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Your Breaking Point

Hey Scott,

I remember some years ago - the night Bischoff first appeared on WWE television, in fact - that a popular internet writer simply gave up. I can't remember who it was, but they were well known and well revered at the time. I remember at the time, their last message was simple, "Goodbye" and I think a picture or reference to Bischoff. I think they later explained that it was the one thing that broke them, that said, "Yup, okay, I'm done."

I know that, these days, you barely watch WWE's product outside of recaps and PPVs (and NXT, but that's not the same thing). And I think you watch some non-WWE stuff, like some Japan and Mexican wrestling. But my question is this: is there anything you can think of that would unquestionably make you go, "Yep, that'll do it" and make you stop watching wrestling?

​Well, I mean, Benoit almost did.  And if that didn't kill my fandom I'm pretty sure there's not much else that could happen to where I'd never say never.  Luckily WWE 24/7 was around at the time, and even today we have the WWE Network, so worst case I'll literally never run out of new stuff to watch and review.  I've still got years of PPVs from the dead zone in the 05-11 era to catch up on and all of Smackdown and tons of other stuff.  ​