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Matt's Monday Night RAW Recap - 2/23/2015

Despite the fact that Roman Reigns is Batista 2.0, despite the fact that Daniel Bryan is beyond over with the fans, despite the fact that that Reigns has three moves to speak of and gets winded after 5 minutes, despite the fact that he's dull and has no marketability at ALL, and despite the fact that the main event at WrestleMania is, possibly, one of the least-anticipated main events in the history of that pay-per-view (with fans cheering for Brock Lesnar by default), Vince and WWE Creative don't give a shit what you think and they're gonna make Roman Reigns the next big star come hell or high water.

I'd like to think that WWE has a grand plan...but this company just doesn't seem to give a shit about much of anything and makes booking decisions just to run contrary to what people like to see. If I had to guess, I'm estimating that nobody will believe that Daniel Bryan could take out Lesnar and, so, Reigns and Lesnar battle it out which results in a Rollins cash-in at WrestleMania with Bryan eventually getting the belt back.

Of course, I don't know what direction this company is going anymore. I still can't explain a guest spot by "Grumpy Cat" or how Cole botched the name and called him "Grumpy the Cat".

Anyhow, my head hurts...let's move on...

We are LIVE(!!!) from Nashville, Tennessee!!!

JBL, Cole and Booker are the guys on the mics...

Randy Orton comes out to a nice pop which should tell you starved this crowd is for something. For anything. Last night, he returned and hit about 73 RKO's to every single Authority member in the ring. He says he's been out the last four months and he won't talk anyone's ear off. He says that he's pissed at Seth Rollins -- which brings us to clips of last November when Rollins hit the Curb Stomp on the steel steps.

He says that last night, he was just getting started. Rollins thinks he escaped last night on Fastlane -- but it was merely a stay of execution. He calls out Rollins -- and out comes Triple H, Steph, Big Show and Kane instead. Steph congratules him for returning against all odds. Steph says that, last night, she saw the killer instinct in Randy Orton that made him what he was. Orton's not having it. He wants to bash Rollins' brains in.

Steph says that him and Rollins can co-exist. She wants Orton to come home. Orton: "I'd rather kick some ass than kiss some ass." Show grabs a mic and says he knows how Orton feels. He says that he joined the Authority and it was the best decision he made. Face turn? What face turn? Show wants Orton on The Authority's team. Orton isn't selling out. Steph says he's not a good guy. He wants to reap the rewards of his behavior. He's done some awful things. She says she can't force him. She says she wants to have a "business conference" so that he can come back home. She asks him he's interested. Orton stands pat. Everyone leaves the ring except Triple H...but he leaves as well.

Orton tells them to stop...he'll meet with them. Triple H leaves to set up a WebEx or maybe a nice Skype. I can't even keep up with this bullshit.


ALSO TONIGHT: We will hear from Roman Reigns.

Crowd sufficiently murdered, we now begin our slew of matches...

Bad News Barrett comes out while Cole takes us back in time to reminds us the Dean Ambrose was disqualified last night at Fastlane for wrestling when the ref didn't want him to. Then he took Barrett's belt anyhow, so he's pretty much champion because that's how it works now. Barrett isn't happy and wants the belt returned.

MATCH #1: WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler (non-title)
R-Truth is doing commentary because something, something, he beat Wade Barrett so he matters now. Can't wait for Sin Cara to sit in during the next Miz match. Ziggler tries an armbar and pays for it as Barrett beats on him and hits a snap suplex. Ziggler comes back with a neckbreaker and elbow for two. Barrett comes back with a kick to the mid-section and follows with a knee to the gut. Barrett puts on a Surfboard. Ziggler breaks but Barrett kicks at him and then snaps him hard into the corner, getting a two count. Barrett tries a boot to Ziggler's head, but Ziggler hits a dropkick and Barrett goes flying from the ring.

Barrett has Ziggler in a headlock when we get back from break. Ziggler breaks it and chops at Barrett. He punches away at Barrett in the corner and tries a DDT but Barrett catches him for Wasteland. Ziggler counters into the DDT anyhow and gets two. Ziggler tries the Zigg Zagg but Barrett kicks him in the stomach and hits a powerbomb. Two count. He sets up the Bullhammer but Ziggler dicks and rolls him up for two. Ziggler tries the Fame-Asser but Barrett counters into Winds of Change and NEARLY gets the pin. Barrett kicks at Ziggler and won't listen to the ref. Ziggler comes out of the corner and rolls him up for two. Barrett charges, Ziggler evades and hits the Zigg Zagg for the win at 11:07.
WINNER: Dolph Ziggler via Zigg Zagg
RATING: **1/2. Not bad. Got better as it went along.

