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The Vince/Austin Podcast

Hey Scott, have you had a change to watch the Steve Austin/Vince McMahon podcast? What did you think of it?

​I liked it!  Vince took a little while to warm up, but by the end when he was like "I own the network, we're going another 15 minutes" it was pretty adorable.  Obviously we've covered his old man problems and such, but as an interviewer Austin is really coming into his own, walking a fine line between someone who can press guys on things and yet still be someone they respect.  I hope they keep doing this sort of thing.

Also, I watched the 30 minute preview of the Macho Man DVD on the Network, and I WANT ALL THIS.  What a great documentary so far and it's actually made with care and attention and not just slapping matches together like the original one felt like.  What a great advertisement for the DVD.  

Also, the Usos mini-doc was great stuff, 30 minutes that you wouldn't be really able to fit anywhere else, so slap it on the Network!  Definitely worth a watch.  ​