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Stone Age Smackdown

I honestly didn't hate the Scooby Doo movie that came out last year. It was dumb but fun.

This? This looks like a whole lot of crap.

Hilarious to see CM Punk in it, though.

​Ugh..."John Cena-stone"?  They had actual writers coming up with those names and that's the best pun they could think of?  You have a guy actually NAMED "The Rock" right there!  

Scooby Doo was fine.  This looks like garbage.  ​


  1. I love the Flintstones. That's all I got.

  2. John Cement would still be crappy, but it would be better than John Cenastone!

  3. Since it's empirical science fact The Jetsons is better, why not have a crossover set in the future?

  4. Other suggestions (I've not seen the video - youtube is blocked at work, so apologies if they're in there already):

    Rock Lesnar
    Randy Oreton
    Dean Arkose
    Flint (for Kane)
    Shale Michaels
    Bray Granite

  5. Questions:

    Does CM Punk-rock date Bam Bam in this movie?

    Why does Vince have his 1970's hair color?

    Is this film set before steroids were banned? Some of those guys had veins popping out.

    Do Fred and Barney get to use icepacks?

    Since this is the prehistoric era, are these wrestlers reaching for the Bronze Ring?

  6. I think the Flintstones and the Jetsons are hot trash. Where is my Transformer cross over?

  7. Special guest appearance by the legendary Nick Rockwinkel!

  8. Should not be surprised that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin also slipped by the writers

  9. I hear that if you ask Nick Rockwinkel what time it is, he tells you how to build a sundial


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