Post-match, Dean Ambrose hits the ring with the IC title and taunts Barrett with it. Ziggler looks at him and at no time does Barrett get up and grab the belt during the distraction. Mm-kay.

NEXT: A look at Sting FINALLY being called out at Fastlane.

LAST NIGHT AT FASTLANE: Triple H and Sting faced off. Now, they'll fight at WWE.

TONIGHT: We will take a look at THEMANCALLEDSTING.

Randy Orton is in his "business meeting" with the Authority. Rollins starts telling Triple H to take care of Orton. Kane says he suggests a "more direct approach" with Orton for everything he's done. Steph tells him to shut his Demon Whore Mouth. Rollins says they can't trust Orton. Steph says everyone can forgive Randy. She asks if he's on board with them. Orton shakes hands with Rollins. Yaaaaaay. Steph says that, tonight, it's Randy Orton and Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Sheamus is back. Not right now, but he's back.

MATCH #2: The Prime-Time Players (Titus O'Neil & Darren Young) vs. The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor)
OMG, Konnor and Viktor cut a promo, trash-talking the goddamn Bushwhackers.  They beat on Young to start, hitting a double shoulderblock. Young tries to escape and make a tag but Konnor pulls him away and then attacks Titus. Finally Young tosses Konnor across the ring. The Ascension just slams Young to the mat and it's a two count as Titus makes the save. Konnor takes him out of the ring. Young rolls up Viktor for the win at 3:03.
WINNERS: The Prime-Time Players
RATING: DUD. The Ascension won't get their title shot against the Bushwhackers!

Post-match, the Ascension attacks Young. Then they cut a promo, trashing the Killer Bees. That last part was a joke. Really. I don't blame you for thinking I was telling the truth.

The Rock was a presenter at the Oscars with Zoe Saldana.

Roman Reigns heads to the ring and it's a Cena-type crowd. Reigns says that he had a Number 1 Contender's Match -- and he won. So he's going to WrestleMania. Crowd isn't happy. He says that he gets it. They were rooting for Bryan, but to all his doubters -- hold that thought. Here comes Daniel Bryan. He says that Roman won the Rumble and he deserves his shot at WrestleMania. He says, however, that he didn't feel good inside and he is the biggest Roman Reigns doubter there is. Crowd doesn't like that too much. He says that people like Daniel Bryan because he has heart -- which is why they don't like Reigns. He says that, last night, he had the opportunity to go to WrestleMania. He came up short despite giving it everything he had. He doesn't regret anything. They fought and he was beaten. All he has left to do is to congratulate Reigns. He says he's proud to team with Reigns tonight. He just wants Reigns to beat Lesnar. Crowd isn't buying this at all as Bryan leaves.

Paul Heyman shows up and he congratulates Reigns. He says that Reigns was impressive. He says that, usually, his money would be on Roman Reigns. He says that if it was Reigns vs. Andre in '87, Reigns vs. Austin or The Rock or pretty much anymore, his money would be on Roman Reigns. Crowd is REALLY not buying this. He continues to talk up Reigns but then says he's the right guy in the right place...but at the wrong time. He says he isn't fighting a man at WrestleMania, he's fighting a beast. He says that Lesnar is unbeatable. At the end of the main event at WrestleMania, the ref will call Lesnar the winner.

Reigns tells Heyman to stand in the middle of the ring. Heyman does so. Reigns wants Heyman to repeat what he said. Reigns says he already came face to face with Lesnar. He says when he's done with Lesnar, Lesnar won't like him anyways. Whatever that means.

Cole says that WWE Network is celebrating its one-year anniversary and they're having a marathon.

TONIGHT: Reigns & Bryan face Rollins & Orton

ALSO: The Usos are cashing in their re-match clause and will face the new champions.

LAST NIGHT AT FASTLANE: The Usos lost the Tag Titles.

