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BoD Extreme Rules

This has nothing to do with the WWE

Before the show, we see 26 men walk into the meeting room. Justice Gray escorts Bobby Bayless, who gives a packet of Fun Dip to Jobber at his request. Jobber smirks and walks away. Bobby is looking around as he still believes a Furby-like creature is going to attack him. Gray then sees Brian Bayless along with Rockstar Gary and Average Joe Everyman:

Gray: The GM is in a big meeting with representatives of the Big Man from Saskatoon and 26 writers. 
Brian: Writers? Why do we need writers? Dont tell me that Bobby is trying to greenlight "Grown Ups 3"
Gray: We are having a trustees meeting to decide whether or not to bring in writers for the workers. 
Brian: I never used a writer and they dont need him. This is bullshit. 
Gray: Be as it may, Bobby said he pulled some strings and got you a match tonight. 
Brian: Against who?
Gray: Its in the battle royal to crown the new BoD Writer's Champion.
Brian: Really, I'm now getting demoted down the card. 
Gray: I dont make the rules, I just enforce them
Brian: That you do, Justice. That you do. So, when will we find out about the writers?
Gray: Next week on BoD RAW
Brian: Can't wait 

The ex-GM walks away

Vinson is on his way inside when a man in a hoodie whacks his leg from behind with a 5-iron. The camera zooms in and THAT'S SOUP BONE!!!!! HE DONE GOT OUT OF JESSUP!!!!! The valet runs over to her man's aid as medics check out his leg

Battle Royal For the Vacant BoD Writer's Championship: 
Brian Bayless vs. Tommy Hall vs. Logan Scisco vs. "Marvelous" Matt Perri vs. "Mr. WCW" Chris F-B

The bell rings as all the other writer's stare down the former GM. They corner him as he tries to plead then starts fighting them off but is overwhelmed as all the other writer's pick up Bayless and toss him to the outside, right on top of Average Joe Everyman & Rockstar Gary as Brian Bayless is eliminated. Perri sees an opening and tries to toss Scisco but that fails. Hall, sporting another mystery throwback found in his locker, this time of Tree Rollins, is beating on Chris F-B in the corner. Miss Danielle grabs the leg of Scisco and that allows Perri to knee him from behind as Danielle pulls down the ropes as Logan Scisco is now eliminated. Chris F-B is double-teamed like a rat behind Center Stage, minus the intercourse . of course. Perri now as Danielle hold down the ropes as he charges but Chris F-B steps aside as Perri flies over the top ropes as Matt Perri is now eliminated as he and Miss Danielle are in disbelief. We are down to the final two: Tommy Hall and Chris F-B in a battle of 1996 WCW reviews. One did them in 2012 as the other does them currently. Surely a battle of the past. Tommy has gained more confidence since these throwbacks magically started to appear in his locker. Both men are going back and forth as neither guy can gain the advantage. Tommy has Chris against the ropes but cannot get him over. Chris fights back and hits a Chartbuster as Tommy is out on the mat. Chris F-B picks him up and brings him near the ropes as a fan now has ran in the ring from the crowd. He slaps Chris off of the head then gets chased around and slides outside but as that happens, Tommy gets up and tosses Chris over the ropes as Chris F-B has been eliminated as Tommy Hall is YOUR NEW BoD Writer's Champion. Hall celebrates as the fan comes closer and removes his hat and apparently fake mustache as he is revealed as.................................BIFF KENSINGTON III!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biff slowly claps as Tommy is shocked. Biff then asks for the mic:

"Tommy, I bet you are shocked to see me here. But I have just one thing to are welcome (goes to Hall and lightly grabs the Tree Rollins throwback). Like I told you all before, Kensington Enterprises is going to collect all of the gold and our newest client will wear the finest throwbacks from the most irrelevant athletes. Tommy, lets take you back to Mitchell & Ness as we need to get you some new threads."

Its clear that BKIII is on a mission and right now, he is succeeding.

Folks, we regretfully inform that the Fat Otters vs. Marv Cresto & Burt Macklin match will not take place as scheduled when Caliber accidentally burned down his great aunt's in-law apartment when he forgot to tend to his eggs on the stove and started to rant on the violence in Baltimore on Facebook instead.

We're backstage with Bill Ray, before the B+ #1 Contender's final:

"Tonight, I will become the #1 contender to the B+ championship. You know, it's been a long road for me over the last several months; but I learned that to become the man that I was meant to be, I needed to walk the road alone. And now, here we are, on the eve of my journey's end. Let me tell you something, Petuka - I don't care-"

Outta nowhere, John Petuka attacks! Chop block to Bill Ray's knee! Knee crusher on the concrete floor! He picks up Bill Ray's bat and SMASHES it into the back of Bill Ray's knee! Bill Ray is on the ground in agony, and Petuka does it again! What a cheap shot! Petuka drops the bat as the referees swarm, satisfied with his handiwork. Now what - that match is supposed to be next! THe camera shows Petuka strolling to the ring, dragging a ref as he has the mic.

"I'm ready to have my match! I read my contract, and it says that if one of the wrestlers doesn't show up for any reason, that's a forfeit! But I'm a sporting fellow, so referee, I'll let you count Bill Ray out instead of forcing him to forfeit like he should; if you've got the stones, hobble your way to this ring and let's get it on! Start counting!"

BoD Solid B+ Player #1 Contender Tournament Finals
Bill Ray vs. John Petuka

Petuka drops the mic and gives a big smile as the ref shrugs. Ring the bell! 1,2, - "Cocaine Blues" by Johnny Cash starts playing! Bill Ray is here! He emerges from the curtain, bat in one hand, shot of whiskey in the other, hobbling his way down the ramp! Petuka grabs the ref "Count faster, idiot!" 4,5 - Bill Ray is almost to the ring! He takes his shot of whiskey but he can barely stand! Not sure if this is courage or stupidity, honestly. 7,8, - Bill Ray is trying to hoist himself into the ring! 9 - he's in! Petuka's angry! He starts stomping on the knee. Bill can't stand, and Petuka is red-faced. He pulls Bill Ray into the center of the ring and goes for the figure-four - small package by Bill Ray! 1,2, NO! So close, Petuka can't believe it! He goes to the corner as Bill Ray struggles to his feet - dropkick to the knee by Petuka! Bill Ray goes down again! Petuka says that's it and picks him up - PETUKA BAZOOKA! 1,2,3. John Petuka will face Captain Kiwi later tonight for the B+ title! Bill Ray is rolling around in agony as Petuka poses to loud boos. 

