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Last great WWE period?

Hi Scott,

As a community we air our displeasure of the current product yet the merch still sells and tickets for RAW keep on selling showing that it must appeal to someone if not us vocal online percentage.

Has there every been a year where everyone thought WWE/WWF was a great product? I can think of 2000 being a fine period for all and there being far more hits than misses in regards to quality PPVs and TV programming. That was 14 years ago so has there been a great wrestling year since where everyone was happy?


​Well ratings are way down lately and RAW hasn't even been selling out (or in the case of the Slammys, even coming close) so I wouldn't say it's appealing to many people right now.  

2000 was definitely was the last universally defined great year, although most people seem to like 2005 as well (what with the rise of Cena and Batista and a general feeling of something new and different).  I pretty much stopped watching and switched to WWE 24/7 at that point so it's tough for me to gauge reactions other than that.  ​