MATCH #3: The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (challengers) (w/ Naomi) vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (champions) (w/ Natalya) for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Jimmy and Cesaro start and the action spills out of the ring. It's a bit of a brawl with Jey helping his brother. Tyson gets into trouble and hides behind Nattie, which doesn't make her happy at all. Back in the ring, Cesaro puts Jimmy in a headlock but Jimmy breaks and it's tags on each side. Jey hangs Tyson in the Tree of Woe and a flying headbutt for two. Jey tries to follow up and Tyson sends him out of the ring. Jimmy helps Jey up. Tyson tries to fly at the two of them but the the Usos catch him and throw him into the crowd barrier. Back in the ring, Jey hits a crossbody on Tyson. Two count. After break, Cesaro has Jey in a headlock. Tyson tags in after Jey breaks but misses the flying springboard elbow. Jimmy tags in and it's the Sudden Stop for two by Cesaro and Kidd. They destroy Jimmy with some nice double-teaming. Cesaro can't hit the Superplex and Jimmy falls backwards. Tag to Jey who hits a Superfly Splash but Kidd interferes with an elbow off the top rope. Kidd gets rolled up for two. Jey hits an Enzuguri but misses the Rikishi Splash. Kidd puts his feet on the ropes for a two count. Naomi's had enough and pulls Kidd's feet off the ropes. Nattie is furious and shoves Naomi, which causes a big pop. Jimmy goes for the Superfly but Nattie channels her inner Elizabeth and pulls him off the rope for the DQ at 10:27.
WINNERS: The Usos via DQ
RATING: **. Never took off.
STILL CHAMPIONS: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

Mr. McMahon is the feature cover story of Muscle & Fitness.

Backstage, Miz is using a lint roller to clean his jacket. He berates Miz-dow, then says he'll win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania, which is happening, I guess. Miz-dow is pleased to announce that he's getting calls left and right to star in stuff. He thanks Miz for all his inspiration. Miz can't believe it...then tells him to use the lint roll.

LAST NIGHT: Bray Wyatt called out The Undertaker.

Bray is backstage with a coffin. He wants to know what the Undertaker thinks and feels when he closes his eyes. He says that Undertaker's end started last year when he lost to Brock. He tells Undertaker to find him.

Stardust is out for action and Cole "reminds us" what happened last night as Dusty Hill of ZZ Top is show in the stands.

MATCH #4: Stardust vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger isn't happy Stardust and tweeted that Stardust is un-American because he has no family or something. So, that's why he's here. Wrestling. Right now. Like R-Truth. Star gets the early advantage as the crowd chants "CODY". This drives Star nuts and he stomps Swagger. Swagger spears Star in the knee but misses the Swagger Bomb. Star tries the Disaster Kick but Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock on a counter. Cody quickly breaks. Goldust shows up. Swagger wins with the Patriot Lock on the distraction.
WINNER: Jack Swagger via Patriot Lock

Post-match, the crowd chants for Cody as Goldust just shrugs at Star and points, which I thought was illegal this month, unless it was at a WrestleMania sign.

LAST NIGHT: Cena lost to Rusev.

NEXT: Cena tells us what's up.

WrestleMania hits my 'hood in 34 days...

Out comes Cena. He says that Music City is riled up. Last night, he has to give Rusev props: he took Cena to his limit. He got stuck in the Accolade. He didn't give up and he was "the first" to break that move. Riiiiiiight. He says that he has no issue with losing. His issue is with Rusev. Huh? He says that Rusev is a coward. Just to recap: Rusev's awesome and he won fair and square, which makes him a coward. Also, Cena was the first to break the Accolade and he has no problem with Rusev beating him and has a problem with Rusev.

Out comes Rusev and Lana. Lana says that they told Cena he'd lose. Lana says "we told you so" is her favorite American phrase because no other country uses common phrasing. Lana says Cena let his country down. He gave up. He was beaten by a superior athlete. Rusev shoots his mouth off and Cena tell him to watch his mouth. Lana says that Cena gave up. Cena says that he always gets up when he gets knocked down. He says that he will beat Rusev and bring the U.S. Championship  back to the States. He wants Rusev at WrestleMania. Rusev sneers and says Cena doesn't deserve a re-match and says that's not happening. They walk off.

EARLIER TONIGHT: Randy Orton turned heel again. He just needs about a dozen more turns for the record held by Big Show.

Orton's backstage. Rollins shows up with Security. Orton tells them he doesn't want J&J there. Rollins tells them to leave. Orton says that he doesn't hate Rollins. They're on the same page because that's what's Best for Business™. Orton and Rollins shake hands.

NEXT: A look at Sting.

But, also next: Paige in action.

Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt is here and gets more heat than Roman Reigns, so there's that.

And, now, a look at Sting.

