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KOTR 2001 Question

Hi Scott!
A question has occurred to me which you might be able to answer: if HHH hadn't torn his quad in the famous tag team title match with the Canadian Chrisses, what would the card at King Of The Ring have looked like as far as Austin, HHH, Benoit, and Jericho?  Have you any back issues of the Observer which detail the original layout of the card or was that information never released since it was rendered moot so quickly?
Thanks for your time!

​I believe it was supposed to be Austin/Chris #1 and HHH/Chris #2 in some combination that I can't remember, and then with HHH out they put both Chrisses in the same match instead.  I don't have the Observer handy, though, because that's when I was getting the print version and they're all buried somewhere in my basement.  ​