing his "If You Want Me to Attend You're Wedding, Don't Schedule it During the G1 Tournament" T-Shirt comes in and hits Scisco hits 14 chops. He then yells at Chris F-B, saying that the Barbarian never had a *** match. Muraco yells some more but that allows Scisco to fight back. He tags Joe Dust, who drops Muraco with a backbreaker. Beard Money tags and does a ****-star cartwheel as he catches Muraco in a bearhug but Hoss runs in and breaks that up. The crowd boos Hoss as the camera pans to granny as she is upset in the crowd. Beard Money gets up as Muraco tags Biscuit, who boots him right in the face. Biscuit is a grizzled veteran who in fact is so grizzled that everytime he thinks about using an ice pack to relieve his pain, he smashes glass into the ground then grinds his knuckles into the remains and does a 100 pushups instead. Biscuit tags back Muraco, who does not care for sports entertainers like Beard Money. Muraco locks on a cross armbreaker but Money reaches the ropes. Muraco tries to work the leg but Beard Money escapes and tags Mr. WCW, who climbs up and waits for Muraco to get up and when he does he hits a flying shoulder tackle then puts him in a small package and gets the pin as Dock Muraco has been eliminated. It's 5 on 3 now as Muraco is fuming over the notion that the Barbarian was having ***+ matches in WCW. Mr. WCW looks at him but that allows Hoss to attack him from behind. EAT YOUR -***** LETTUCE, DAMMIT! yells Hoss at Muraco. Hoss then picks up Mr. WCW and hits the pants-shitter (atomic drop) and chokeslams him for the pin as Mr. WCW has been eliminated. Scisco tags in and he leaps off of the top but Hoss catches him and slams him down. Hoss then picks Scisco up and hits another chokeslam for the pin as Logan Scisco has been eliminated. Hoss has made it a 3 on 3 affair. Night81 comes in as Hoss tags PrimeTime Ten so he can have an ice cream break. PrimeTime and Night go back and forth for a while until PrimeTime rakes Night in the eyes. Biscuit tags back in and goes after Night as these two have had quite the battle the past few weeks. Night regains control and hits Biscuit with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Joe Dust tags but Biscuit reverses an Irish whip by Night and sends him into Joe as Biscuit rolls up Joe and get the pin as Joe Dust has been eliminated. Joe rolls outside as he is not happy at all. Biscuit beats on Night then tags PrimeTime, who crashes and burns after a top rope splash. Night gets up then somersaults underneath PrimeTime and makes the tag to Beard Money, who whips his former enemy into the ropes and catches him in a bearhug and gets the pin as PrimeTime Ten has been eliminated. Its a 2 on 2 match now as Beard Money is in with Biscuit. He tags Night, who goes to work on Biscuit. Night gets his Irish whip reversed and Hoss knees Night in the back. Biscuit clotheslines down Night then tags Hoss, who hits a chokeslam and gets the pin as Night81 has been eliminated. Its 2 on 1 now as Beard Money gets into the ring. Biscuit tags in and takes Beard Money down with a knee smash. The Midwestern grappler tries to stretch out Beard Money but gets taken over with a hip toss. Hoss runs in and Beard Money usees his momentum to shove him to the floor. Beard Money then looks outside and see Hoss flip out on the ice cream man because he is selling ice cream bars. Hoss thinks dirty hillbillies are the only ones who eat ice cream on a stick. The ice cream man won't give Granny her money back as Hoss is yelling at both of them. Beard Money comes out but the Ice Cream Man whacks Beard Money in the face! WAIT A MINUTE, that is not an ice cream man, that is..............................BIFF KENSINGTON III!!!!!!! BK3 takes off his fake mustache and cap as Hoss rolls inside and just beats the ten count as Beard Money has been eliminated. Hoss rolls outside and laughs with Biff, who calls himself the Ice Cream Man. Biff grabs the mic:

"And here is my first member of Kensington Enterprises, HOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what, he can get all the ice cream he wants.
Hoss grabs the mic:



Lets go backstage and see what is happening:

Mar Solo is with his partner, Abeyance and thebraziliankid. He is brewing his victory roast as he runs around high-fiving everyone

The production crew is running away as Archie Stackhouse is coming down the hallway looking for the administration. We see another camera crew that caught up to GM Bayless, Gray and Bill Ray down the road. Ray keeps looking behind him as Bayless' driver, Trunk Barlow, takes him away to his secret location.

In catering, Andy PG and Matt Perri are fighting as Miss Danielle is screaming. White Coat Security is running in to break things up.

Backstage, Jobber and the Job Mob approach Parallax:

Jobber: Parallax, you ready for the match?
Parallax: (Pissed) I am but you lie to me again and I will curb stomp each and everyone of you. And even if you do not, I will get that title off of your waist. Maybe not today, but starting tomorrow, every day I get out of bed I do so with the full intention of being the champ. Not you, Forum Boy, or that Fuj shithead will stand in my way. (Parallax blows by them as he heads to the ring. 