Backstage, Rockstar Gary is relaxing in a chaise lounge. Justice Gray approaches. 
Justice: "What are you doing?"
Gary: "Is that a real question? Putting my feet up! Bill Ray left the whiskey behind, too. Want a shot?"
Justice: "Didn't Baker say he wanted us back here?"
Gary: "Dude, I'm sick of Baker. I don't even know what that drill he made us run was, I just know that things are uncomfortable down there, and I'm pretty sure my definition of Greco-Roman is different than his."
Justice: "That's probably true. Still, we should probably be training, man. Our BOD re-debut is coming up in less than 3 weeks, and I want to win." 
Gary: "Me too, I guess. Have you seen Baker today?"
Justice: "Nope." (He grabs a passing Wade Michael Meltzler) "Hey Wade, you seen Baker?"
Wade: "Last I saw him, he's was attempting to do a shot for shot stop motion animation remake of the first season of Oz using nothing but Brock Lesnar and John Cena action figures that he had drawn relatively realistic genitalia on with paint markers. He seems to only be concentrating on the rape scenes, though. He claims it's gonna be the next coming of the Lego movie. Why?"
Justice: "Get him for us."

Kensington Enterprises is led to the ring by Biff, who's got the stick. 

"Tonight, we finally put to rest some of Kensington Enterprises most annoying problems in the BOD. And I want to thank each and every one of you for your support! So much so, I need someone from the crowd to come into the ring so I can shower them with gifts from Kensington Enterprises! (He scans the crowd) You! Young man, it's your lucky night! Come on in the ring!" 

A young guy of about 19 or so nervously comes into the ring. Biff then speaks to him:

"My friend, do we have a deal for you! First things first, the official Kensington Enterprises t-shirt! Pre-shrunk! And the Kensington Enterprises baseball cap! Armbands! Kneepads! The official Kensington Enterprises scarf! The bottle opener! The Curtzerker replica tag title belts! (The HUSS section goes wild), The replica Money on the Table briefcase, with the Hoss seal of approval! The Kensington Enterprises coloring book! And, of course, your very own Biff Kensington autographed 8x10! All of these fine items are currently available on BOD Shopzone, but I'm giving them all to you for free! (The fan's arms are crammed with all the merchandise. Biff ruffles his hair.) Now let me ask you, my friend; does Biff Kensington rule the BOD? (The fan nods with a huge grin.) Will Kensington Enterprises continue to be the dominant force in wrestling? (Nods.) Is there anything that Biff can't buy? (Shakes his head no.) Well said! You enjoy those fine items, because Biff delivers! (The fan turns to leave, but Biff stops him.) You know, young man, I'm filthy rich. And let me tell you something.....I didn't get filthy rich by just giving things away! (He turns to Hoss) Hoss.....he ate your ice cream."

Kensington drops the mic and hops out of the ring. The fan swallows as Hoss stares at him. "HOSS WANT ICE CREAM!" PANTS-SHITTER to the fan! Curtzerker and Extant laugh hysterically as they strip the fan of all the merchandise and roll him out of the ring. They calm Hoss down as they await the other team.

Kensington Enterprises vs The Brazilian Psycho & Magoonie & Nick Piers & Beard Money

And here we go! Magoonie leads the charge and we've got pier-8 brawl! They're battling all over the place, and it takes a few minutes to start the match proper, but finally we're ready to go as Beard Money and Extant start us off. Quick chain-wrestling sequence to start, won by Beard Money has he controls off a wristlock. Extant gets back to his feet, shoots him off the ropes, shoulderblock by Beard Money! Money grabs a headlock and works it into his corner, tagging in Piers, who snapmares Extant over and dropkicks him in the upper spine. He gets him up, throwing rights and lefts and backing him into a corner. He whips him to the far corner, but the blind charge meets feet and Piers is down. Extant gets to his corner and tags in Berserker, who's HUSSing like nobody's business. Berserker sends Piers off the ropes, biiiig back body drop! First cover, 1, 2, no. Berserker hits the chinlock as Magoonie reaches for the tag. Berserker releases and taunts the corner, drawing in Brazilian; while the referee gets him out, here's the second half of the tag champs, and the double team. Double side Russian legsweep! Double suplex! Referee turns around to Berserker back to the chinlock. He works it with forearms across the face. Puts him down with stomps, off the ropes, drops the elbow. Again! 1,2, no! Berserker drags him back over to the corner and tags in Williams, who catapults in with a splash. He shoots Piers off the ropes, and ties him up with a drop toehold, and tags in Extant, as the ring has been completely cut in half. Extant goes to the second rope, legdrop! 1,2, Magoonie with the save! The referee escorts him out and it's a gang beating on Piers in the corner! Extant brings him to the corner and hits a tornado DDT! 1,2, no! Piers is showing some fire. Extant lays in the stomps and heads to the top rope - top rope kneedrop misses! Piers is crawling for the tag as Extant is in pain! Extant makes the tag to Hoss....Piers tags Magoonie! Magoonie in with rights and lefts, but Hoss isn't moving, Magoonie off the ropes with a lariat that staggers the big man! Another one! A third attempted, but Hoss grabs him and hits a big chop! Hoss gets set up for a powerbomb, but Magoonie takes him over with 'rana! 1,2, and Berserker breaks up the pin! And here comes Brazilian to take out Berserker, now Williams is in the ring, so is Beard Money! It's breaking loose in Tulsa! The referee is trying to restore order.....and from all sides of the ring, it's the Riverdale Covenant! Robert Davis and the Berserker are going at it as Biff runs for his life....right into a waiting Archie Stackhouse! Archie grins as Biff backs away slowly.....right into Hoss! Hoss steps in front of his ice cream benefactor and he and Stackhouse are facing off! The referee is still trying to get some wrestlers back in the ring as Davis and Nebb are teaming up against Curtzerker on the outside, and crowd goes insane as Archie and Hoss eye each other! Big right by Hoss! Archie smiles; big right by Archie! Hoss smiles! And now they're going at it down the aisle! Biff is following, screaming at Hoss to kill Stackhouse.....meanwhile in the ring, Extant and Piers are alone as the rest of the match has spilled all over the floor! Piers comes off the ropes with a running enzugiri! Thrust kicks! He's setting up for his finisher.....Extant sweeps the leg! Piers looks like he landed hard on his head, Extant goes up for a moonsault press! 1,2,3! Kensington Enterprises wins! The entire ringside area has been completely destroyed as Stackhouse and Hoss have disappeared into the back and most of The Riverdale Covenant and Kensington Enterprises are down. It seems that the war has only just begun! 

