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Take Me Home Tonight

Hey Scott,

Given that the whole "I will take the title home" means absolutely nothing these days, this is what I think Cena's real threat should have been: If HHH and Steph don't bring back those three guys tonight, Cena will simply quit. Bring them back before the end of RAW's broadcast, or Cena will not sign the match's contract and is done with WWE for good. They lose their top guy and all the revenue he produces for the company on a regular basis. They also lose a big name already attached to the WWE Title match a the Rumble.

They could have even brought up the possibility of Cena sitting out his no-compete clause and eventually taking his act/prestige/fans with him to another wrestling promotion (name drop a few, a la CM Punk). As for the potential "breach of contract" argument, there should be no problem acknowledging that Cena is already a multimillionaire (as seen in Total Divas) and is only there "out of his love for wrestling".

Would losing Cena be "Best For Business"? What would the "Board of Directors" think about the COO's decision making skills if his silly personal agendas ultimately cost the Corporation it's biggest currently active star?

​Guys, what would the WWE do if the WWE champion wasn't on RAW every week?  Ratings might nosedive!  This is crazy talk! 

Given that the whole Cena-Authority angle makes my head hurt if I think about it for 5 seconds, I can't even tell you if HHH would WANT Cena to quit or not.  I'm just glad they've finally figured out who the Authority wants as champion within kayfabe, since usually their only criteria is "whoever isn't the babyface currently holding it" and that gets a little tiresome. ​