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WWF Superstars of Wrestling January 24th, 1987

January 24, 1987

From the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, NJ

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Paul Orndorff, Koko B. Ware, Randy Savage, and the featured bout of the Can-Am Connection vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton

Paul Roma vs. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan

Orndorff is still using "Real American" as his theme song. Orndorff starts the match with a shoulderblock but gets caught with a dropkick then rolls outside and gets some advice from Heenan, who is shown in an insert promo about how Orndorff is the uncrowned Heavyweight Champion. Back to the match as Roma is working the arm. Orndorff clocks Roma in the head then stomps him in the corner. Orndorff catches him with a clothesline then finishes him off with the piledriver (2:29).

Thoughts: Roma looked solid on offense here. Orndorff had nothing much going on but was still using Hogan's music and they had the gimmick of Heenan saying he was the real champ but his house show run with Hogan was just about over.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week's subjects Kamala and King Kong Bundy, who tells Kamala that his splash does not compare to his Avalanche. Seems to be building towards a Bundy/Kamala feud here. They did a few house show matches together but that was all.

Back from break as the referee's are helping up Roma, Steve Lombardi comes in and tosses him to the floor.

Steve Lombardi vs. Koko B. Ware

Lombardi attacks Koko as he was taking off his jacket. He gets two off of a clothesline as the announcers talk about Lombardi's new found aggression. Backbreaker gets two. Lombardi chokes out Koko then stays in control of the match. He slams down Koko but misses an elbow drop from the second rope as both men are down. Koko is up first and hits a backdrop. Powerslam gets two. Swinging neckbreaker gets two as Lombardi is still in this match. Koko catches him with a clothesline then a dropkick. He heads up top and connects with a missile dropkick then covers for the win (3:32).

Thoughts: Lombardi dominated most of the match and came out looking a lot better than Koko did, even if defeat. Why the bothered to push Lombardi on this show is beyond me and its especially odd seeing as Koko was pretty over at this point and he looked like a jabroni here for struggling to put away a jobber.

Ken Resnick is with Ricky Steamboat, who will be facing Sika at the February Boston Garden show. Steamboat talks about Savage as he is still selling the effects of his throat injury and will be a lumberjack for his match against Bruno Sammartino and will not be responsible for what happens if he falls in front of him. Great promo by Steamboat here. He showed a ton of intensity and was not as over-the-top as he has been on the mic.

A replay of Steve Lombardi attacking Paul Roma from earlier in the show. We then get a promo by Lombardi directed at Roma, who he tells to stay out of his way. And we are now giving TV time for a jobber feud.

"Cowboy" Bob Orton & Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Can-Am Connection

All four men start brawling before the bell. Orton briefly works over Martel as Fuji whacks Zenk with the cane. Martel comes back with a rana then slams him down as Mr. Fuji is shown in an insert promo stating that after this match the Can-Am Connection will be old and ugly. Zenk gets caught in the opposite corner but comes back with a flying headscissors. He tries it again but Muraco knocks him down from the apron, right in front of referee Danny Davis. The heels continue to double-team Zenk as Davis lets it happen. Martel gets fed up and trips Muraco from the floor and the match breaks down and that causes Davis to ring the bell and rule the match a double disqualification (3:57).

Thoughts: Decent action here and this seems like it will lead to a feud, which it did. Martel was a phenomenal worker at this point in his career.

Resnick is with Billy Jack Haynes, who will be facing Hercules in the Boston Garden. Haynes says that he is in the best shape of his life and he will break his neck with the full nelson. Haynes is a crazy dude and one guy I would never fuck with.

Another Outback Jack vignette as he talks about food and how he will in the WWF soon. Can't wait.

Tommy Sharpe vs. Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ Elizabeth

Savage knocks down Sharpe from behind then tosses him to the floor. He hits a double axe handle then tosses him over the guardrail. Savage then rolls Sharpe back inside and hits the flying elbow smash for the win (0:47). Savage wrestled the whole match in his glasses and headband.

Thoughts: Savage was awesome here and this was a complete domination on his part as he is still pissed about Steamboat returning to the WWF.