Biscuit is in the ring as he awaits which member of Camp Cleveland he will face tonight. Here comes Camp Cleveland as they are riding to the ring in Biscuit's Regal!!!!! Those Clevelanders hotwired the car, a typical trait from C-Town. Biscuit runs out of the ring and starts attacking all three members of Camp Cleveland but gets quickly overwhelmed. WWF1987 starts stomping away as White Thunder steps in and puts him in the Cleveland Four as Mikey pulls out a switchblade and starts ripping up the interior. WAIT A MINUTE, another car comes down the aisle and its the Chrysler Lebaron as Strike Force is in the house!!!!!! Caffeine enthusiast Mar Solo pushes the car down the ring by himself as Matt Indeed successfully takes off his windbreaker as the duo then starts a leaping high-five before running down to make the save. Thunder runs off with some hubcaps and Mikey Mike has the distributor cap as Strike Force helps Biscuit to his feet. Biscuit looks at his damaged car and is enraged but Strike Force give him a ride and he accepts as they drive off, with Biscuit not engaging the fist pumping and hi-fiving. The match is ruled a no contest. 

And now clips of Kaptain Kiwi's all-important Anchor Cheese photo shoot as we see Johnny and Tony Garea on the side talking business. Big stuff, folks. 

BOD Solid B+ Championship match:
Kaptain Kiwi vs John Petuka

Petuka enters the ring, ready for his title shot! Trumpets blare, and Kiwi heads to the ring, tossing Anchor Cheese to the fans as he points to his 'I did it all for the Garea' shirt. Available at BOD Shopzone! The referee checks both wrestlers - he finds a pair of brass knucks in Petuka's tights and warns him! He finds a package of Anchor Cheese in Kiwi's tights and thanks him! The ref loves the cheese!Bell rings, and we're underway! Lockup, and Petuka grabs a headlock. Kiwi shoots him off, leapfrog over a charging Petuka, drop toehold by Kiwi! Petuka quickly gets out of it and slaps the mat, they circle and lock up again. Petuka goes to the eyes and throws an uppercut, putting Kiwi down, stomps by Petuka. He gets Kiwi to his feet, Irish whip, lariat by Petuka! He backs Kiwi into the corner, cross-corner whip, splash into the turnbuckles! 1,2, no! Petuka hits a quick legdrop and looks for the Bazooka already.....but Kiwi slips out and hits a kick to Petuka's chest! Another! Petuka is stunned....flatliner by Kiwi! He slaps on a chinlock and Petuka throws elbows to get out. Back to a standing position, Irish whip by Kiwi, reversed by Petuka, heel kick by Petuka! Kiwi is down, Petuka goes to the top rope.....elbow! 1,2, no! Petuka is frustrated but trying to hold it together. He picks Kiwi up, Kiwi with the go-behind....german suplex! He rolls over into another! A third with a bridge! 1,2, NO! Kiwi goes over and Petuka goes to the eyes again! What a cheap shot! Kiwi stumbles around, dropkick by Petuka! Petuka says it's over and signals for the Petuka Bazooka! Setting up for it, but Kiwi reverses and hits a kneedrop to the back of Petuka that sends him to the floor! Petuka gets to his feet slowly as the referee is checking on Kiwi.....wait.....from the crowd, it kbjone! From behind, he attacks Petuka! Piledriver on the floor! Petuka is OUT! kbjone quickly scurries under the ring as the referee comes over, having seen nothing! Kiwi rolls Petuka back into the ring and puts on the Garea stretch! Arm drops once, twice, thrice! Kiwi retains! And kbjone emerges from underneath the ring, heading back out through the crowd, a very satisfied smile on his face. Kiwi celebrates in the ring by having some cheese!

We're in a White Castle somewhere in Parts Unknown. The Job Mob pulls up to the front door, opening their doors in a cloud of smoke. Zanatude is proudly carrying the six-man titles as they burst open the doors of the White Castle. 

Zanatude: "As expected, our opponents were truly terrified to even find the White Castle of Fear! Therefore, I declare that we are the winners of the White Castle of Fear match, and we're going to celebrate with some delicious White Castles!"
Chatrock: "I dunno, White Castles again, man? I'm pretty sure that Murph has either had way too many of those things, or he's pregnant, 'cause look at that gut, man."
Murph: (Hitting a homemade bong made out of a Pepsi bottle) "Naw, I can eat. I want chicken rings, though."
Zanatude: "We have proven once again that the Job Mob will reign over the BOD six-man championships because we've got it going on and stuff. Pass that thing, will you?" (He takes a hit and walks up to the counter.) "Chicken rings and a crave case, and if you're holding, maybe a dime bag?"

The clerk looks up and smiles! It's KYLE WARNE! He hops over the counter as Cabspaintedyellow emerges from the restroom and the fry cook takes off his paper hat and reveals himself as Adam Curry! The lone customer in a booth takes off his jacket to reveal his referee shirt! The White Castle of Fear match as BEGUN! 

White Castle of Fear Match for the 6-Man titles: 
The Job Mob vs Adam Curry & Cabspaintedyellow & Kyle Warne

They're brawling all over the White Castle! Warne and Zanatude fall back over the counter brawling as Murph drops the bong and hooks up with Adam Curry, while Cabs and Chatrock are all over the aisles! This is an escape the White Castle match - the first team to get all 3 members out the door wins. Curry sends Murph headfirst into a booth top which was last cleaned in 2011, while Chatrock smashes a napkin dispenser into Cabspaintedyellow's head, putting him down on the floor. Meanwhile, Zanatude and Warne are trading blows in the kitchen, Warne with a clothesline and Zanatude falls into the mop bucket! Warne grabs the bucket and sends him head first towards the deep fryer! Chatrock and Murph are double-teaming Adam Curry, suplexing him on the tiled floor! Murph is breathing heavy and having trouble getting back to his feet....and Cabs comes off the next booth with a flying clothesline on Chatrock! Zanatude has recovered in the kitchen and opens the refrigerator, finding trays of frozen White Castle patties - shot to the face of Kyle Warne! Patties are everywhere, and Zana tosses them like throwing stars at Cabs, nailing him between the eyes! Murph has struggled to his feet, but he's so stoned, he thinks that Zanatude is trying to feed them! He yells over to Zana and opens his mouth like a baby seal at a zoo; Zanatude stops and looks at him, dumbfounded, as Warne attacks from behind! Warne sends him to the freezer door! He dumps a rack of trays on top of him, and Warne has TURNED ON THE STOVETOP! Sets Zanatude on the prep station, gets in position, headshot to Zanatude with the cutting board! Zanatude wobbles.....Warne with the superkick! Zanatude hits the stovetop! Oh, the humanity! Zanatude screams in pain as his flesh is seared with onions! Warne hops the counter and now it's 3 on 2 as Chatrock is begging off....Murph from behind! He takes out Cabs as Warne gets a DDT on Chatrock on the tile floor to send him to dreamland! Murph grabs Warne and looks for a brainbuster, but here's Adam Curry with a spear! Curry gets Cabs to his feet, and the three of them head for the door.....but Zanatude is up! Grilled, but up! He roars and dives off the counter....but Warne was sandbagging a bag of frozen chicken rings from the kitchen! Shot to the head of Zanatude and he goes down! Cabs motions to the others, and they grab the 6-man belts....and they walk out the front door! We have NEW 6-MAN CHAMPIONS! 

