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Little Help

Hey Mr. Keith, it is Chris Cucchiara, the humble writer of the book reviews your site used to feature. I know damned well I wore out my welcome towards the end, writing insipid review after insipid review...I was in a bad place life wise. For that, I am eternally regretful, and for you giving me a chance, eternally grateful. Anyway, the source of my consternation and distraction of the time (my pops declining health) is doing much better now. I was hoping you could plug my new site, Shitty name, but it was what Wordpress allowed me. God Bless all of your members. I still follow intently and was shocked by Officer Farva's demise. Just looking for a little bump, and I am not above shameless pandering. I do not review books anymore, but shows themselves. Quickly. I would greatly appreciate a plug.