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Dodging Mania XX Bullets

Hey man love the BoD just a quick question/look at what the new dynamic is come main event time at Mania.....

Vince & Company dodged some major bullets with Brock inking a new deal as you have to believe this crowd was gonna SHIT ALL OVER this hot mess via Brock ~ Goldberg @ XX. It adds potential for all new directions now.

I'd like to see the double turn. It kinda feels like it's already happening & Reigns sure as hell needs it, and fast. I just saw an interview with the Rock, & in hopes of selling out 100K in Dallas next year, the E is angling for Brock v Rock. Super uber face Samoans Rock & Roman, which by default would make them heel Samoans, snatching the Gold from a hot Lesnar sets up nicely for Mania 32. Would be fresh I'd like to see this.

Rollins cashing in. If he cashes in on Reigns, Rollins is now automatically a monster face, & they can go that way with Reigns chasing & eventually winning.

Rolling cashing in on Brock with the help & approval of Reigns, & maybe even the new IC champion Ambrose. Reuniting The Shield, misdirection the entire time, as a means to take down the Beast.
Working for the Authority? Probably not. Maybe Heyman's job was threatened & he orchestrated it? But not liking being pressured he reforms the entire Shield to combat HHH & to cover his ass from a vengeful Brock?  Maybe Sting sets it up to get the Gold away from Trips?

Point being, they now have some more options with Brock staying put, which is so cool for fans. And one would think Vince & Trips have to be looking at all avenues since the Roman Empire plan seems to not be going where they wanted it to, in my opinion.

So I ask you, does the outcome change at all now that Brock is here to stay? What would you like to see happen?

And hey HOW AWESOME was your cameo in that Max Landis spoof on the H's? So cool man, Macho was right, the cream does rise!

Keep it coming, many thanks, & once again much like Russia & Iran, the BoD is #1 

​Wait, that was a quick question?

As dumb as they've been (which is pretty dumb), they HAVE to do a double turn now.  I just don't see any other solution.  I'd go all in and have Brock retain, then Roman goes crazy on him and the Shield reunites for the Rollins cash-in after a triple powerbomb.  Wrestlemania ends with the Tri-Force Fistbump over the fallen Lesnar, who is now a super babyface and we reset things back to 2013 and try again not to fuck it up this time.  ​