Night & X-Man vs. Dancin' Devin Harris & FunkDoc1112

HA HA HA HA HA, WE GITTIN' FUN-KAY IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Night & X-Man are not impressed by dancin'. Match stars with DA DDH GITTIN' XTRA FUN-KAY WITH A SLICE OF WATERMELON to taunt Night, who is pissed. He charges but misses then DDH puts the watermelon in his face as Ngiht spits it out. DDH then catches him with a slam. X-Man comes in and he is slammed too as both man regroup. FunkDoc tags and he flies outside with a somersault plancha to take out both guys. Back inside, FunkDoc takes control until X-Man kicks him from the apron. Night tags X-Man in as they both take turns destroying FunkDoc. DDH rallies behind is partner from the apron as X-Man hits a running powerslam for two. Night tags in then FunkDoc rolls away and comes back with a dropkick as both men are down. Night is up first and tags but FunkDoc also tags as the DDH GITS FUN-KAY OFF OF THE HOT TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He runs through the opposition until Night drags him outside. X-Man follows out and they beat on the DDH until FunkDoc comes out to even the score but in the process the referee counts to ten as this match is ruled as a double countout. 

The Fuj vs. Hart Killer 09

Hart Killer tries to attack from behind but misses a corner charge as Fuj gets two with a quick rollup then puts on a headlock as the veteran always knows his way around the ring. Fuj uses some matwork to ground Hart Killer, who eventually reaches the ropes then ducks outside. He re-enters and locks up with Fuj. Hart Killer tries a cheapshot but that fails as Fuj takes him down with an armbar then switches to the leg as he grapevines that for a bit. Fuj softens up the leg but Hart Killer gets the ropes. Fuj picks up Hart Killer, who shoves the ref in-between them and ducks down to hit Fuj low without the referee looking as he finally gets in some offense. Hart Killer hits a backbreaker then puts Fuj in a surfboard. The crowd rallies behind the Fuj, who is now getting choked out from behind. Hart Killer sends Fuj to the corner but misses a splash. Hart Killer gets up first and drops an elbow. He heads up top for another elbow and hits that but only gets two. Hart Killer yells at the ref and says he is not in his top 700 list of referees. Hart Killer heads up top but Fuj gets up and meets him. They brawl for a bit but Hart Killer brushes him off. He then tries a flying clothesline but the Fuj twists his arm in midair to take him down then flips around and puts Hart Killer in the ankle lock!!!!!!! He screams for a minute but then has no other choice but to tap as the Fuj is victorious. After issuing his challenge, who will be able to beat the Fuj?

A video recap of Cultstatus and Abeyance airs, set to "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay - it features extreme closeups of all the ballshots from BODMania, and is labled at the end as 'A film by Abeyance'. 

And here's Abeyance, played down to the ring by...."Mama said knock you out" by LL Cool J. That Abeyance, so cutting edge. Cultstatus is out next, but his entrance music, "I Predict a Riot" by the Kaiser Chiefs, is cut off by Abeyance. 
Abeyance: "Cult, I gotta tell you man, I don't think I need to prove to you again that I'm the better man. How about you just walk away and we don't do this, huh?" 
In response, Cult grins and shows off his taped fists, on which are written "Abeyance's face here." Abeyance gulps. 

3 Stages of BOD Match to determine the #1 Contender to the BOD Title:
Cultstatus vs Abeyance

Stage 1 - The Dock Muraco ****1/4 star match

Dock Muraco enters in Nakamura's outfit from Wrestle Kingdom 9, on loan, of course. He sits in a red velvet throne with cards that he'll hold up to determine the match rating. The match cannot end until it hits at least 4 1/4 stars. And here we go!

Cult goes right after Abeyance, who ducks into the ropes. The ref backs him off, and Abeyance cautiously comes out....and Cult superkicks him into next week! 1,2,3! Let's go to Dock: "*" is the sign, so we have to keep going! Cult shrugs and picks Abeyance up as the latter attempts to regain his bearings, Cult off the ropes with a huge lariat! Cult poses and points at Muraco, goes back over to Abeyance, picks him up again, but this time, Abeyance fires a right at Cult, who snaps his head back....and smiles. Uh-Oh. Abeyance hops out of the ring and Cult gives chase around the ring, Abeyance back in, putting the boots to Cult as he re-enters the ring, barely fazing Cult. Abeyance goes for a waistlock, but Cult counters into an overhead cravat, cranking down while Abeyance attempts to use his leg-strength to flip Cult over, but no dice. Abeyance manages to get back to his feet as Cult attempts to hold him down and he kicks Cult in the knee. Cult staggers for a moment, and Abeyance seizes on it with another kick to the knee. Off the ropes, Abeyance with a Shining Wizard to Cult's face! 1,2, no! Abeyance goes back to work on the knee, dragging Cult to the corner and wrapping his leg around the post. Dock Muraco appreciates this violence and psychology, and holds up the '**' sign. Abeyance looks to continue working the knee with stomps, and he looks to put on a Benoit-bridging stepover toehold, but Cult uses his strength advantage to power out of it, albeit with his knee looking like it's been tweaked. Abeyance grabs a headlock and looks to work it, but Cult gets him up for a belly-to-back suplex! Abeyance looks stunned and seems to be favoring his shoulder, Cult gets to his feet trying to shake off the leg, Abeyance comes at him with a dropkick.....that Cult sidesteps. And now Abeyance is really favoring the shoulder. Cult circles and continues to walk off the knee injury, stopping behind Abeyance and dropping elbows into the injured shoulder! He stretches him out and drops the good knee on the shoulder and wraps it up in a keylock. Abeyance tries to maneuver out of it with some chain wrestling, but Cult rolls through into a crossface! Abeyance is in agonizing pain....and he taps! Cult looks up to Muraco, who holds two fingers together in a 'this close' gesture and holds up the '*** 1/4' sign. One star to go! Cult seems to have walked off most of the knee injury and he sets Abeyance in a sitting position, and kicks him straight in the face, stiff as shit! Muraco squeals with delight! Cult drops an elbow and another in quick succession, and heads to the top rope. Cult with the MOONSAULT? Abeyance moves! He goes for the quick rollup, but the shoulder's gone and Cult gets out at 1. Both wrestlers are down and they get to their knees! Slap by Abeyance! Slap by Cult! BITCHFIGHT! Muraco loves it! Chop by Cult! Chop by Abeyance! They're nose to nose chopping each other in the chest! '****' is held up by Muraco, and we're close! Cult wins the chopping battle, both are red in the chest, he sends Abeyance into the corner. Cult charges, Abeyance moves! Backstabber by Abeyance! He didn't get all of it, the shoulder is still bothering him. 1,2, no! Abeyance slams the mat in frustration. He pulls off his elbow pad on the good arm, and he's setting up for the 'Welcome to the BOD' roaring elbow! "You're done, Cult! It's Abeyance's time now!" Irish whip and here comes the elbow, but Cult ducks underneath and wraps him up in a crucifix! 1,2, NO! My god! Abeyance almost lost it there, and he knows it. He pops the shoulder back into place and goes over the Cult, but Cult was goldbricking! Shot to the gut by Cult.....spinning sitout Liger Bomb! 1,2,3! And we look to Muraco..... '****1/2' ! The first fall goes to Cultstatus!

