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Post Razor, Pre NWO

Hey Scott, 

After reading your recent Monday Nitro reviews, I started wondering about Scott Hall; Specifically, if there was an alternate plan for his debut in WCW . 

From my understanding, he started talks before Kevin Nash. Was the invasion/NWO angle always the plan or was there something else set up for just him? The re-debut of the Diamond Studd, maybe? A repackage as a member of the Dungeon of Doom or Horsemen? 

​There was never a real plan talked about beforehand, no.  The assumption from most at the time was that they would bring him back as the Diamond Studd because the character was still known and pretty close to Razor Ramon anyway, but that was never anything actually discussed as far as I know.  That's part of the reason why the invasion deal worked so well, because it shattered expectations of what WCW would choose to do with them.  ​