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Hogan and Andre

Even though Andre died the night after mania, and everything from the survivor series on was apparently a schizophrenic episode by you, me, and the rest of the world, did Hogan and Andre ever make up in the kayfabe sense on WWF TV after Andre turned face?

And speaking of the late Giant, how really good of a job did they do making him seem like a legit threat at the time he turned on Hogan? I remember it like yesterday and thinking "Well, Hogan's fucked". Now of course as I'm older I look at Andre now and see this slow, out of shape guy who even I could have beat up.

Probably explain why he passed away after mania.

Dude, the man was 900 pounds!  The force of the bodyslam alone was enough to rupture his vital organs.  Especially since Hogan didn't know going into the match what the finish would be or if Andre would cooperate, so he likely had to slam him as a SHOOT.  And then James Hetfield saw it and decided not to hire Hogan as their lead guitarist because he was too dangerous, brother.

Anyway, Andre pretty much disappeared after the face turn, didn't he?  I certainly don't recall any making up on TV, but then I'm old and forgetful anyway.  I will say that 12 year old Scott was terrified of Andre and would have bet all his allowance on the title changing there.