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TNA : Hindsight is 20/20

Hey Scott,

I was just thinking today that isn't it fitting that the year NXT is rising like a phoenix and is pretty much universally praised, is also the year that TNA could very well go under after 13 years? That all the guys that are making NXT really spectacular are all guys that TNA could have had if only they concentrated on cultivating their own talent and signed the big independent guys to exclusive deals? You know, rather then go after ex-WWE guys that drained the company dry?

They could have had Owens, Balor, Zayn, and Itami.  If you look at the main roster, the two guys that closed the last two Wrestlemania's holding the WWE title high...they could have had them too.

CM Punk? Didn't they have him back in 2003? Throw in Cesaro as well. Wasn't Dean Ambrose a pretty well known independent guy?

Hindsight in indeed 20/20 I guess. Or maybe Dixie is so inept that if she could do it all over again she would sign Hogan to an even bigger deal?

​Well it's not like anyone could have predicted Punk at the point when he was with TNA.  And it's also hard to say that anyone could have really taken off in TNA compared to WWE, since they've made a grand total of one star in their entire existence.