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Saturday Afternoon/Evening Thread

Created so people can stop hijacking the Earl Hebner thread.

Talk about college bowl games, a huge slate of NHL action tonight, a couple NFL games, or a few beatdowns in college basketball.


  1. Still have not had the surgery to remove the sand from your vagina I see......

  2. Yes they do. Print versions are needed to produce new IP material and to preserve trademarks companies have for the characters, especially obscure characters. Characters like Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon would never of been given the time of day in the movies if not for the printed books being put out to find obscure characters and retool them/create an audience for them.

  3. Also Scott, the current two outbreak storyline thing is the result of the previous mentioned "fresh slate" edict DC gave down to the writers. Snyder opted to move up his big Joker storyline rather than having to delay it as a result of DC wanting him to do new reader friendly stuff when regular publication resumes in June......


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