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Is there a chance that all these horrific promos are actually intended to turn him heel? I know you can't give the writing team (and Vince) too much credit but even they have to realize he is a disaster out there.

They could have him win the rumble, which would piss off the Phili crowd and then the next night turn on Bryan or something with help from the authority.

Bryan v heel reigns at mania could actually do something assuming we aren't getting Bryan lesnar

​Zero chance of that, I'd say.  Hoping he catches fire as a babyface is one thing, but turning him two months before Wrestlemania and somehow expecting him to be the #1 heel and overshadow Brock Lesnar?  Not even this writing team is that incompetent.  I think people might be really overplaying the Philly aspect of the Rumble, but even if the crowd DOESN'T turn on Reigns ala Batista, he's clearly not the #1 guy by any measure.  He doesn't move ratings, doesn't get a bigger reaction than Cena, and can't cut a promo in that role.  There's no real brilliant instant fix here, it's just way too soon to make Reigns a tippy top guy, period.  He needs another year at least.​