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New Day conspiracy theory

Hey Scott,
With the WWE's track record of doing such things (for example, Austin's hugging gimmick being an inside joke on DDP's propensity for hugging backstage), do you think that Kofi Kingston/New Day's positivity gimmick (in particular the grilling Kofi received while on commentary on Monday) has something to do with reports that he's totally content with his place on the card so long as he has a job? As seemingly laid back, unconfrontational 'millenials', I'd imagine Big E and Xavier Woods are much the same.

I find it too hard to keep track of which gimmick is a rib on which guys anymore because everything is basically one big gag for Vince's amusement anyways.  However, in the case of the New Day, as I understand it the original idea was supposed to be a more militant crew in the spirit of the Nation of Domination, before the Ferguson incident forced them to instead switch the gimmick 180 degrees into the "dancing black men" nonsense we're dealing with now.  Granted the original version would have been offensive, but I don't think Kofi making jokes about how sweaty that Big E gets is particularly better.  As has been said quite succinctly recently, everyone is just playing for an audience of one at this point anyway.