MATCH #5: Paige & Emma vs. WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella & Brie Bella
You mean Emma and Paige just stood in the middle of the ring this entire time?! Brie and Emma start. Brie cheap shots Paige, knocking her off the mat. Brie hits the Bella Buster for the win at 30 seconds. Wasn't it worth the wait?
WINNERS: The Bella Twins

Post-match, Paige attacks Brie. Nikki gets Paige off of Brie and the two leave. We also get to hear the Bella theme three times. Ugh.

NEXT: Cole reveals the next Hall of Fame entrant who we already know are the goddamn Bushwhackers thanks to the 50 texts, Tweets and Cole, himself, already telling us who it is.

Anyhow, we get that reveal which Cole claims is "from a report from a magazine" as if he had NO idea.

Curtis Axel is in the middle of the ring to continue his AxelMania gimmick. Ryback interrupts for a squash. But, first, he needs to yell into a mic. Ryback says him and Curtis go way back. RybAxel was one of "the greatest tag teams of all-time". He's gonna take Axel to Smashville after "turning his upper lip south". What in the holy hell is with the monologues tonight?

MATCH #6: Curtis Axel vs. Ryback
Beating. Shellshock. Done at 0:46.
WINNER: Ryback via Shellshock

NEXT: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton & Seth Rollins

AT SMACKDOWN: The Fired Three vs. The Authority (Rollins, Kane, Show) because the three newbz haven't been embarrassed enough.

Seth Rollins is out to fight and we get clips of his feud with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. He introduces Randy Orton.

MATCH #7: Seth Rollins (w/ J&J Security - Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury, Kane, & Big Show) & Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan
Bryan and Rollins start. Series of counters and Bryan knees Rollins in the gut on a whip. Bryan sets up for a Surfboard and Reigns tags himself in. Rollins manages to tag Orton but Reigns hits a running clothesline and tags Bryan. Orton drops Bryan, stomach-first, on the top rope while Show, Kane and J&J applaud every few seconds like they're on Family Feud. Rollins gets into the ring and Bryan dumps Rollins from the ring. He goes for a Flying Goat but Orton pulls Rollins away. Orton pulls everyone in for a huddle and we go to break.

We're back and, despite the Authority totally telegraphing that they had a plan, Reigns fell into it anyhow. Orton beats up Reigns, then tags Rollins who punches away at Reigns. Reigns overcomes Rollins assault and its a hot tag to Bryan who is all over Rollins. He hits a running clothesline and some YES Kicks, but misses the Roundhouse. Bryan manages to hit the YES Lock but Orton interferes. Orton and Reigns battle and both men fall out of the ring. Bryan ejects Rollins from the ring and hits a Flying Goat. Bryan goes top rope but Rollins stands up and knocks him off.

Rollins tags Orton who throws Bryan into the corner. Orton props Bryan up on the buckle. Bryan knocks Orton off but misses the Flying Headbutt. Both men go for tags and both hit them. Reigns knocks Rollins over with a clothesline as a fan starts a YOU CAN'T WRESTLE CHANT. Reigns beats Rollins the corner and hits a Samoan Drop. He sets up for the Superman Punch, hitting Joey Mercury who goes for the distraction. Rollins hits an Enzuguri. Reigns and Orton trade blows and Orton hits a powerslam in stride. Orton goes for a Rope DDT but Rollins tags himself in. Orton hits the DDT anyhow, then leaves, saying he's done. Rollins set for the Curb Stomp but misses and Reigns hits a Superman Punch. He sets up for the Spear but Bryan tags himself in. Running Knee wins it at 16:12.
WINNERS: Bryan & Reigns
RATING: **. More of the same. 

Post-match, Bryan and Reigns celebrate. Orton is outside, pissed as hell. Orton gets into the ring and stalks Rollins. He lunges at Rollins and Noble interferes, then eats an RKO. Orton helps Rollins up and nobody knows what the fuck is going on. Orton just leaves.

Crowd is just dead as we go off the air.

OVERALL: **. A dull show. This show could have been so much more. WrestleMania SHOULD be more than what it already is. The card is a massive fixer-upper.

Before we go, these were the best quotes from the RAW Open Mic:

Er...that's it.


  1. Cue Celine Dion!

  2. That does sound dull as. It's only the trainwreck factor that's gonna make me watch any shows up until Wrestlemania, and these aren't even that. I expect a ratings boost the day after a PPV, but the next four weeks are going to be really, really dull.

