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You mentioned in a recent post that you didn't think Goldberg's undefeated streak should have been broken.  However that's simply unfeasible in the long run.  To that end, in a perfect world (one in which WCW is a competent, forward-thinking organization with their finger on the pop cultural pulse as opposed to their thumb up their ass), who do you book to hand Goldberg his first loss and how?

​I'm back!  OK, you probably didn't even notice that I've gone since Monday night for Canada Day festivities out of town (but sadly not away from the suffocating smoke that's covering the whole damn province right now) and post-dating mailbag questions, but it's true.  

​Again, why did the streak have to end?  Undertaker's streak certainly didn't need to end, and Goldberg still had TONS of guys to go through that they hadn't even touched yet.  Bruno Sammartino was champion for eight years before anyone got sick of him.  They could have done the Sting feud, the Giant feud, the Hogan rematch, a Warrior feud, a friggin' RIC FLAIR feud that would have been epic, a Luger feud...there was really endless matches they could have gone to.  That being said, I was 99% sure that Hogan was going to get the win back.  

But if we're getting wacky, then the person who REALLY could use the win would have been DDP at Havoc 98.  Hitting a Diamond Cutter out of the jackhammer would at least be a viable way to beat Goldberg, and they were pushing DDP to the World title in a few months anyway.  Really, anyone else on the short list didn't actually need the Goldberg rub.