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Muraco's Monday Morning Matches of the Week - (s2,e5)

NOAH: Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, Shelton X Benjamin, Killer Elite Squad & Taichi) vs. Naomichi Marufuji, Muhammed Yone, Taiji Ishimori & TMDK - [1/24/15]

The build to Minoru Suzuki challenging Naomichi Marufuji for the GHC Heavyweight Championship continues. Also the build to "Killer Elite Squad" Davey Boy Smith & Lance Archer challenging TMDK for the titles, as that appears to be the hottest tag program going in Japan right now. Plus there's something supremely wacky about watching Shelton Benjamin taking on the likes of world class Jr. Heavyweight Taiji Ishimori. That could actually prove to be a great singles match eventually, with Benjamin playing the base to Ishimori's high flying offense. Survivor Series style 5-on-5, with over-the-top-rope eliminations counting as well, as is the custom in Japan.

{NOAH} Naomichi Marufuji, Muhammed Yone, Taiji... by Mosquitopilate1

NOAH: Atsushi Kotoge vs. Daisuke Harada - [1/24/15]

Maybe the best Jr. division in the world. A rematch from December's instant classic where Kotoge finally grabbed the brass ring. These two have incredible chemistry, and with both being in their mid-20's, the future of the GHC Jr. division is looking as strong as any.

{NOAH} GHC Jr. Championship: Atsushi Kotoge (c... by Mosquitopilate1

UNION: Isami Kodaka & FUMA vs. Shuji Ishikawa & Masato Shibata - [1/24/15]An entire Union Pro show here, courtesy of the homeboy and all around good dude Gaijin Eric (the guy Jim Ross referred to during Wrestle Kingdom as that "guy from Philly going to all the shows"). One thing I love about Union is that they treat the tag champs, little as they may be, as a main event attraction and this show is no different as the straps are on the line in the night cap. Isami Kodaka is on an incredible year-plus run of good matches, and here he teams up with fellow Union Tag champ FUMA, taking on current BJW World Champion Shuji Ishikawa & Masato ("not Katsuyori") Shibata. Everything after they restart the bullshit no-contest at the 1:49:00 mark is really strong. There's also a big angle about halfway through the show. Good stuff.


  1. The Streak begins. None will survive, all will suffer.

  2. "Yep Mode" Abeyance Brown ©February 2, 2015 at 11:27 PM

    I deserve one more match, for the title Bayless, allow the rematch to happen.

  3. I want my mentor Tony Garea brought to BoD Raw next week, I have a few things I need to tell him....

  4. He is busy pitching Anchor Cheese as a main sponsor to all the rugby stadiums in the country. He will be back soon.

  5. Never around when I need him, this is getting old. Ol Tony will have to choose between me and the cheese.....


  7. Woooo, made it to the big time!!!!

  8. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonFebruary 3, 2015 at 6:46 AM


  9. Okay, point me in the direction of BoD Nitro because I'm not even getting booked anymore jack.

  10. So I'm taking a break from keeping time here, right, just out back getting some air with my buddy Scotty, shooting the breeze while Scotty has a dart and that. We were talking about that time that Gretzky high sticked Dougie Gilmour in game six and the referee didn't even call it, which was bullshit, like the fix was in eh? Dougie Gilmour.. Helluva guy right? I'd take him back over this bum Phaneuf even today.

    Anyway, we're just talking about Dougie (Dougie!), and Scotty's finishing his dart, and I hear over the speaker that buddy over there, PrimeTimeTen, is running his mouth lsiting off prime ministers or whatever, and it's like, buddy! What are you going on about? So you've taken a history class, ok, that's great, you know that I'm out here with Scotty having a dart and that, and so you get up and shoot your yap off at me about being the top Canadian?

    Well I've taken a history class too, and then I studied at the Canadian Timekeeping Institute, and did my apprenticeship in Switzerland under the great timekeepers of our day. I was doing all of that and you were at home on your chesterfield, suckling on a bag of homo milk like it was your mother's teat.

    I ripped off my toque and came back in the arena to find him, but he'd already slipped out the other way, because he's weak, right? Like American beer.

    PrimeTimeTen, you're nothing but talk! Next time that you want to run your mouth at me, a true Canuck, do it to my face, right? I'll put your head in the snow and fill you in! Fuckin' right, eh bud?

  11. Opening segment henchman! Not bad for a BoD Performance Center recapper!

  12. Could one of you fellas ship me some dulse and the good kind of Smarties?

  13. [BISCUIT is on the phone with someone]

    Biscuit: okay so to set up residency in New Hampshire do I have to live there or just set up an address? Yeah I want to stay in Minneapolis, but the tax savings could be huge here. Yeah I can move around some things. There's a camera here, I gotta go.

    Oh, hello. What a great BoD Raw, eh? I'm back home grinding away in Minneapolis after some awesome action Sunday night. No, not the Super Bowl - I don't watch that sportball stuff - I'm a wrestler. My friends and I enjoyed some mason jars of homemade cidre (English style) and watched a classic 1965 card from Chicago. I preferred Rock Rogowski to Ole Anderson. Anyway, a big thank you to Mr. Kensington for buying that plate of leftover kale for $100. I'd been meaning to tell Dean it looked like his macros were out of whack!

  14. Killer makes monster plays, guy, but even if the Buds had put the puck past the Kingers in game seven, they were running into Patty Roy. And if Carbs can keep the Great One grounded, Dougie doesn't stand a chance.

    But I'll give you what St. Patrick would've given the Laffs: a wink before I kick your ass.

  15. I'm just thrilled and excited to have been given the pants-shitter by one of the most respected veterans in this business!

    What a rub!

  16. (The camera comes on with the scene chaotic in what appears to be an emergency room. Robert Davis is standing in a corner watching.)

    Justice Grey, allow me to congratulate you on a fine job as Bayless's bootlick in charge tonight. And yes, the Covenant had other concerns tonight.

    See, when Stackhouse incapacitated your boss, he did in fact suffer a very unique injury. See, when he put Your fearful leader out, he experienced such a euphoric feeling, he temporarily lost consciousness. But don't worry. He is recuperating just fine. Why is this important you wonder? Because he doesn't need me there.


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