Stage 2 - Perri's Put-Down Conditions

And here comes the former Writer's Champion with Danielle! There's a microphone on a stand by ringside and Perri is ready to use it. "****1/2 stars, Muraco? I shit better matches than that. Ooooh, stiff shots, how original. This match sucks! Cultstatus, you suck; you're nothing more than an old man who's time has passed, and Abeyance, you're the most annoying little shit on the blog. The less time I have to watch this crap, the better. Ring the bell!"

And with that, the bell rings and stage 2 is underway! Cult and Abeyance slowly make their way back to their feet. Perri: "Man, this fast pace is making Show and Kane look like Super Calo wannabees. Yeah, I know luchadors, I know more than all of you, and because of that, I can tell you this match blows." Abeyance is still groggy and Cult looks to make him pay, raining rights and lefts and backing Abeyance into a corner. Perri: "Hey Cult, it's a wrestling match, watch those fists! God, you suck." Cult backs up and sends a shoulder to the gut of Abeyance. Another! He sets Abeyance up on the top rope. Perri: "Jesus, man. This abortion is worse than the one I wish my mother had so I wouldn't be subjected to watching this train wreck right now. Right, Danielle? (Danielle nods her head vigorously)"Abeyance stirs to life as Cult sets up for the superplex and fires headbutts at Cult's head, and we've got our first blood as Cult falls off, a trickle of blood coming off his forehead. Perri: "Finally found a use for your head, huh Abeyance? Well, since you clearly never learned to wrestle, that brain wasn't doing much anyway." Abeyance gets to his feet on the top rope, frog splash to Cult! 1,2, NO! Perri sighs loudly on the microphone. Abeyance staggers back to his feet, drapes Cult off the ropes, and hits a running dropkick in the corner! Perri: "I'm so fucking bored, I'm going to list all the things I'd rather be doing than watching this match. #1 - Reviewing Raw. #2 - Treating the pus-filled corns on my mother-in-law's feet. #3 - Reviewing Raw again even though we all know it sucks. #4 - A drunken doctor giving me a prostate exam. #5..." He keeps going as Abeyance has gained the upper hand in the ring, and hits a Fisherman's Buster suplex for a 2 count. He gets set up for the brainbuster. Perri: "Man, with all that blood rushing to his head, Cult may have an actual thought. Probably make that damn melon explode all over the ring. That would be a merciful end to this travesty of sucktitude." Abeyance hits the brainbuster! 1,2, no! Abeyance is frustrated, to be sure. He decides to change tactics and looks to go back to the knee with a dragon-screw legwhip. Perri: "Oh, sure, NOW he remembers that he was on the leg earlier. Good God, what did I do to deserve this crap? I promise that I will find at least one good thing with Raw every week if this match would just END."Abeyance rolls the leg with a spinning toehold and stomps the back of the knee, and Cult is feeling it again. Perri: "Attaboy, Abeyance! You still suck." Cult is REALLY feeling the pain in the knee now as Abeyance has switched to a Cloverleaf, but he's trying to power out of it! The crowd claps along as Cult is straining. Perri: "You idiots, stop cheering him! I need him to quit so I can finally stop watching this nonsense and go get a burrito." Cult powers out of the hold! Perri: "Damnit, Cult!" Abeyance gets back to his feet and looks to go back to his knee, but Cult grabs him for a small package! 1,2, no! Perri: "You didn't wrap up the leg, Cult! God, you suck!" Abeyance stomps on Cult and goes to the top rope, looking for the big knee drop....hits it! 1,2, no! Cultstatus will not DIE! Perri: "That was a nice move.....or it would have been had I done it properly. Also, had I done it, it would have gotten a pin. Abeyance, you suck."

Abeyance gets Cult back to his feet, albeit on one leg, and he comes off the ropes with a chop block! Cult's knee is GONE, and Abeyance wraps him up with a stretch muffler.....and Cult taps! Perri: "THANK GOD. You both suck and can kiss my ass. I'm gonna get my check and go to Golden Corral for some Chocolate Fountain. Come on, Danielle!"

Stage 3 - Tommy Hall E-Book in a Cell match - Special Guest Referee, Jef Vinson

Jef Vinson and his valet come to the ring, BOD Heavyweight title in tow. Vinson has a slight limp in his walk. He hands the title to his valet and puts on his referee shirt as the cage is lowered. Hard copies of Tommy Hall's e-books are hanging from various points in the Cell - rumor has it that the printing actually cost more than the books made him in profit. The cut on Cultstatus's head has opened up and he's got a more than a trickle of blood on his face, and he can barely stand. Vinson grins and calls for the bell. 