  3. Roman Reigns is not Batista 2.0. Batista generated hatred. Reigns generates malaise.

    The other big difference is that, this time, they've left no other compelling option to cheer for.

  4. I ended up in a coma in 2004 after Bobsleigh accident, and I just woke up in time to watch the opening segment of Raw! Orton, Triple H, Kane, Steph and Big Show... YES! I can't have been in that coma for too long! Right?


  5. Congrats creative, you have finally got the fans to boo having him say nice things about the guy you have picked to be the top face of the company for a new generation

  6. Wow, mobile phones have gotten better in that few weeks I was comatosed.

  7. Are we still complaining about this? Reigns Lesnar is intriguing, or maybe its just me?

  8. So glad I quit watching the show during the first hour. I don't really care about any of the WM angles. This is the opposite of how I felt about the product last year.

  9. Watching RAW 1000, listening to the crowd chant "Thank you Vince!", wondering if he'll ever hear that chant again.

  10. Aye, it’s 2004 buddy, don’t worry about it.
    Brock decided not leave WWE after all. He’s facing Diesel at Wrestlemania.

  11. Welcome back Vince Jordan. You have been missed.

  12. YES!

    I hope they've demoted that Cena dork back to OVW

  13. "Win with the IWC"

    You've heard the live reactions Reigns is getting, right?

  14. 2004 he was going to WM challenging for the US Title,

  15. Yes, against the Big Show in the opening match, who'd held it for ages despite never defending it.

    I was joking.

  16. I know, it's just uncanny. Lesnar is leaving fighting a face the fans don't really care for because of poor booking. Undertaker doing absolutely nothing to set up his match. Trying to think of more similarities but can't at the minute.

  17. Guess what, Chris Benoit is gonna main event Wrestlemania!

  18. Oh sorry, I was being dumb and missed your point. You're right, some uncanny similarities.

  19. If I was ever going to miss ten years of wrestling due to a coma, these past ten would definitely be the years I'd miss.

  20. haha he's just kidding, battle kat! Funny story actually...

  21. I always loved Benoit before my coma. Total badass. That guy is a KILLER! Can't wait to see who he's fighting.

  22. How about you sort the top Open Mic comments by 'Best' and take it from there?

  23. Just announced for WrestleMania: Randy Orton's Annual Compensation Review!

    Will Randy be forced to accept the Authority's 3 percent "inflation/cost of living" raise? Or will the Apex Predator be able to negotiate a 6 percent raise? The WWE Network will have Alex Riley standing by outside Conference Room B to give the WWE Universe updates as they happen.

  24. I expect the company to heat up a bit leading up to Wrestlemania because hey, it's Wrestlemania, but jesus christ this is going to be a depressing wasteland of fan apathy once the big event is over, all the top guys go back on vacation, and the others are all trading wins or jobbing to Reigns while he desperately stumbles over every stupid line that creative gives him.

  25. Holy hell, that main event would just not end. I think I fell asleep three times during it.

  26. Hey try rork low nonsense
    brain droppings skanky pig woman.
    Hey pig
    gorilla. With bare who
    beat and fun? And bitten
    by beautiful wrestler's
    in a tone I'm.

    Here, wonderful Haiku!

  27. I still say Reigns should go in the HOF this year to complete the push before Mania

  28. This is literally the first time I've not watched RAW on a Tuesday morning (I can't stay awake for it live!) in over 4 years. After Fastlane, I just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm for it - all the screwy, stupid, moronic finishes at the PPV just annoyed me too much.

    (And I actually think that Reigns winning was the right call, believe it or not - it's the other finishes that annoyed me).

    I've ranted about it before. I'll rant about it again. But by God, they dropped the ball on this Wrestlemania big-style. The card should have been something like:

    Lesnar v Bryan (WWE Title)
    Rusev v Cena (US Title) <- ok, fair enough, they at least have this one right
    Rollins v Reigns v Ambrose (maybe a ladder or TLC match)
    Whatever the women's title match is (let's be honest, on the main roster the best you'll get is 'meh')
    Taker and Sting v The Wyatt Family (protecting Taker, letting Sting get a WM win, and bridging the gap for the Final Match between the two in Texas next year)
    Andre Battle Royal (Ziggler to win this time, or Cesaro to take a second in a row)
    Golddust v Stardust (built properly, this could have been a brilliant emotive match - career v gimmick, maybe).
    Whatever the Tag Titles match is (I don't mind Usos v Cesaro/Kidd, actually)
    Miz v Mizdow on the pre-show

    It's not perfect, not by any means, but I still think it's better than they've got lined up for us.