Piper's Pit with guest Jack Tunney. Another giant trophy is on the set. Tunney then brings out Andre the Giant to present him a trophy for being the only undefeated guy in WWF history. Piper asks him what he has to say to the fans and Andre says he has only one thing to say but Hulk Hogan comes out and puts over Andre for being undefeated and a great role model. Hogan then puts him over some more but Andre decides to walk off the set as Hogan leads the crowd into applause. Another memorable segment just before their feud kicked off. The more I watch the more impressed I am with how the feud and Andre's turn was put together.

A vignette of Jimmy Hart and the Honky Tonk Man at Elvis' restaurant. When asked what he was going to eat, Honky said he was going to have some "honky burgers."

Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Scott McGhee & Tony Garea

Before the match we see Davis pat Hart on the shoulder. McGhee takes down Brett and works the arm. Garea tags but Brett hits him in the face then the Hart Foundation take turns beating him down. An insert promo of Matilda is shown as Vince cackles like an idiot when the segment ends. Garea runs over and tags McGhee after a leapfrog. McGhee gets two with an inverted atomic drop. Brett catches him with a backbreaker then after that they put McGhee away with the Hart Attack (2:43).

Thoughts: On commentary Vince was hinting that Davis was in cahoots with the Hart Foundation and that is something to keep in mind.

The Gladiator & Jimmy Jack Funk & "The Outlaw" Ron Bass vs. U.S. Express & Blackjack Mulligan

The WWF debut of Bass here. The match starts as Spivey works over Funk. Vince asks Jesse about his investigation into Andre's reinstatement as Jesse says he has discovered some information and will share it next week on "Piper's Pit." Bass is in and he beats on Rotundo as we are shown an insert promo of him calling out Mulligan. Rotundo plays the face-in-peril as Jesse and Vince talk about what will happen next week. Rotundo finally makes the tag as Mulligan comes in and puts away the Gladiator with a jumping back elbow smash (3:33).

Thoughts: A nothing match that was just the backdrop while Vince and Jesse discussed the news Jesse had supposedly heard about Andre's reinstatement. Bass' debut was unmemorable and the fact they are pushing a completely washed up Mulligan is not an exciting prospect.

Resnick is with Randy Savage, who calls out Bruno Sammartino for being old and cuts a promo on Steamboat about how he will be throwing fire at the dragon.

Final Thoughts: Good show with one very memorable segment. And the tease of next week's installment of Piper's Pit is must-see TV. The Lombardi mini-push shocked me as well. Never knew that happened. But, the tag division has a lot of solid teams and the top feuds are all doing well so it was still a good time to be a WWF fan


  1. Great as always Bayless! Keep up the good work!

  2. Man, was Hogan such a big douche in that Piper's Pit segment. He just came over and took over Andre's spotlight without letting the man say what he was about to say. Hogan always make things about Hogan.

    What a douche.

  3. Wow...Pretty Wonderful explodes in the opening match 7 years early!

  4. He really was. He cut off Andre before he could talk and Andre got so mad he left.

  5. This was the angle that made me a fan. It also began my lifelong hatred of Hulkamania. Every month I was rooting for the heel to destroy Hulkamania because Hulk Hogan was a hypocrite. The heels were bad guys but they were honest about being bad guys but Hogan was a bad guy pretending to be a good guy and I was hoping he would lose the title because of that.

  6. It was the Savage feud that made me despise Hogan, and it was the hype for WM 3 that got me watching the WWF , so i just missed Andre's turn, but if i had just started 4 months earlier, I'd likely would've always hated Hogan it seems.

  7. "Savage wrestled the whole match in his glasses and headband."

    Reason No. 1839 that Randy Savage is the greatest human being ever.

  8. Hindsight ..... Back then I viewed this , as a big Hiulkamaniac, as just Hogan being overly enthousiastic for his friend. I guess that was how it was intended? It comes of dickish for dure now. Nut isn't that just how Hogans angles went Back then? The heel had some sort of valid point for challenging Hogan but did something evil along the way like take a heel manager or being foreign, to make Hogan the face and the one who was right?

  9. so was the breif kamala/bundy dynamic heel vs heel?

  10. Wasn't Lombardi employed back then since he was Terry Garvin's bf? I used to hear that back then


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