Abeyance charges....and Cult LEVELS him with the collected Tommy Hall review of Monday Nitro! He pulled it down when no one was looking, and Abeyance is busted wide open! Both wrestlers are down and Vinson is no longer grinning. "Get up, Abeyance!" Cult makes his way to his feet and stalks Abeyance, who's bleeding like a stuck pig now. Cult corners Abeyance, still barely able to put any weight on his knee, but Abeyance is barely moving. Cult suplexes Abeyance and goes to the second rope with Tommy Hall's collected WCW Thunder reviews under his arm - he drops it on Abeyance's head! Abeyance is woozy still and Cult goes for the cover. 1,2, no! A little slow on that count, Mr. Vinson, who shrugs and winks at his valet on the outside of the ring. Cult picks Abeyance up....DDT! 1,2, no! AGAIN with the slow count. Cult sighs and gets in Vinson's face - Vinson points at his referee shirt. "Remember who's in charge, Cult!" Cult isn't backing down, and they're nose to nose - but here's Abeyance from behind! Collected reviews of WCW PPVs to the back of Cult's head! Cult goes down and Abeyance shoots the half, 1,2, no! Vinson found a quicker cadence that time. Abeyance staggers to his feet, blood running off his face and onto his chest, and he grabs the collected NXT reviews and DROPS it on Cult's head! It's official - that cut is completely open, and we've got ourselves a double-gusher! Abeyance and Vinson high-five, and then Abeyance points to the other side of the arena - what's he pointing at? Vinson looks, and Abeyance kicks a field goal on Cult's nuts while Vinson is 'distracted'. Abeyance throws back his head and laughs, and taps Vinson on the shoulder, pointing at Cult and laughing. He mimes a kick to the nutsack and Vinson laughs too. Abeyance drops to one knee and goes for the cover. 1, NO! Cult kicks out with authority! Cult slowly makes his way to his feet as Abeyance freaks out! Cult is HULKING UP! Shot after shot from Abeyance failing to find their mark as Cult just smiles through his bloody face and advances on Abeyance in the corner. Vinson goes over to his valet - he's got the purse! What's in that thing? Cultstatus is wailing on Abeyance in the corner and here comes Vinson to back him away.....he handed off the purse to Abeyance! Vinson and Cult are still arguing and here's Abeyance from behind.....Cultstatus ducks! Purse hits Vinson FULL IN THE FACE! He goes down like a shot! Abeyance can't believe what he's done, and now he knows that's he's on his own as Cult taps him on the shoulder, sick grin on his face....."WELCOME TO THE BOD!" he screams in Abeyance's face! Drops to one knee - GIANT BALLSHOT ON ABEYANCE! He hoists him up.....BURNING HAMMER! Abeyance may be legally deceased! He grabs Vinson, makes the cover, and moves Vinson's hand up and down. 1...2...3!! IT'S ALL OVER! CULTSTATUS IS YOUR NEW #1 CONTENDER FOR THE BOD WORLD TITLE!! Blood stains the mat as the fans chant for Cult! Abeyance is out, as is Vinson, and here comes the stretcher for Abeyance! Cultstatus made his statement and got his revenge! What a match!

And now, it is time for the "Happening" Harry Broadhurst "Not Doing the Job" Challenge. Here is Harry with a few inspirational words:

"Harry Fact #222, it doesnt matter who accepts this challenge because Harry Fact #1 is................HARRY NEVER DOES THE JOB!!!!!!!"

Harry awaits a challenger and out comes none other than Dean Andrews, a man hired to fulfill an ethnic quota. 

Dean Andrews vs. "Happening" Harry Broadhurst

Andrews goes after Broadhust, who ducks outside. Harry continues to stall as we are shown footage backstage of the big improtant meeting ending, with Bobby Bayless coming out in his Umbro shorts as he plays with his paddle that has a ball tied to a string, singing "Baby, You a Rich Man" by the Fat Boys as part of the motion picture soundtrack to "Disorderlies." Back to the match as Harry orders the referee to check the boots of Andrews and when he does Harry boots him down then rolls him up while holding the tights for the win!!!! Harry then ducks outside and grabs the mic while screaming "HARRY FACT NUMBER ONE: HARRY...............NEVER.................DOES..............THE..............JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

BoD Heavyweight Championship Match
Jobber123 vs. Jef Vinson (Champion)

The door to the cage is locked as this match. The match can be won only by escaping the cage. Jobber, fresh off of a Santa Cruz Warriors win over the Fort Wayne Mad Ants today, looks to get his title back. Vinson is hobbled after getting accidentally knocked out earlier tonight. Jobber spears Vinson down to start and pummels away, much like Darington Hobson did in the paint today for the Santa Cruz Warriors. Vinson gets tossed into the cage as Jobber opens up the gash on his forehead as the champ is bleeding buckets. Jobber takes out his souvenir James Michael McAdoo bobblehead and digs it into Vinson's head. This is just a bloodbath, folks. Jobber picks up Vinson for a powerslam then rams him into the cage repeatedly. My god, this is a massacre. Jobber knees Vinson in the face repeatedly then stops only to drop an elbow. The mat is bloodstained as Jobber now climbs up but stops and walks over to the turnbuckle. He leaps off the top for a leg drop but Vinson musters up all the strength he has and rolls out of the way. Both men are down as Vinson is trying to pick himself up. Jobber gets up first then darts over and boots Vinson in the ribs. Jobber collects himself and tries that again but Vinson clotheslines Jobber's leg. Both guys are down again. They get up and this time Vinson blocks a punch and hammers away. Vinson is now in control as he is using everything he has to attack Jobber. He rams Jobber into the cage and then grinds his head into it like he is grating cheese. Vinson tosses Jobber into the corner and starts throwing haymakers. The BoD JumboTron 100 is now showing random GIF's in support of the champ. Backstage, the camera cuts to GM Bobby Bayless, who is eating Dunkaroos and drinking Five Alive while he watches the classic film starring the Fat Boys, "Disorderlies." Back to the match as both guys are trading chops as the crowd goes nuts. Jobber tries an Irish whip but it gets reversed as he flies into the cage. Vinson charges but Jobber sidesteps him and pushes Vinson into the cage. Jobber then picks up Vinson and yells at the ref, who is standing outside of the ring so he can see whose feet hits the ground first. The ref but while that happens, a man in a hooded sweatshirt runs out. Jobber slams Vinson down as the hooded man creeps up behind the referee. Jobber smiles as the man reveals his hood then the smile turns to outrage as the man behind the hood is revealed as.......................................PARALLAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jobber yells "What did you do to Soup Bone!!!!!" Parallax looks straight ahead as Vinson gets up and knocks Jobber down. Vinson sets for the TKO but Jobber escapes the tries the Razor's Edge but Vinson gets out of that. Jobber boots Vinson in the gut then hits a snap suplex but in midair, Vinson twist himself around and lands on his feet then immediately hits a snap suplex of his own as both men are down as the crowd goes nuts. Wade Michael Meltzer holds up a ***** sign while Dock Muraco just woke up from a nap at ringside, meaning this match has reached the ****1/2 mark. Parallax stands outside as the keeper of the cage of sorts as both men make it to their feet. They start climbing the cage then start brawling halfway to the top. These two are sporting crimson masks at this point yet continue to climb while beating on each other. They are at the top of the cage as Jobber kicks Vinson in the shins to stop his momentum as he swings his other leg over the cage. Jobber looks to climb over and get to the floor but Vinson grabs his other leg . Vinson will not let go as he attempts to yank Jobber back over and does as he has him over his shoulders and seems to be going for a TKO OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He tries but Jobber blocks the move temporarily buy grabbing on to the side of the cage. BoD stars are now heading out on the ramp to watch as they are witnessing a classic. Jobber swings himself over and is now brawling with Vinson at the top corner of the cage. Vinson throws an uppercut that staggers Jobber but loses his footing as they both are in danger of falling down. Vinson, who has been dealt with another obstacle tonight will have to overcome it in order to retain the belt. Both guys now hold themselves up and try to climb out to the floor. Jobber then pulls out something from his trunks as the camera zooms in and its one of the Fun Dip packets that he swiped from the GM. He opens it up then throws the sugary crap into the eyes of Vinson. Jobber seizes the opportunity and swings over the other side of the cage as he smiles, knowing the title is just 30 feet down from him. Jobber begins climbing down the cage as Vinson is half-blinded. Jobber is almost halfway down but Vinson is now over the top. Jobber is almost there as Vinson wipes the purple powder from his eyes and sees Jobber almost near the floor. Jobber is just several feet away as Vinson scurries down and leaps..............................he dives straight down and pushes off of Jobber's shoudlers and flips himself over and lands on his feet!!!!!!!!!!!!! VINSON DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE OVERCAME THE ODDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jobber is outraged and its not over the backcourt play from the Santa Cruz Warriors either. Parallax stares down Jobber, who stares him down again. Vinson grabs his belt from his valet and raises it in the air. The crowd is buzzing as Wade Michael Meltzer holds up a ***** sign. Dock Muraco disagrees but was awake. Vinson nods over at Parallax, who looks at him then backs away as he heads through the crowd. Folks, we are out of time.

