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Post Secret Wars Marvel Universe

So for those who haven't seen it, apparently preview cover art of all the new #1s coming out in October are floating around the Internet that shows us what the post Secret Wars Marvel Universe will look like.

Probably of the most interest to the Blog as whole is that CM Punk will be co-writing a Drax the Destroyer (ergo Batista's character in Guardians) ongoing with Cullen Bunn

To me the one that looks most interesting is Ultimates with both Spectrum and Captain Marvel as members. That and Thing is now a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the post FF marvel universe.

Also of note Nick Spencer, who wrote the stellar Superior Foes of Spiderman, is getting the new Captain America title (with Sam Wilson in the lead) along with Ant Man. And Spider-Man legend Gerry Conway is writing a Carnage ongoing.

Anyway you can see all the cover art here:


  1. Down Under Aussie (in Japan)July 4, 2015 at 9:05 PM

    Styles-Punk **** in 2003, what could have been in 2013...

  2. Watching Tyler Black's last ROH match again, the crowd chanting "NXT" as a mocking term is still so delicious in hindsight.

  3. And then, two years later, CM Punk ripped off Christopher Daniels' promo here to kick off his greatest ROH story ever.


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