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Macho Man vs. Honky Tonk question


There's something that's always bothered me about the Savage/Honky Tonk match on SNME that started the Megapowers angle: if Savage was so insanely paranoid about anyone so much as looking at Elizabeth, why did he agree to the angle where Honky knocked her down? Whose idea was it, and what did they have to do to convince Savage to let Liz take a bump?

Later on

It was a pretty tame bump compared to the strong pimp hand that Jake Roberts laid on her in 1991, so I don't think Macho would have had much problem with it.  He knows the score, and I'm pretty sure, were I to picture the scene in my mind's eye, I could see Vince literally dumping a giant pile of hundred dollar bills and eight-balls on Savage's locker to convince him of how effective the angle would be.  Just a hunch.