  29. Using this strategy, best comment from the Open Mic was apparently Duck Lincoln's "Roman Reigns vs. El Dandy in 1997 ends in a time limit draw."

    I like it. But it doesn't add much to the Raw report. :)

  30. My biggest bugbear is that two WMs in a row they've wasted what they had with the Shield.

    Last year, they were wasted against the NAO (it really should have been a huge 6-man v the Wyatts, for the first time - a slow build to that would have had the crowd absolutely molten) and this year they've got Ambrose as an afterthought at best, Rollins in a MitB holding pattern and Reigns being pushed too hard and turning crowds against him when a slower, more organic build would have seen him fine.

  31. I was telling someone about this yesterday. I noticed with my friends and here on the board. I didn't get a sense of a lot of anger about about Fast Lanes and the booking everyone was just kind of bummed and apathetic...about the WWE in general. I think if this small community is an indication of the more hardcore fan base they are in for a big drop off of people just finally know clearly don't want to entertain me and push the people I want to see...and you aren't even willing to make a coherent storyline with what you do want to push so..I'm going to choose one of the 56 billion other shows available now.

  32. Yeah - don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the occasional screwy finish to protect someone or prolong a feud, but it honestly felt like 90% of Fastlane was screwy finishes. Along with the 50/50 booking, it turns what should be can't-miss programming into 'you won't miss nothing' programming.

    You could actually have not watched a Raw between the Rumble and WM and it would feel that very little had actually changed. A minor shuffling of the players, nothing more.

    They need to get over the part-timers thing for WM as well. It's time to actually promote the future of the company - at this point, I'd not be surprised if Kane or Big Show wins the Andre Battle Royal (although Sheamus is my actual prediction. Snore.)

  33. I miss the old days, before the audience was the main character of the show.

  34. I didn't watch the show and rarely if ever catch Raw and SmackDown, but when they do these promos in the beginning are the wrestlers in their gear? Like was Orton in his boots, tights, and like a t-shirt? I still remember being younger and seeing Austin come out in his jorts and t shirt, Rock and Austin in their sweat suits and HHH in his denim vest leather jacket and jean combo. Shit even Jeff Hardy would wear jeans and sneakers during his run ins. It's like all of the wrestlers just sit in the back all night in their gear just in case they get put in a match.

  35. Why should Cena get the rematch? Put your career on the line man.

    Also, is Rusev or a coward...that Cena admits stood toe to toe and beat him? So Cena lost to a coward?

  36. I miss the old days, when guys weren't all generic clones.

  37. Remember, when foreigners do things, even if it's objectively pretty brave, it is always a cowardly act.

  38. So many laughs. At, not with, obviously.

  39. Yeah that's why I said take it from there, don't necessarily use the top ones ;)


  41. I think it's better to just choose the ones he likes best - that way if a particularly brilliant comment (ie: one of mine) doesn't get the likes it deserves (ahem! *cough*) then it still has a chance to feature. ;)

  42. Right well he should choose better was the gist of what I was saying!

  43. Best bet: Hover mouse over TimeandtheRani's avatar, select Full Profile, scroll through comments, take it from there.

  44. Yes. Big Show & Kane were in suits, but Orton & Rollins were in their gear. They all almost always are. Ambrose was in street clothes during his appearance. At the PPV Orton made his "surprising" return in his gear, even though he wasn't scheduled to wrestle. There's no logic to any of it, they just by default usually are wearing their gear.

  45. Right - fantasy booking time. You get to choose a single NXT match to go on for a 15 minute slot (not counting entrances, so Balor can have his full deal if you choose him) at WM. What do you do?

    I would have Zayn v Owens v Neville v Balor in a ladder match for the NXT title.

  46. Matt_INDEED is a GIANT PUSSY!February 24, 2015 at 6:47 AM

    I miss the old days, when the audience cheered a guy, Vince would say, "Oh shit. Need to push that guy!" instead of "Go fuck yourselves."

  47. WrestleMania doesn't deserve an NXT match.

  48. How does equating him to The Bushwhackers count as a push?

  49. Overthinking it will kill your brain.

    It's like when guys randomly appear from nowhere - either new, or a surprise return - why the fuck is their music and tron all queued up and ready to go? If they're new, did they bring it with them from their community college programme on a disc?

    I miss the days of surprise run-ins with no fanfare. Raven's debut, for example - he leaps in from nowhere, hits the Raven effect, then fucks off. No hanging around.