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK TO BoD RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ROCK-em SOCK-em Robot!!!!April 27, 2015 at 9:18 PM

    Caliber youtubing himself burning eggs never stops being funny.

  2. "Yep Mode" Abeyance Brown ©April 27, 2015 at 9:18 PM

    That Cultstatus/ Abeyance match, MOTY.

  3. ROCK-em SOCK-em Robot!!!!April 27, 2015 at 9:19 PM

    Dock and Matt disagree.

  4. Once again....I'm not booked. WTF?

  5. I had a ref who clearly went to the Earl Hebner School of Dramatic Counting, a piece of trash ex-teammate interfering in my match, two grueling encounters, and still almost overcame a Garea protege.

    Yeah, you're right--the show still needed more Petuka.

    KBjannetty. You dragged me down for the last year. I was the tag team champions despite you, after all. But, apparently, you're not satisfied. You STILL want to drag me down. Cain't nobody drag me down!

    *deep breath*

    You are the Scotty Riggs to my Buff Bagwell. The Snooki to my Trish Stratus. The X-Pac to my Justin, maybe the Justin Credible to my X-Pac. Either way, go away. Have a drink. Drown your sorrows through the last drop, step aside, and let the cream rise to the top.

  6. Wait until next week when we see if Bobby Bayless' hand-picked crew of writers make their way into the BoD!

  7. That match was my masterpiece.

  8. ROCK-em SOCK-em Robot!!!!April 27, 2015 at 9:39 PM

    Gonna get my resume ready like I'm Orin in Parks!

  9. "Yeah, I just checked into my room..."

    "Room 112, every time!!! One Tweezie... Where the the rats roam! What room you in?"

    "...420.. convenient. What floor you doing promos on, and what time do you want me up there?"

    "... Cuz I got some ats-ray, in the oom-ray. Tryin to get some ead-hay..."

    "OH MY GOD!!! HAHAHAHA!!! OH my god. He couldn't stop thanking me for the match. He got like nothing in, we did nothing. Went home and the crowd popped. He said it was the loudest pop he ever heard.."

    "Yeah tomorrow, put me with the daveschlet kid. Oh, and another thing. Put me lower on the card. I can't be fighting Hart 3rd from the top, and then fight Vinson or Jobber semi, you know? We gotta build this thing."

    "So yeah, put me with the dave kid next. I go over on him real quick and if he gets over we run with him..."

    "Yeah I saw the Cult thing, that shit was good. All the guys on top put on a show. I don't really fuck with them like that, unless Im working them, but yeah, those guys are over as fuck. Keep it up."

    "Yeah, later."

  10. Stranger in the AlpsApril 27, 2015 at 9:58 PM

    *Sitting at home in front of the BoD Network*

    Well, that was worth my $1.99.

    *Gets back to scrolling through*

  11. (About two seconds after "top" is said, CLANG!, as down goes Petuka from a loud chairshot to the back of his head. The now dented chair is opened, and placed on the floor, then sat upon by myself. I look over your fallen form, smiling.)

    "I told you we weren't done. I only waited so long because the denial is so much sweeter at the end. As far as I'm concerned, we're now even. On the other hand, if you want to continue this petty little battle..."

    (I stand up, folding the chair back. One more shot to your back, for funsies, before I walk away laughing.)

    "... then let the real violence begin."

  12. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonApril 27, 2015 at 10:04 PM

    *Sitting in the Top 5 locker room drinking orange juice while my valet dances on the table wearing nothing but my championship belt. Soupbone is tied up in the corner*


    You failed again, Jobber. That's because you're every bit the loser your name implies. While me..I just continue the the string of greatness that people come to expect from me.

    *Leans back and puts his custom Louis Vuitton ice packs on his knee.* see, I'm the type of special reserved for great leaders and men of renown...While YOU?You Jobber, you're the type of special reserved for short buses and velcro shoes...

    I am great. I do great things. This make me stand out like a lighthouse in a haze of test-tube babies and inbreds.

    When the chips are down, I win. Just know this. No matter how much you tried to bribe, swindle and extort your way to my belt. I win.

    So now I have to focus my attention to Cultstatus. Cult, you've been back 3 weeks and you've made me take notice you. Good job. But here's the thing. You don't KNOW me motherfu*BEEP* but we're about to fix that REAL quick. You only THINK you know. We're about to get acquainted and you will get that brush *breathes deep* ....with greatness.

    Oh, and Abeyance? You let me I had to go to one of the few people I CAN depend on.

    *Parallax enters the room, unzips his pants and pisses on Soupbone.*

    This interview is now over..and the lives of you peasants are now better for it.

  13. hi why is fake gougie not on this

  14. (In the back a cameraman has caught up with the Riverdale Covenant, who are tending to their minor battle wounds. Davis, upon seeing the camera, stands up and faces it)

    "Tonight, the Kensington Enterprises learned a very harsh lesson. Money buys all the material possessions you desire. But it doesn't buy the thing you need most, does it Biff?

    See, you have a very eclectic collection of subservient beings who do your bidding. I admit, I am intrigued at your ability to keep that frozen dessert obsessed chromosome deficient HOSS from dropping ice cream on his chest and eating himself to death.

    And Curtzerker, you are infested with the taint of failed evolution. You started in a primordial ooze and have yet to ascend to anything resembling a civilized being.

