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Thunder - July 29, 1999

Date: July 29, 1999
Location: Mark of the Quad Cities, Moline, Illinois
Attendance: 6,754
Commentators: Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's another taped show, meaning we're getting a lot of recaps from Monday's trip back to the mid 80s. We're closing in on Road Wild in a few weeks which looks like a more logical (well, more than the rest of the summer) show, albeit far more boring. Maybe they'll let the wrestling dominate the show and it could be entertaining. And maybe I'll grow wings and fly through a tree made of locusts and encounter the Great Potato. Let's get to it.

Tenay and Larry do their usual intro that we can't see.

We get a LONG video (same one from Monday), detailing the history between Nash and Hogan.

KISS is coming to Nitro on August 23.

The Cat vs. Barry Darsow

Miller says he can win this in less than five minutes. Darsow takes him down by the leg to start like a smart guy should. Back up and Miller goes to the eyes to take over, only to get slammed right back down. Barry slugs him down as the crowd looks at something off camera. More hammering ensues until Miller finally gets in a shot to the throat and chokes in the corner. Onoo gets in a few kicks of his own but Barry grabs a belly to back suplex for two. The referee argues with Darsow over something though, allowing Cat to superkick him with the red slipper for the pin.

Rating: D-. So it's heel vs. heel with Barry Darsow being the hope for the wrestling world? We're definitely in the dark days of a taped Thunder here and I can't imagine things are going to get much better as things go on. Miller needs to do something different in his matches though as this is getting really repetitive.

Goldberg Crush Em video.

We see Rodman kidnapping Gorgeous George on Nitro.

Diamond Dallas Page was on Hollywood Squares.

Buff Bagwell vs. Erik Watts

They pose at each other to start as this really isn't waking up the crowd. Erik takes him into the corner and chokes a lot until Buff grabs an armdrag. A clothesline puts Watts on the floor before slapping him in the jaw back inside. Buff fires off right hands in the corner but gets dropped down into a hot shot. Riveting stuff here people. Erik hammers away with knees to the ribs and forearms to the back as you can hear the crowd just dying. A bad looking but still acceptable standing moonsault gets two on Buff and we hit the chinlock. Back from a break with the hold still on and Buff's arm dropping twice.

Watts knees him in the ribs for two and we're back to the chinlock. Bagwell's comeback consists of a clothesline and cross body for two before Erik clotheslines him down again. He misses a charge in the corner though, only to hold onto the ropes to avoid a Bagwell charge. A Vader Bomb hits feet though and Buff starts his real comeback. After another barrage of clotheslines and punches, he nails the Blockbuster and gets the pin, despite Cat running down to try to break it up.

Rating: D-. Oh no they're not trying tonight. This is clearly one of those shows where it's just thrown together with the hopes that not many people are watching. Considering that we're over half an hour into this show and everything new so far has been about a bad midcard feud, you can tell what kind of a show we're in for.

Bagwell nails Sonny after bailing from Miller.

Here's the whole (albeit short) Goldberg vs. Hennig match from Nitro.

This Week In WCW Motorsports.

Chad Brock will perform on Nitro, August 9.

Booker T. vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Before the match, Page actually makes Yo Mama jokes about Booker. You think I can make this stuff up? Bigelow misses an early splash but Booker charges into a boot in the corner. The big man hammers away, only to miss the falling headbutt. Booker hammers away but Bigelow swats a kick away and suplexes him down.

Page and Bigelow take turns choking until Booker rolls outside so Page can whip him into the barricade. Back in and Bigelow keeps hammering away until he misses a charge, allowing Booker to side suplex him as we take a break. Back with Booker hitting two kicks, drawing in the Triad for the DQ. The post break stuff wasn't even 45 seconds, meaning not enough was shown to rate it. It was basically a Bigelow squash until the break though.

Post match the Triad triple teams Booker until Stevie Ray comes out with a chair. After some trash talk, Booker says he wants his brother back but not with that NWO shirt on. Stevie throws it into the crowd and Harlem Heat is back. My goodness we actually had some storyline development on this show.

Here's everything related to Hogan/Sting/Sid/Nash from Nitro, including the FULL main event. This eats up about half an hour, not counting commercials.

Road Wild ad.

Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Kanyon/Ric Flair

This is the main event people and we have about fifteen minutes left in the show. Flair and Benoit get things going but Page gets in a cheap shot. Everything breaks down for and the good guys clear the ring (of course). We settle down to Saturn vs. Kanyon with Saturn getting knocked down and cradled for two. He comes right back with a low blow and middle rope forearm (nice one too) before snapping off a German.

Here's Benoit for a backdrop and two before he drop toeholds Kanyon down, allowing his partners to drop an elbow apiece. Dean comes in for his leg lariat as the young guys take over. Page breaks up a belly to back suplex though and it's a double tag to Saturn and Flair. It's Saturn taking over and hammering away in the corner until Kanyon gets in a cheap shot, setting up a Russian leg sweep off the middle rope for a nice spot to take us to a break. Back with Page Rock Bottoming Saturn before it's off to Kanyon for a reverse powerbomb out of the corner.

Page comes back in with a front facelock, setting up the required missed tag thanks to a Flair distraction. Page knocks Benoit and Malenko off the apron before stomping on Saturn, only to miss a splash. The hot tag brings in Benoit to face Kanyon as the Canadian starts cleaning house. Flair and Kanyon are rammed together and the dragon suplex puts Kanyon down again. The Swan Dive connects on Kanyon and everything breaks down. Bigelow's top rope headbutt hits Kanyon by mistake but Asya gives Flair an object to knock Benoit out, giving Kanyon's unconscious body the pin.

Rating: C+. Not bad here but it came at the end of a worthless show. However, it's yet another loss for the youth movement which is more or less done at this point. This worked well enough for the most part and was a decent enough main event, but I was done with this show a long time ago.

Shane Douglas comes out post match and says they're taking WCW back. Maybe winning a match would help.

Overall Rating: D-. You could also go with a rating of “Nitro” because that's what this show is about. Thunder has become a two hour version of WWF Metal or Jakked with mostly recaps and matches that don't mean a thing. Harlem Heat reuniting will be covered on Nitro and didn't need to be here, especially on a show this worthless. Over a third of the content on this show was spent on recaps from Nitro and another third was dedicated to Bagwell vs. Cat. Let that sink in for a minute.

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  1. Yikes. An opener of Cat vs. Barry Darsow?

    Did like the red slipper gimmick. That was amusing.

  2. I just want to point's "The Mark of the Quad Cities". I only know this because I used to be the hockey announcer there for three years (when Calgary's AHL affiliate was in town).

  3. Ah yes, the Quad Cities. I'll bet a young Seth Rollins came from just over the state line to see this live. God knows why he still decided to become a wrestler.

  4. UGH ever since I read this review it's been come on ride the train, ride it up! Lousy Quad Cities and their DJs.

  5. Watts could hit a standing moonsault?

  6. Well hit is probably a stretch but he got close enough.

  7. Did he get more air on the moonsault than his dropkick?

  8. Yeah, though to be fair I've seen four year olds that could beat that.


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