  50. True, but humour me ;)

  51. I'm not sure you can get a better match than that, but whatever it is should definitely include Neville.

  52. That just doesn't make any sense. The Warrior run in full gear didn't REALLY make sense, but at least in that case it would look weird for Warrior to run in in a sweat suit and face paint. It's just little things like that that could use fine tuning.

  53. I think someone once surmised there was just this big machine right by the entranceway and just as you're about to run out you hit the button with your name on it and your music starts up

  54. Resistance is futile. Get assimilated on the Reigns Borg cube, you rubes.

  55. Yeah, but if you've never set foot in the WWE before - do they just have potential music and tron for anyone who might turn up? I'm tempted to turn up and make a run-in just to see what music Jim Johnstone has composed in case I decide to debut. ;)

  56. I don't mind their gear, but what I hate are "surprise" runins with music and everything. For example when during the Legends + Big Show segment Roman Reigns came through the audience and everybody was waiting for him. Normally he should have run through the entrance and not making his usual thing through the fans.

  57. Just Zayn vs Owens in a street fight as the opener.

  58. I keep waiting for him to Shockmaster himself by tripping when coming down the stairs...

  59. Creating a unique theme for every person on
    the planet must be exhausting. No wonder recent themes have been a bit

  60. It would be pretty great if they had him try to run down from the upper deck at WrestleMania, and by the end he's so exhausted from all the steps and fighting off obnoxious fans that he basically Flair flops over the guard rail.

  61. Yes, we do get many laughs at you.

  62. It would be hokey as hell, but they should really just do a segment where they show that once you join the main roster, you get a chip implanted in your wrist that sets off your music when you come out. They could then make it a gimmick where guys try to mask the chip so that they can sneak out unnoticed. Of course the minute they did that you KNOW they'd start fucking up and having guys run out with no music.

  63. Hahah!

    It being a WM crowd, there's always a chance someone will try and trip him up. Imagine that happened? Carnage!!

  64. Who needs a match when the true honor is to be a part of HHH's ring entrance?

  65. I thought it was a cool touch a few years back when they booked Evan Bourne in an impromptu match, and he came out taping up his wrists because he wasn't ready.

  66. I asked last night, but when does Reigns appear shirtless?

  67. That crowd last night was hot, and totally pro-WWE. They gave Orton, Reigns and Cena huge reactions. That they were lukewarm towards Bryan was depressing, but by the end of this dreadful show they had cooled on everyone. I joked I was going to watch to see if WWE could kill that crowd but goddamn if they didn't actually manage to do it.

    WrestleMania is going to be a dull, heatless show. This next month is going to be a slog and by Mania time it will feel like we've already seen everything that's going to happen on the show (save for Sting, Undertaker & Lesnar actually wrestling). They're going to suck away Orton's freshness and heat with his will-he-or-won't-he feud with Rollins. They've straight-up damaged Bryan's appeal. No one is going to buy Reigns as a threat to Lesnar, but everyone also sees the writing on the wall that Reigns is scheduled to beat Lesnar. All the booking seems unimaginative, lazy, and we're getting all the top matches that have been rumored since last fall with no spark at all in the build to them. This is going to be a show with a stadium full of fans that, before the big matches start happening, will be collectively thinking "I spent a thousand bucks on tickets and travelling expenses to see this?"

  68. Yea, Just like Naked Mideon's debut too. No fanfare, just run in, make a statement and leave.

  69. Only in Vince's dreams.

  70. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighFebruary 24, 2015 at 7:16 AM

    Raven effect.... That shit will always be the even flow ddt to me

  71. I am not saying you are wrong about this year, but weren't many fans saying the same thing just about a year ago this week?

    We all knew Taker was beating Brock, Batista was scheduled to beat Orton, Bryan's heat was killed by the Wyatts mess and he was going to fight Sheamus...

  72. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighFebruary 24, 2015 at 7:18 AM

    If people didn't akready dislike reigns their would be no talk of him being blown up. I just think that's silly. Guy held up his end of the bargain vs Bryan. People acting like he is Steiner at the rumble.

  73. Or a little guy sat in gorilla with a laptop who watches to see who goes through the curtain. That's actually believable these days given modern technology. The Warrior one at WM8 was less believable since they'd have had to dig his cassette out.

  74. I cut the cable cord last week, so this was my first non-cable Monday, which means no Raw.

    I think I came out ahead compared to those who actually watched this tripe.

