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Ryback in 2012


What did you think of Ryback's run in 2012 where he got over huge? I don't think he was ready to win the belt when they put him into that title match vs. CM Punk, but he was consistently getting huge reactions and looked like a star in the making. What could they have done differently with him during that time? Keep him away from the title picture, keep having him squash guys, and then win the belt off of Cena after WrestleMania?

​That was a really weird situation for everyone.  They were really backed into a corner by booking Ryback into that match, even though it did business.  It really, REALLY should have been some sort of screwjob DQ, however.  It's not like Hell in a Cell isn't compromised enough as it is that you couldn't make an exception and just have both guys fight out of the cage and call it a no-contest or something like that.  

That being said, I don't think I ever would have put him over Cena, but you certainly could have done pretty well by keeping him unbeaten until after WM and then doing the Cena program.  What was REALLY baffling, though, was getting out of the match with the cheap finish and then beating Ryback four more straight PPVs afterwards.  If they were just going to destroy him anyway, why bother with the banana peel win for Punk?  ​


  1. I'm still not sold on Ryback at all. They should really just book him as a big lumbering idiot because he plays that role well e.g. his tag team with Axel

  2. Because when you get the chance to derail Ryback's push and neuter your champ in one fell swoop, well, you just have to take it, right?

  3. Huge dudes squashing nerds always gets over. Hell, it got Baron Corbin over, and his whole gimmick is walking slow.

  4. They should have had him in feuds against guys like Sheamus, orton, or ziggler so he can get that classic mid carder feud before going to the main event.

  5. Ryback's best match was that 6 man with Kane and Daniel Bryan vs The Shield on PPV. He was ace in it


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