    Yes, Biff, you've ensnared a Horror Story worthy collection of borderline personality flops. But you still lack something. And you know what it is?

    Fear. You don't fear the Covenant. All that money has bought you a misguided sense of immortality. You feel you have risen above the shackles of this world and can't be touched. But we have come to change your perspective. You now will learn fear. You will learn humility. And most of all, your money will by you the funeral of a king. A king who's crown is broken. And when the court of Kensington Enterprises comes to aid you, we will destroy them physically and mentally.

    Welcome to Riverdale. Welcome to the end.


  16. I'm just trying to get booked Fuj.

  17. Ask, and ye shall receive.

  18. Theberzerker, #1 HUSS CHOMPIONApril 27, 2015 at 10:30 PM

    Welcome to Riverdale, huh? Chumps.


  19. Extant1979 - Extreme SuperstarApril 27, 2015 at 10:39 PM

    Those writers better be up to my editing standards, damn it.

  20. Double countout?? Watermelon?? Who's booking this.. Bill Watts?

  21. If not, they get tossed back in a wodden box to Pittsfield.

  22. Bobby Bayless

  23. How'd I go from Jobber's Mike Ehrmantraut to a fat clown doing the Desperados gimmick? Who books this shit?

  24. Was that a real thing?

  25. Alright Miscellaneous Trio, I created the Six Man Titles out of thin air and elevated them to mid-card comedy attraction. Let's see if you can raise the bar even higher.

  26. Wait a minute, am I like the GM? Holy shit, that's awesome.

  27. You'll forgive me as I have a heavy heart. The patriarch of Minnesota wrestling has departed this Earth; may he rest in power. Mr. Gagne was the way and the light for young men like myself learning the *sport* of wrestling. Competitors enter the ring and give their all to the delight of thousands, hundreds or even dozens.

    Dozens seems to be the game Camp Cleveland want to play. I owe a debt of gratitude to Strike Force. While their perms, windbreakers and Mopar are not my thing, they are men of honor. I don't forget friends in need. This has gone far beyond ruining my C-List title shot; a shot at the car that has humbly served this humble athlete is an attack on my pride. Bring your Freebird rules, your misdirections and your slim jims. It's April, so you AND the Indians will be knocked out of contention soon enough.

  28. Fly away, free bird. Your last chain has been unshackled. You are free to discover your inner Stan Hansen!

  29. Now that I am a breakout solo act, I expect nothing but sit down interviews until Payback.

    And then a sitdown interview at Payback.

  30. Hoss doesn't eat self. Jeez.


  31. Well done, Bayless. :-)

    Oddly enough ,the last time I went to a wrestling event, this is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPPENED.

    :: Twilight Zone Theme ::

  32. ROCK-em SOCK-em Robot!!!!April 28, 2015 at 6:03 AM

    Yeah, he was trying to teach the "Fatbuff Diet" started ranting, and burned his eggs. He let out a high-pitched yelp when he noticed.

  33. Talking segment on the PPV = no injuries for RSG this month. Whiskey AND a comfortable chair? I feel blessed! Thanks, bookerman!

  34. Damnit, I LIKE Ducktales. Someone else is gonna have to kill this jabroni.

  35. "Yep Mode" Abeyance Brown ©April 28, 2015 at 9:14 AM

    You're a fantastic booker.

  36. Soupbone really needed some better training though.

  37. That main event was the greatest match in BoD raw history! I'm the Misawa of the BoD! Plus I cut the best promos.

    That belt is just 15 pounds of shit I don't need to carry through the airport anymore. Vinson and cult I hope you like wrestling in the middle of the card while the big star closes the show at the next ppv!

  38. BoD App Exclusive

    *in the locker room after the show Jobber123 is shown tearing apart the furniture and punching the walls while Tprincess attempts to conduct an interview*

    -Jobber123 you've lost the belt, you've lost to jef Vinson at back to back ppvs, and now you've lost your cool. What do you have to say for yourself?


    -Obviously he's not here tonight.


    -If GM Brian Bayless was still in charge you'd have been able to cheat so you'd win?

    *stares at Tprincess

    -Hey come on Tprincess, who said anything about cheating. I'm the hero around here. Do you really want a smut peddler here as your champ?

    -Jobber123 everyone knows you signed an endorsement deal with xhamster that was only stopped when AdSense threatened you and Brian to the pull the plug on BoD raw if you went through with it.


    -Well thanks to grossly unfair contract extension Brian Bayless gave you that cost dozens of employees their jobs you are the highest paid star in the BoD.

    -Now princess you know some of that money went to make zanatudes six man belts.

    -Jobber123 do you have any words for Parallax1978?

    -Not until I talk to my attorneys who are in contact with DC comics about a possible copy right violation. You better not say that name too much or I'll have you sued too Tprincess. I'LL HAVE EVERYONE SUED.

    *Tprincess leaves as jobber continues to destroy the locker room*

  39. does this have to with WWE ?

  40. "Harry awaits a challenger and out comes none other than Dean Andrews, a man hired to fulfill an ethnic quota."

    Harry Broadhurst !

    Rwy'n DDWEUD OLD BOY !

    Rydych yn unig yn gorfod mynd a gwneud hynny ... gwnaethoch fy rhestr . Yr ydych yn dweud eich bod yn HAPPENING, wel , mae gen i SIXTH SENSE gyfer dod o hyd holl ARWYDDION o wendid yn rhywun! Rydych yn gweithredu mor anodd, fel eich bod rhai drwg - ass UNBREAKABLE , mae'r DEVIL neu rywbeth , yn dda yr wyf yn dweud eich bod yn unig STUART LITTLE !

    Dwi wedi cael digon o'ch gwrthod swydd ! Nid wyf wedi gweld diffyg o'r fath o swyddi ers yr awr gyntaf o Maent yn Byw ! Ac o leiaf BOD oedd รข wrestler talentog rhan!

    Byddwch yn barod , Broadhurst . Oherwydd yn fuan , ' broad ' , rydych yn fod yn LADY YN Y DWR . Rydych yn gonna fod yn boddi yn dy GWAED hun , BROAD !

    Nawr bod yn MY paned o de !

    * taflu cwpan te ddig tuag camera , teithiau cerdded i ffwrdd *

  41. Saying it before someone else does: CTHULHU FTAGN!

  42. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonApril 28, 2015 at 12:14 PM

    Is he dyslexic?

  43. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonApril 28, 2015 at 12:14 PM

    First Stage: Denial.

  44. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonApril 28, 2015 at 12:16 PM

    Second Stage: Anger.

  45. Spoiler: it's not rot13.

  46. I shed 45 pounds worth of shit at White Castle.

    I also dropped three belts!


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