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The PG Era Saturday Syndies: Superstars, 1.16.15

So after thinking about it, here's how I think it's gonna be: I work Wednesday and Thursday evenings, which Scott knows. Friday is Impact Day, so I won't step on Tommy's toes there. This means Saturday will be the day I watch and recap the two B shows. With Main Event on Hulu Plus, this is a non-factor. Plus, by that time it'll have been added to the archive probably.

And really, watching Superstars on a Saturday just makes sense, doesn't it?

From New Orleans, LA.

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Tony Schiavone... I mean, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton. Sorry, had a 1989 flashback for a second.

MATCH: Cameron v. Summer Rae. Wait, who am I rooting for? Cameron makes sure her make-up's in place to start, then Summer Rae mocks that. Cameron attacks off of that, and they botch a leapfrog (!!) before Summer lands a back elbow. Cameron escapes a blind charge, but catches the knees and slams Summer down. Stomping gets one. Cameron chokes Summer against the middle rope and mocks her – so I guess Summer's the face by default – and an alley-oop in the corner gets one. Bow and arrow follows. Summer bridges out, so Cameron covers for one. To a surfboard, as Cameron works the arms. Cameron releases to send Summer to the mat, getting two off of it. Mat slam (“Does it hurt, Summer, huh!?”) sets up another surfboard. Summer gets out of this one, but a hairpull slam and walkover by Cameron keeps her in charge. Legdrop misses, and Summer with clotheslines for a comeback. DDT into mounted punches follows. Spinning heel kick ends it at 4:17. Explain to me why Cameron gets so much offense. DUD

RAW REWIND. From January 5, the Authority are back and fire Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback. But on January 12, Cena got the chance to get them re-hired – if he could beat Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match. The twist? The heel side of the locker room brings all the Lumberjacks.

RAW MATCH: Lumberjack Match, John Cena v. Seth Rollins. If Cena wins, then the Corpus Christi Trio are re-hired. JIP as Cena launches himself onto the pile. Back in, it gets two. Rollins with a small package for two. Big kick gets two. Rollins goes up, but Cena catches him and follows. They brawl up top, and Rollins sunset flips off into a turnbuckle bomb for two. Rollins argues with the ref, which gives Cena a chance for a catch powerbomb for two. Slugfest breaks out, with Cena ducking a roundhouse. AA misses, and Rollins gets the Sliced Bread for two. Stinger Splash by Rollins airballs, and AA gets two before Noble and Mercury pull Cena out and the lumberjacks mug Cena. Cesaro with the icing on the cake, swinging Cena into the barricade, and they throw him back in. But Rollins' Curbstomp is caught in mid-air and changed to the STF. Kane pulls Rollins to the ropes, but Cena pulls him back. Rollins kicks out, and Big Show delivers the KO Punch to Cena to give Rollins the win. Not that I expected less from this match, but would it hurt for Rollins to deliver the coup de grace?

Renee Young interviews Fandango and Rosa Mendes. Fandango talks about how he got a new Pec-Tec machine, so his whole body is ready. A few more push-ups and he'll be at peak strength.

RAW REWIND. From January 12, Daniel Bryan returns to the scene of the crime and says he'll win the Royal Rumble. Stephanie McMahon interrupts and declares his first match back will be against Kane on SmackDown. But Bryan takes the brawl to Kane, only to eat stairs. Kane wants to Tombstone Bryan on the steps, but Bryan escapes and sends Kane into the post to take over before refs break it up. Or try to, as Bryan gets the Knee Plus on Kane, then hits a tope suicida for good measure. Referees finally break it up as the crowd chants Bryan's name.

SUPERSTARS REWIND. From last week, Stardust accidentally hits the Beautiful Disaster to Goldust, allowing Los Matadores to win. A six-man is next!

MATCH: Justin Gabriel and Los Matadores v. The Dust Brothers and Fandango. Fandango and Gabriel start. Gabriel gets an armdrag, but Fandango with a tackle. Criss-cross, but Gabriel with a round-off and hiptoss to work the arm. Northern Lights suplex gets one. Fandango escapes, and Stardust tags in. Gabriel catches him with a right, and the Dusts talk strategy. Gabriel with a drop toehold into an armbar, and Epico comes in. Chops in the corner, and Epico with left jabs before Primo comes in. Swinging neckbreaker by Primo gets one. Stardust bails as we go to break.

We return with Fandango smacking Primo around but falling into the ropes. Epico in with a Del Rio attack, and Primo adds a tope atomico. Stardust distracts Primo, and Fandango takes over. Goldust tags himself in and gets a spinebuster for two. Stadust in, and a back rake and big stomp gets two. Goldust back in, and a fistdrop and elbowdrop lead to the chinlock. Primo fights out, but a charge eats elbow and we're back to the chinlock. C'mon, Dustin, it's a tag match! Primo again fights out, but Goldust with a kneeling uppercut and atomic drop. Double clothesline means Double KO. Hot tag Epico and he runs over Stardust. Back elbows and chops lead to a monkey flip. Gore in the corner and a twisting senton gets two, Goldust saves. Gabriel dumps Goldust, Fandango dumps Gabriel, Primo dumps Fandango, Torito dives onto Fandango with Primo shoveing him over, and Stardust tags in to hit the Disaster Kick for the pin at 7:23. *3/4 Good callback to the previous week.

Randy Savage Hall of Fame package.

Raw Reunion on January 19! Hogan! Michaels! Flair! Hall!

RAW REWIND. There was a contract signing on Raw for the main event. Rollins makes it clear: he has two chances to be champ while everyone else has one. Brock Lesnar takes the mic and says he's a conqueror. Cena says he will go out of his way to pin Brock, not Seth – because Cena and Brock will annihilate Rollins before Cena pins Brock. Rollins points out that Cena's plans backfire all the time – assuming Cena has a plan. And the brawl is on, with Brock suplexing everyone until Cena with an AA to Brock through the table. He eyeballs HHH, which is a mistake as Rollins nails him from behind and gets the Curbstomp to him. And to Brock, just because. And that's how we end this episode.

So – let me ask the readers. When I do the Saturday recaps, should I do them as two posts or one? And which one should be reviewed first: Main Event or Superstars? I'm open to suggestions.


  1. I think it's inconsequential which one gets posted first, tbh. Why are you not doing Raw recaps anymore?

  2. Depends on your writing length.

    If it's long, then split them up, if not, then ad them both.

    TJ: has anyone seen the 1999 ECW Timeline with RVD yet?

  3. I have not but I just recapped the 2008 WWE Curt Hawkins Timeline and highly recommend that.

  4. Cameron vs. Summer Rae sounds like a trainwreck. They need more veterans diva's who can work but then again they don't really care about the division to begin with.

  5. But Death Rey in a mask and let her work the new talent.

    I mean, isn't that why Finlay got a career reboot in the 2000s?

  6. Just put Death Rey in the Ring. I don't get how they trust her to train but not wrestle a single match.

  7. Who says she WANTS to wrestle a match?

  8. They probably don't like the fact that she appears to have eaten a full meal at least once in her life.

  9. since both shows are not that long I think you should post both as one

  10. Glad to see you're back doing what you love. Respect.

  11. I like Summer Rae's character but she definitely needs someone in the ring to lead her to a passable match. Cameron is just hopeless.


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