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Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O'Doomers!

Hope your day is going well. It's pretty rainy and grey here so a nice night to make some chili or stew and lay under a blanket to read or watch some TV.

So I guess C.M. Punk signed with UFC. First I'm curious if Punk is a guy that can move buyrates and second I wonder how desperate Dana White is to get those buyrates.

Does Punk have any history as a fighter? I heard he does some BJJ but I don't know. It's not like the signing of Brock because Brock had some serious credibility based on his days as an All-American heavyweight wrestler.

Anyway I wish the guy well and I think it's good on him for doing something he clearly wants to do and has a passion for. I'm sure he's not going to be given the toughest competition to start but I'm not sure Punk is the big money-drawing star White think he'll be.

Speaking of Lesnar, here's a match of him back in the day with Shelton Benjamin as the Minnesota Stretching Crew.

TV Tonight is:

MNF is Packers-Falcons
It's Slammys Night on RAW
7 NBA Games, Cavaliers are at Brooklyn
3 NHL Games, Pens-Rangers is the best bet there.

President Obama is on Colbert tonight.

Keep it clean!


  1. TLC card as of right now.
    Ambrose vs Wyatt TLC match
    Ryback Vs Kane Chairs Match
    Cena vs Rollins Table Match
    Ziggler vs Harper Ladder Match
    Show vs Rowan Steel Stairs Match
    Usos vs Miz and Mizdow for tag team belts.

    So the only match at TLC that is not a gimmick is a tag match. Talk about gimmick overkill. Only one match has an outside chance of being **** or higher (Ambrose vs Wyatt) but this seems like it will be a fun night of PG rated violence. I'm actually looking forward to this PPV. anyone else?

  2. It doesn't look awful but I'm checked out until the Rumble. Rollins vs. Cena should be good but the Tables gimmick is limiting.

  3. Hopefully Obama will explain how he can both be completely responsible for the Seals recent failure and also completely not at all involved in the Seals success in Pakistan.

  4. Who was the biggest WWE star to have had only instrumental enrance music?

  5. I think Ambrose/Wyatt, Cena/Rollins, and Ziggler/Harper all have huge potential for goodness.

  6. A couple of those matches will probably be good, but feeling no excitement for this throwaway card.

  7. Fire Joe Morgan

  8. THANK YOU. I cannot believe I forgot that. (I suppose I could've Googled it, but I didn't want to Google "fuck the heck" at work.) I loved FJM. Ken Tremendous is the greatest.

  9. Getting drunk and watching that Goldberg set was a blast.

    ''I hope he spears him...HE SPEARED HIM!!''

  10. He successfully landed a top rope move vs. Michaels in his retirement match in '08 which was kind of a neat bit of story in there.

  11. If its match quality and variety you're after I'd recommend The Best of In Your House. What I love about this set is that it has so many different wrestlers whereas even when I like the wrester I just burn out on the 3 disk boxed sets.

  12. Dark-horse pick: John Morrison's DVD.

    Really great collection of matches.

  13. Perhaps the best writing I have ever read.


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