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Place to Be Nation Holiday Weekend Update

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend here in the states...and a great generic two day weekend everywhere else. Here are some written pieces and podcasts we thought you may enjoy!

If you enjoy wrestling podcasts and are not listening to Kris Zellner's Exile to Badstreet show you are doing it all wrong...Kris has done shows on the Fall of UWF and JCP, the vibrant independent scene of the 2000s, the lives and careers of Dusty Rhodes and Buddy Landell and much, much more. His shows always include great panels, including Court Bauer, Wes Hatch. David Bixenspan and others. Absolute must listens! Exile on Badstreet

Our yearly tribute to Americana in wrestling history: A Tribute to America (As Told Through the World of Wrestling)

We reposted JT's look at Brutus Beefcake's parasailing injury, which occurred 25 years ago this July 4: Summer-Slammed: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and the Summer of 1990

Roger, Andrew & JT looked back at cable TV and MTV's heyday in We Miss the 90s: Cable Television, Part One – The Early Days & MTV

Scott & JT revisited Royal Rumble 1995: Scott & JT’s Vintage Vault Refresh: Royal Rumble 1995

We have weekly recaps of Raw, Impact, ROH and Tough Enough!

The Kevin Kelly Show tackled the GWF & TNA partnership, WWE Network's Japan show and was visited by Todd Sinclair: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 38 – Todd Sinclair

Over the past two years, JT has recapped the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, which will continue this weekend: JR’s Treasure Trove #5: 2014 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest