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I know that it is difficult to get the regular Raw viewers to buy into Divas matches and the Divas division overall, but is there a way to change that? In other words, is it just assumed that the Divas are always going to be eye candy and bathroom breaks, or can the audience be broken of that perception?

After listening to his appearance on Austin's podcast, it sounds like HHH genuinely wants to get the Divas more time on television, so will we ever get a big angle -- an angle that isn't built around Total Divas? I mean, even if they did a badass invasion angle with the NXT Divas kicking the Raw Divas asses, could it actually get the girls over on the main roster?

Nope.  It's a different audience, who are trained to treat the Divas matches like buffers or bathroom breaks.  And then the announcers reinforce it by treating the title like a second-class goal to being on Total Divas.  I hope Sasha and Charlotte stay in NXT forever.