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I'm watching WrestleMania I, and I had forgotten how over Windham and Rotundo were. Great looking team, and a decently entertaining match.

I'm looking at Nikolai Volkoff, however, and I'm not sure I enjoy anyone's total body of work less. Am I nuts, or is he just the absolute drizzling shits in every single match he's ever been in? Terrible selling, no moveset to speak of, and I can't even recall if he had a finisher other than hitting his opponent with Blassie's cane. Amazingly, he was still somehow not as bad as Boris Zhukov, but since no one remembers poor Boris, that's irrelevant.


​Vince really really liked Volkoff for god knows what reason.  He was actually pushed as half of the Mongols years before as well and did shots in Mid-South and other places, and he was always terrible.  Although his press slam backbreaker finisher was pretty good when he used it.  But I'm with you, I never saw anything in him and there's no secret stash of Volkoff matches to make you think he's anything other than a super-generic Russian big man. ​