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Hey Scott,

I've been watching a lot of late 80's and early 90's shows on the network. I noticed something that I'm sure you feel the same way. Don't the shows back then feel so much bigger and more important...with simply just having the black curtain and the old WWF block logo above/near that curtain? That's all they had and it looks more classy, more prestigious, just a big event atmosphere. They also had the announcers up above looking over the crowd that added more to it.

Today we have the incredibly cheesy video wall and every slick, graphic or set modification they can do. Don't you wish they would realize they could not only save money but look better in the process? It's like Vince wants to remove the low-class, redneck, hillbilly stigma of wrestling so much that they went waaaay too far to the other end of the spectrum and look even worse than hillbillies.

Do you agree?

Of course.  Pretty sure I've beat this horse to death myself, but I absolutely wish they'd scale back on the gaudy LED set.  They used to distinguish shows just by hanging different banners and ring aprons depending on the PPV, and now they have a giant wall of lights that must kill 10% of the epileptic suffering audience members that attend shows.  They could EASILY cut $100,000 in expenses per show by toning that shit way down, even just going back to the relatively low-key look of the original Attitude era RAWs with one screen and a ramp.  Nobody is buying the shows or not buying the shows based on the giant video wall anyway, so I don't see where the investment is paying off.