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Cashing in the briefcase

Hi Scott,

When do you feel WWE will pull the trigger and cash in Seth Rollins' MITB briefcase?

I can't see them blowing it right after Reigns wins the title at Wrestlemania unless it was to build towards a possible Reigns vs Rollins match at a PPV.

I can't see any scenario that would be beneficial to anyone. Any ideas?


Roman beats Brock at Wrestlemania, Rollins cashes in, Roman destroys him as well.  It'll be a waste of the briefcase, but it'll get Reigns over more and really the "rub" of the case is winning and carrying it around.  Actually cashing it in tends to do little to help the guy in question and in some cases actually cools off their aura so much (Miz, Ziggler Sandow) that you can't justify the push anyway.