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RF Video Shoot Interview with The Fantastics, Disc Two

Disc Two runs at fifty-four minutes long

The review of Disc One is listed below

They are asked about guys leaving Mid South for the WWF as Bobby said he remembered Junkyard Dog in the locker room wearing army fatigues with a large amount of steroids saying that he had to "get ready for the war" shortly before leaving for the WWF. The impression was funny too. Bobby then recalls Bill Watts telling them that as long as the territory got a "black" over they would all be making money so guys like Master G (George Wells) and Savannah Jack were brought in and failed to get over. Bobby said that Koko B. Ware got over and had a good gimmick and was a really good worker but no one was able to replace JYD, who was insanely over.

The guys talk about how the Sheepherders (Bushwhackers) quit Mid South in the middle of their angle due to being paid less than what they were making as they talk about how that is one of the unfair things about the business. He said that when they went over to the NWA to work basically the same feud with the Sheepherders those guys got treated unfairly there too.

Tommy tells a story about Steve Williams at this time and how he bought a huge van and would drive around like a maniac and would get pissed and launch glass Gatorade bottles at the windshields of cars that would cut him off.

Bobby then talks about how at one point they were going to go to the Charlotte Territory and turn heel where they would be managed by Paul Jones to feud with the Rock n' Roll Express but one of them quit so that never happened.

The Fantastics did end up leaving to work for the Crocketts as Bobby said Jim Crockett was as nice as a "wallpaper drawing." He said there first night was a non-title match against the Midnight Express and the match immediately clicked and Dusty loved the match. Tommy said that Bobby Eaton was one of the best workers in the business and that he thought Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane were very good as well. Bobby said that Eaton almost killed him with a chairshot to the head when he was in a straight jacket.

Bobby said that Dusty told them that he should have given them the Tag Belts their first night as that would have really put them over from the start. He then puts over Dusty for giving them their biggest paydays in the business.

Both guys talk about how they only concentrated on the wrestling and never wanted to learn how to play politics. Bobby remembers Jerry Jarrett once telling him that loved the fact that Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler hated each other.

They liked working with the Varsity Club but said that Steve Williams was really stiff and would try to take advantage of you as Bobby said that you never let someone push you around like that in the ring. They both put over how freakishly strong the Steiner Brothers were.

When George Scott became the booker he told them to stop doing high flying moves. He tells a story about how the Samoan Swat Team wouldnt sell for them in a match and afterwards Paul Jones told them that came from the office. Scott then told the Fantastics shortly after that they had nothing for them and they might bring them back in several months.

After WCW they went to Japan. Both guys liked working for Giant Baba. They also worked in Puerto Rico and did not like it there as the other wrestlers in the locker room never wanted them there.

They talk about their match against each other in the WWF. Cornette got them the match and they never worked there again. Originally, Fulton was supposed to work against Brian Christopher and Rogers against Taylor but there was a transportation issue so they worked against each other. During the match, Rogers was going to the Tomikaze (Impaler) finisher and did it the when he went backstage he got pissed as they showed a split screen shot of the match and part of a Brian Pillman angle so he threw stuff around then started swearing so they calmed him down. He then had a match against Christopher for Shotgun Saturday Night and was pissed off. During the match, Christopher stiffed him with a super kick and wouldnt go up for him on a slam attempt so Tommy dropped him on the steps. After the match, Tony Garea yelled at him because he used a ballshot in the match so Tommy told him to fuck off then followed Christopher into the locker room and asked him what happened as Christopher told him he got stiffed then Rogers yelled at him before showering and leaving. When he left, he shook Vince McMahon's hand a told him to give him a call when he got some more money.

On how he wound up in ECW, Tommy said he knew Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman from Japan and got in because of that.

Bobby said that high-flying hasn't ruined wrestling but the lack of selling is and thinks its a shame that the WWE is the only game in town. He then talks about how they are filming this shoot about stuf they did in the 80's and how years from now no one will be remembering the wrestling today. He also says that those who want to wrestle today should get a good education instead and only wrestle on the side. He then says that pretty soon they will have the "blind leading the blind" as all of those who learned to wrestle will be long gone and need to revamp how they run things. Tommy puts over Vince for being a businessman and how you cannot knock success.

They are asked if they watch wrestling today as Bobby says he watches old tapes with his kids.

Bobby then talks passionately about loving the art of wrestling and entertaining the fans. Tommy says that if they had not met up they would probably be job guys and never would have had all of their success. After that they talk about the tragic deaths in the business and how it leaves families behind.

Final Thoughts: Again, these two seemed like really good guys who loved what they did. Besides that, it was not a groundbreaking shoot but they both came across as likable guys and did have some funny stories to tell. I'd recommend this shoot as it is a breeze to watch.

You can purchase the video by clicking on the link below


  1. Is being as nice as a wallpaper drawing good or bad?

  2. ''Bobby said he remembered Junkyard Dog in the locker room wearing army fatigues with a large amount of steroids saying that he had to "get ready for the war" shortly before leaving for the WWF.''

    I can't stop laughing.

  3. Very insightful. They make a good point about how the art of wrestling is lost. The Fantastics were a good team but it is easy to see how their inability to play politics held them back once the remnants of Jim Crockett Promotions died out.

  4. I could see why the Sheepherders decided to act like fools instead of continuing their hardcore style. The pay was probably much better.

  5. Loved the Fantastics. Their matches with MX were some of the best tag matches ever.

  6. Like the review but I think any shoot with Jamie Dundee is much better. Dude truly doesn't give a fuck. I've had the opportunity to chat with him several times, dudes balls to the wall crazy

  7. Lol. Im.guessing it's simple and easy to tolerate.

  8. His shoot, YouShoot, and the PG-13 shoot are all great


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