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Picked up my comics this Wednesday but didn't get a chance to read them until yesterday.  Did DC really release two of their tippy-top titles on the exact same day, both running storylines of an enormous contagious disease running rampant through an urban setting with the heroes scrambling against the clock trying to find 'Patient Zero'?

Yeah, I'm taking a break from comics for a while.  All the endless events on both sides were getting to be a bit much (especially on the DC side lately) and Superior Spider-Man coming to an end (along with Superior Foes) kind of deflated me a lot.  So I'm taking some time off and coming back in smaller doses after DC is done with their Convergence stuff and everything calms down again.  

But yeah, DC in general doesn't seem like it's particularly well-run at the moment from an editorial standpoint, especially with all the contradictory versions of Superman and Wonder Woman and such at the moment.  


  1. Relevant to this discussion:

  2. Saw the title and my balls tightened thinking Cormier was out of the fight with Jones.


  3. I just read Batman currently. What other comic did that type of story?

    Batman this month was amazing though. I'm basically down to just Batman. I was reading Daredevil and Aaron's Thor too but both lost my interest.

  4. Top execs who SHOULD be fired before the end of January, 2015: Sony's Amy Pascal, and DC's Dan Didio. Both complete and utter incompetents, incapable of connecting with fans and performing their duties.

  5. I thought that said Dan Dildo, and I thought to myself "HA! Dan DILDO, poor bastard". And then I read it again, and nope.


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