Jobber & Parallax & Job Mob vs. Jef Vinson & Fuj & Adam Curry & Kyle Warne & cabspaintedyellow

Before the match, Zanatude proudly proclaims that GM Bayless has made his Six-Man Tag Championships official. Match starts with Cabs and the illustrious Stuart Chartock in the ring. Cabs gets the best of him. Zanatude tags and Cabs works the arm. He hits a dropkick as Parallax tags into the match. Cabs goes right after him, the man who curbstomped him out of anger a few months ago. Parallax swings and misses and Cabs gets two with a DDT. Shoulderbreaker gets two. Cabs sends Parallax into the corner but eats boot on a charge. Parallax climbs up top and pulls back the arms of Cabs and hits a Super Curbstomp then covers for the pin as cabspaintedyellow has been eliminated. Kyle Warne is in the match as Zanatude tags himself in now. Zanatude tells us all that he is indeed the six-man champion of the BoD. Warne locks up with Zanatude, who grabs the ropes. Big Dirty Murph runs over and decks Warne from behind. Zanatude slides over and covers but that just gets two. Chartock is in the ring now and he tries a slam but Warne floats over and hits a lungblower as both men are down. Warne is up first and makes the tag to Adam Curry! The pride of Buffalo runs in and spears Chartock. Curry runs over and decks Murph and Zanatude off of the apron. He then backdrops Chartock and follows that with a Lionsault then tags Warne as they set up for the powerplex. Warne comes off the top with a superplex and Curry hits the SSP and covers for the pin as Stuart Chartock has been eliminated. Murph runs in and cheapshots Curry then puts the boots to him. Murph whips Curry but misses a clothesline and gets hit with a leg lariat. Curry hits a springboard dropkick then puts Murph in a La Magistral Cradle and gets the pin! Big Dirty Murph has been eliminated. Jobber is in now and he kicks Curry in the face. Jobber picks him up for a slam but Curry turns that into a small package for two. Jobber send Curry into the ropes and Murph with a chair cracks Curry in the head. The ref yells at Murph to leave then Jobber picks up Curry and hits the Razor's Edge for the pin as Adam Curry has been eliminated. It's 3 on 3 now as Fuj enters for the first time and goes back and forth with Jobber. A medic is tending to Curry, who brushes him off and heads to the back, presumably to look for Murph. Zanatude tags and comes off the top with an elbow on the head of Fuj. Zanatude tries to go up again but Fuj cuts him off. Zanatude is able to shove Fuj off but gets caught coming off the top with a double axe handle. Fuj then picks up Zanatude and hits a wheelbarrow suplex and rolls through to put Zanatude in the ankle lock! Zanatude is panicking the taps out as Zanatude has been eliminated. Parallax enters and stares down the Fuj. These two are not fans of each other to say the least. Now the action starts as they are swinging wildly. Jobber runs in but Vinson flies across the ring with a flying forearm as the match has completely broken down. Vinson takes himself and Jobber to the floor with a clothesline as they are brawling. In the ring Fuj ducks a clothesline as the ref gets flattened. He is out like a light. The Job Mob run down the aisle and are carrying a table. But wait, Adam Curry is coming down and he flies right after Murph! It's mayhem in the BoD! Curry is fighting off the Job Mob by himself but is falling prey to the numbers game but out from the stands come Cultstatus. He boots down Chartock then spears Murph through the barricade!!!!!!!! The ref slowly gets up as Zanatude slides the table near the ring apron as Parallax and Fuj are battling. Cult runs in and Parallax has Fuj up for a back suplex through the table but Cult whacks him with a chair in the face and they both crash through the table!!!! The ref gets up and starts counting and gets to ten as both Parallax and the Fuj have been eliminated. Cult is now going over to both guys and slams down the chair as White Coat Security drags him away as he is not medically cleared to be here tonight. Jobber is in the ring now as Vinson is busted open. Jobber picks up Vinson and hits a backbreaker that gets two. Jobber puts Vinson in a Boston Crab now as the champ is in complete control. The medics are coming out to check on both Parallax and the Fuj as this match continues. Jobber places Vinson up top and goes for a Super Death Valley Driver but Vinson counters with a DDT in midair as both men are down! The crowd starts a "holy shit" chant as each man slowly gets up. They start trading punches as they get to their feet. Jobber with a leapfrog but gets caught with a dropkick as Vinson stopped short. Vinson with a rollup that triggers a pinfall reversal sequence as the crowd is into this match. Vinson tries a crossbody but Jobber catches him and falls forward with a slam and that gets two. Jobber pulls up Vinson and signals for the Razor's Edge. He picks up Vinson for the move but he slipped out. Vinson tries to get Jobber in the TKO but Jobber stops that and they trade reversals for a minute. Vinson gets sent into the corner but Jobber misses a charge and Vinson stuns him with a hook and picks up Jobber and hits the TKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vinson covers 1........................................2.............................................3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as Jobber has been eliminated. Vinson gets up and looks at the carnage that surrounds him as he is the lone survivor of this match. The camera shows Parallax and Fuj being helped by medics but they see each other and are now brawling in the aisle!!!!!!! Vinson is back in the ring as he is the winner and will get another chance to face Jobber or the Title. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK TO BoD RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Jobber must be stopped!

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  3. Team Ice Cream prevails! Nice to see Mr Kensington taking care of my good friend Hoss. I wrestle for the love of the game; my father taught me that way. Corporate law was his love, but mine is wrestling. I never had my shoulders pinned, I never submitted, I won!

    Biscuit is back, baby! That C List title is as good as mine. BoD Raw will be in Minnesota soon. You Biscuitcases in the Twin Cities better get ready!



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  11. Stranger in the Alps REVEALED!December 8, 2014 at 9:12 PM

    Bayless has been reading my Facebook posts!

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  21. This is almost like a "reset show" as more feuds and stuff will lead to the next big event, the BoD Rumble.

  22. Wait until we tell you about... the butter tart.

  23. Imagine a small pastry cup filled with a semi-solid mixture of butter, sugar, syrup and egg along with either raisins, pecans or walnuts on the surface. It's the most Canadian food in existence since other countries started creating their own takes of poutine and is probably the best dessert in the world.

  24. Will Sir Tony Garea come to America?

  25. I'm just saying... someone needs to come up with a finishing move called The Brass Ring.


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