  75. I miss the old days when the audience wasn't organized enough to scuttle a new stars push at the beginning. I just got done watching lukewarm Austin and outright despised Rock. What happens then if the fans are organized?

  76. *Thunder Clap*

    He's MEAN
    He's Mister.... THIRTEEEEEEEN

    Da da da daaaaaa


    Da da da daaaaaa




    Da da da daaaaa


    Guitar solo

  77. Very true! The WWE's "let's give it a shit name we can trademark" attitude strikes again! :D

  78. I love you, man.

  79. At this point WWE couldn't be more oblivious and out of touch if it were a subsidiary of Initech.

  80. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighFebruary 24, 2015 at 7:50 AM

    Yeah at this time last year mania was looking bleak. More things seem to be locked in this year but some things can change. Doesn't look like the confirmed stuff is changing much this time. But I'm oddly looking forward to all the confirmed or suspected matches. They seem fresh to me. Yeah Cena/Rusev will be a rematch but I like the story

  81. If you mean a year ago, a month out from Mania, I'd say yes, and there was discontent then too, mainly because of the misuse of Bryan. But then Bryan got added to the Mania main event, changing quite a bit. There was still a lot of skepticism going into the show, because so many people didn't think they were gonna have Bryan pull off the miracle and go over. No one was excited about Undertaker/Lesnar. Remember how lots of people thought Cena was going to put Wyatt over? In the end it was the bookend of the two Bryan matches that made that show for so many people. All it took was the right booking, giving the fans what they wanted. Take that away and fans would be 180° on that show, endlessly railing against the end of The Streak and Cena making Wyatt look like a jobber... and how they misused Bryan.

    Jump ahead to this year, and again it's a predictable build, only this time there doesn't appear to be a Daniel Bryan miracle in the works, and seemingly nothing on the card that will change opinions and make it a classic for anyone if booked right. Have every scheduled match turn out as good as they can possibly be and it still looks & feels like a super-sized RAW.

  82. It's a shame they don't have the cash/inclination to licence more existing tracks, really.

  83. Disappointed my quips didn't make the open mic highlights. Of course, I dozed off midway through the show.

  84. No one suggested that. Steiner had charisma and entertaining promos.

  85. Bryan is dead in the water. They killed his heat, and the crowds have been cooling on him anyway. He needs a new direction. I think the "YES!" Movement has run its course. I honestly wouldn't mind Bryan down in NXT for a few weeks/months to reinvent himself. He could use a break from the main show after his horrendous booking since the Rumble.

  86. It didn't make sense for Warrior to be in anything BUT his wrestling gear. If that guy was at Starbucks, I'd expect him to be wearing speedos, tassled boots and a trench coat and demanding that the barista pour him a cup of the life force that shall fuel the destructity.

  87. Nothing different. "Outright despised" Rock is what led to him turning heel and joining the NOD. They incorporated the reactions into his character's motivation, like they should be doing now.

  88. Sting and Taker vs. The Wyatts would've been an interesting spectacle, even if the match itself was underwhelming. Far better than what we're getting instead. It's amazing to me how many people on the BOD seem to have a more imaginative approach to booking that the actual writers do. Just goes to show that it doesn't need to be nearly as difficult as they make it.

  89. To be fair, we don't have to deal with the infantile ego of the "superstars" and the psychosis of having a guy who can just wander in on a whim and say "this sucks, get me Big Show, now!"


  90. That speech made little to no sense to me, either.

  91. Oh noes. Dougie's here to hurt fee fees.

  92. Bryan just looks like a cheerleader for the corporate golden boy now.

  93. Surprised it took so long for them to kill Bryan off, but Vince is probably pleased as punch and yelling at everyone "See! I told you that midget couldn't draw!"

  94. when Bret made his post WM 13 Heel confirmation speech it was in jorts and his leather jacket, not his ring get up, and when micheals came down and got the figure 4 around the pole (sold it like murder too!) he was in a soooo 90's hip baggy suit pant combo. Yah I hate that they are always in ring gear, like Orton loves to sit around in his tighty whitey esque brief trunks.

  95. That's why you end up going the Jimmy Hart route and just create rip-off themes off popular songs.

  96. Sometimes you just need to hang brain man.

    That being said, there are just little subtle things this company used to be great at that they just don't do anymore.

  97. The absolute worst was Beth Phoenix literally whining, "Come on...we're girls." during the HHH circle jerk storyline. Fucking ridiculous.


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