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Sporting News: Are we in the darkest timeline?

Just a quickie rant inspired by a reader e-mail.  It's hard to even get angry about the shows these days.  


  1. This was always going to happen no matter what. At some point, Vince was going to lose it. It happens to everyone in every walk of life, and it happened to Vince. The big problem is no one is going to do anything about it. By the time he dies, it might be too late.

  2. Yes, but now Reigns will be known as Roman 'Sufferin' Succotash!' Reigns. So, they got that going for them. Which is nice.

  3. I also find it interesting that Vince's promoting career is going to end with him fucking up a megastar(Reigns) and never pulling the trigger on a massive money angle(Cena heel turn).

  4. What amazes me about 2014 is that if you look at the year as a whole, not one wrestler really came out looking great. All prominent talent was either thrown under the bus, forgotten about, or crippled by bad booking. You may argue Seth Rollins, but hr never got anywhere above being the hand of the Authority. Even Cena was made to look like a whimpering coward in the fall/winter.

    The only "talent" that dominated 2014 and was pushed as real stars were, surprise, HHH and Stephanie.

  5. Actually, a positive of 2014 will be all the Kayfabe Commentaries' Timelines for the year.

    Sean Oliver: So, Cesaro, after you won the Andre the Giant battle royale at Wrestlemania, what happened next?
    Cesaro: Well, I ended the year wrestling a midget.
    SO: Neville?
    Cesaro: No, a real midget. Little person. Smaller than you.

    Bayless is going to have a great time reviewing all those.

  6. KC's Commentaries: 2014 with Brock Lesner

    SO: So, when did you find out you were going to be champion?
    BL: A sherpa showed up at my door in South Dakota...
    SO: Sherpa?
    BL: Indian, Native American, whatever. Anyway, he had a handwritten message for Vince saying I would win the Championship at Summerslam.
    SO: Did they offer a new contract to work more dates so you would be a more visible champion?
    BL: No, maybe, no. I didn't care. Deer hunting season was coming up and I wasn't going anywhere when I could kill Bambi.
    SO: That's cold-hearted.
    BL: Not really, I let Sable mount me when I ate the deer's heart.
    SO: So, what's next?
    BL: Well, she took off my...
    SO: No, in wrestling.
    BL: I don't know. I showed up a couple of times. Beat the hell out of Cena once and kept the belt by DQ and that was the year.

  7. I'm still not convinced Cena turning heel is a massive money angle.

  8. That was the sort of promo we'd joke about here on the blog when exaggerating and making fun of how bad the WWE's writing is currently.

    I hope Vince pulls an Al Davis and keeps doing it for the next 20 years, just so I can see how bad it gets.

  9. I think 2014 is worse than 1995 because at least in 95, you had a second major national company and you had hopes that at least one of the big two would figure it out. You also had ECW doing a ton of revolutionary stuff. Now you only have WWE and they don't even resemble a wrestling company.

  10. This era of WWE deserves a For Want of a Nail-esque postmortem.

  11. Nothing in 1995 was as out of touch as Vince writing promos in 2015 where he quotes Looney Tunes to make his new guys seem edgy and cool.

  12. Now might be a good time for the History Of Wrestling folks to write a sequel to "Titan Sinking" that chronicles 2014.

  13. KC's Commentaries: 2014 with El Generico (Sami Zayn)

    SO: Tell me about the Cesaro match at NXT Arrival.
    EG: It was great to work with him. Such a strong worker. Everything clicked, Scott Keith gave it 4 and 1/4 stars.
    SO: A little rough.
    EG: No, that's fair, I made a small botch at the 15 minute mark...
    SO: I was kidding; it was a great match. So, figuring you're going to the main roster.
    EG: Not so much. No one said anything to me about that.

    45 minutes later

    EG: And then the match against Neville at Revolution was great, Scott Keith gave that 4 stars as well.
    SO: And no call up?
    EG: No. No.

  14. I'm not either. We've already seen him beat everyone as the bouncing babyface, so why would he suddenly become the cowardly heel or even the cocky asshole jock? It made sense with Hulk Hogan because he was older, slower, and the fans were rejecting his act to the point that it made kayfabe sense for him to turn heel to stay relevant. He alligns with two dominant big guys to help him win since he can't get it done with the old routine anymore. His true colors show through and he's a ratfuck egomaniac. It could work with Cena just the same at some point, but right now we already know he can beat anyone, any time. It *could* have worked during the whole "CM Punk has his number" thing, but that ship has sailed

  15. As a Raider fan, I know this all too well, living through the latter days of Al Davis. Cowboys fans will see it soon enough as well.

  16. Hogan aside, 95' WCW was hella fun.


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