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I've been watching some old Doink matches, and I was wondering somethings...

Why would they ever turn him face? They hardly scratched the surface of what they could do with that character! I thought maybe Bourne was fired and the replacement couldn't do the crazy/creepy character as well, but it looks like Bourne played face Doink for a while to so it must have been a creative decision.

Was there ever any plan to announce who Doink really was? In a couple of matches Heenan keeps mentioning that he's familiar but he just can't put his finger on who he really is.

​I'm cleaning out my inbox from years ago, so I'm two years late getting to this one, but better late than never I guess.

The Doink thing was definitely a creative decision, although the WON from the time doesn't have any insight on it.  Dave just says that Doink is turning face, and then the next issue notes that Osbourne was fired and replaced with Steve Keirn/Steve Lombardi.  If I had to guess, I'd say that Doink was too popular as a heel and they wanted to turn him as a result, but I don't think it was much deeper of a reason than that.  ​


  1. I remember vividly the Superstars where they changed guys, right before Survivor Series 93. Also I hate myself for knowing that.

  2. "I'd say that Doink was too popular as a heel and they wanted to turn him as a result."

    This sounds familiar.

  3. ooh I hope Scott gets to my email about who should end the streak soon!

  4. As a kid I loathed Doink as a heel (for the right reasons), but as a face he made me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.

  5. I'm going through the Raws around this time and Doink was definitely getting increased face pops. I always figured they just turned him instead of working to retain his heel heat.

  6. The evil clown gimmick was so far ahead of its time. Quite frankly I'm surprised they haven't tried to rehash the gimmick using a Pennywise from Stephen King's "It" as reference.

    XPW had a similar, albeit very distasteful gimmick with Pogo the Clown, but it never went anywhere for obvious reasons.

  7. That or "too popular as a heel so they changed him into a mime and never put him on tv again" if it happened today

  8. See Santino for a more recent example.


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