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Muraco's Monday Morning Matches of the Week - (s2,e2)

Because it's still Monday here, and possibly early morning where you are.

As I sit here on vacation, one can't help but LOL @ The Miz over Patera, and Jannetty over Muraco. Ah, the good old days, when heels on top drew money. Now on to something less depressing: PURO~!

Unfortunately, not a lot of 2015 stuff popping up on TV this week though. That said, as some may know there was a huge angle at the end of the NOAH show this week that will be the main focus for the remainder of the year. Hopefully, we'll have some video on it next week.

With that being the case, there's no shame in reviewing the two best matches of the year so far which may in fact turn out to be the two best matches of the year come December. If you haven't seen them in their entirety yet, they are the definition of
pro wrestling required viewing. Jim Ross & Matt Striker on the call.

NJPW: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Kota Ibushi - [1/4/15]

2015.01.04- Shinsuke Nakamura vs... by dixonkyle4

NJPW: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada - [1/4/15]
2015.01.04- Hiroshi Tanahashi vs... by dixonkyle4


  1. The Mountie beat Bret Hart to win the IC title. How is this even a contest?

  2. Now what about 105 degree fever Bret?

  3. He just wanted to make sure that the right man won over one of the worst IC champions WWE ever produced.

  4. I'm pretty sure there were no spam voters just because Mountie was a better IC champion than Ric Flair. This is what Mountie achieved as IC champion:

    -Carried a flu ridden Bret to a ***** match to win the title
    -Lost the title to Piper in a ****1/2 match
    -Was an integral part in the whole Bret/Piper feud, which was the greatest feud of all time and drew so much money that Vince was first able to buy his first private jet with

    I love Ric Flair and all, but it doesn't inspire me to rewatch his ** matches with Carlito.

  5. This is the only logical explanation.

  6. HBK vs Shamrock was all about HBK getting DQ'd due to Diesel interference or whatever else your mind can justify the madness

  7. Matt_INDEED's ZOMBIEJanuary 13, 2015 at 7:09 AM

    I've been watching since 87. This doesn't mean anything.

  8. If you trained under Pat Patterson...oh, never mind.

  9. The Mountie is a national hero who gets votes from all over Canada. Eat yer heart out Scott!

  10. Don't blame the Nature Boy. It's all due to the offspring of Gorilla Monsoon's favorite youngster.

  11. I wanna see Lesnar hitting F5 3000 times on Roman Reigns and imprinting his carcass into the mat.

  12. (Bill Ray sits in a folding chair, holding what appears to be a box of flowers)

    "Well, well. Archie Stackhouse wants to be a lion. That's all you hear, isn't it: heart of a lion, pride of a lion. Well, Archie, even though I was born in July, I do not consider myself a lion. Nor do I consider myself a particularly good or righteous person. I do what I do for the reason I've always done it: survival. I survived for years on the streets of Detroit, and then Bayless took me in and civilized me, trained me to be able to earn a living as a wrestler. I'm proud to be a wrestler, and at the BoD Rumble, I look forward to making my greatest accomplishment yet. But, next week....I may slip back into survival mode. Robert Davis will be waiting for me, and I will be there with this.( Bill opens the box to reveal a baseball bat, wrapped in barbed wire.) Robert, you made the deal with the devil, and now you face the consequences. I'm going to show you what it was that allowed me to survive for so many years, alone and feral. I may not be a lion, but my killer instinct is still there, and next week...Robert Davis's hunt ends."

    (Camera cuts out)

  13. Yeah, I was laughing at work reading it.

  14. "As I sat in the back of the police car I explained to the officer that Shawn was supposed to put me over at Wreatlemania but backed out with an injury. That's why I wouldn't drop the belt in Montreal. The officer confided in me, with tears in his eyes, that Shawn should have been arrested for what he did in Montreal and I deserved to be WWF Champion. "

  15. I would like to see a real MMA fight between Shamrock and Michaels. And only if Bret Hart and Shane Douglas both agree to it, can the fight be stopped.

  16. If Bret wins this his book will be rereleased with a bonus chapter about it.

  17. (Back in the industrial laundry, Robert Davis stands one the fallen, bloody page. As the page slowly comes to and lifts his head, Davis curb stomps him back unconscious.)

    It makes me sad that this isnt you laying here right now, Billy Ray. At my feet, at my mercy. I hope you see the pain he is in. And I hope you realize his broken nose, the blood on the ground, the tears in his children's eyes is of your doing. Since you made the tragic decision to turn down the most generous offer to stand with the Covenant, you have avoided me at all cost. I have sat in the GMs former office every week, yet you have yet to come get your vengeance you claim to want. Why? Fear.

    That fear keeps you from confronting me. That fear holds you in place. But your time has run out. Next week, you will show your face in that ring and deal with the demon you can't outrun. Bring your bat. Bring every weapon you can get your hands on. It won't save you. For I have one thing that drives me. My determination to destroy the career and life of Bayless. You are a roadblock to that. So you must be removed from. The path. Next week, the blood will be yours. The victory will be mine. Hell has opened up. There is no refuge. I'm here. And you are soon to be a whisper between those who fear my wrath.

  18. The Mountie also gets votes from The New Jersey shore right here.

    His dedication to law enforcement, along with his bravery and strength are an inspiration to us all. Not to mention, that Asbury Park, NJ - Which has one of the larger gay communities, if not the largest in our state - Has unequivocally declared The Mountie as the most handsome wrestler in the history of the sport.

    It is hard to not vote for someone with that pedigree of awesomeness.


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