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WWF Wrestling Challenge August 23rd, 1987

August 23, 1987

From the Lacrosse Center in Lacrosse, WI

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week will be Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, Demolition, Brutus Beefcake, and the Junkyard Dog

Before the show, we see the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase toss money on the ground as the crowd fights over it for his amusement. Before DiBiase gets introduced for his scheduled match, he grabs the mic and tells the crowd they are poor while he is rich, meaning that he is better than all of them. He then pulls out $5,000 and says that he is a “main event wrestler” and will not waste his energy on a “preliminary bum” as jobber Chris Curtis angrily paces back and forth. DiBiase then brings out Arthur Washington and gives him the cash to take his place as Washington shoves it down his tights.

Chris Curtis vs. Arthur Washington

Curtis beats on Washington then applies a front facelock. DiBiase looks on as Washington is getting choked out against the ropes. Curtis boots down Washington and falls down in the process then hits a backbreaker for the win (1:05). After the match, DiBiase and Virgil head into the ring. Virgil holds up Washington while DiBiase reaches into his trunks and takes back his money before slapping him around. DiBiase and Virgil then beat the piss out of Curtis as the crowd boos.

Thoughts: Fun segment and a great way to get heel heat with the Million Dollar Man character.

WWF Special Report with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s topic is Rick Martel and how he moved on from his former partner quitting and received a new partner in Tito Santana as we get a clip of Santana saving Martel from an attack by the Islanders.

The Federettes are enjoying the WWF Ice Cream Bars.

Rick Renslow vs. Junkyard Dog

Renslow tries to knock over JYD but gets caught in a hiptoss. JYD then hits crawling headbutts as Heenan goes off about Martel being a loser and Santana had no business getting involved in his business. Back to the match as Renslow escapes from a chinlock and lands a few punches but gets knocked down then JYD finishes him off with the powerslam (2:25).

Thoughts: JYD appeared winded at the end of this match, which shows you what kind of shape he was in at the time.

Gene Okerlund is with Rick Rude, who tells us he has the best physique in the world today. He also calls Bobby Heenan the smartest man alive as Okerlund tells him about Heenan’s false promises but Rude says he plans to make all of their promises come true while calling Okerlund a “divothead.”

Before the next match, ring announcer Mel Phillips brings out newly crowned WWF Women’s Champion Sherri Martel, who flips out and tells us she will be known as “Sensational Sherri.”

New Dream Team w/ Johnny V. vs. Sivi Afi & Jim Evans

Afi hits Bravo with a crossbody for a nearfall then works the arm. Bravo takes control as he slams Afi down before dropping an elbow. Valentine is in and hits a shoulderbreaker that gets two. He beats on Afi in the corner for a bit but ends up getting caught with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Evans tags in and gets immediately destroyed by Valentine. The New Dream Team use quick tags as they beat on Evans. Bravo then hits a side slam and tags Valentine, who gets the win with a figure four (3:37).

Thoughts: The New Dream Team actually looked decent in this squash but the team was still near the bottom of the tag division depth chart.

Okerlund is with Koko B. Ware, who tells us about the “Piledriver” album. Okerlund then asks Koko about his top rope dropkick and the Ghostbuster finisher, who he says was taught to him by a “veteran wrestler.” The interview closes with Koko giving us a few lines from the Piledriver song.

The British Bulldogs offer us some exercise tips for our pets. Davey tells us you have to exercise and get rest to be strong. Thrilling stuff.

Scott Casey vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Heenan notes how Savage as changed while Monsoon hints that he will have “gold” around his waist soon enough. Casey catches Savage with a slam for a nearfall as Savage bails. He then uses Elizabeth as a shield before they head back inside. Casey gets two off of a small package and gets a few other nearfalls but Savage blocks a bulldog attempt then flies outside with the double axe handle. Savage rolls Casey back inside then hits the flying elbow smash for the win (2:21). The fans applaud Savage’s win.

Thoughts: They were making it pretty clear on commentary that Savage was turning face and winning the Intercontinental Title. Speaking of Savage, it was getting a lot harder to keep him heel as the fans were cheering him just about everywhere.

DeGeorge is on the platform with Jimmy Hart, who hypes his song from the “Piledriver” album. Hart then welcomes out Danny Davis and talks up his wrestling accomplishments and says he will be a TV star soon enough, which means Davis will start wrestling on television soon enough.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. Tom Stone

We get an insert of Beefcake with a world hairstylist champion while Beefcake hits Stone with an atomic drop. He then catches Stone with a powerslam before putting him away with the sleeper (1:16). After the match, Beefcake puts on his coat and gives Stone a haircut and spraypaints a “B” on his chest.

Thoughts: The barber gimmick was really over here and you have to give Beefcake credit for making it work.

Jimmy Hart is with the Honky Tonk Man, who tells us that Elvis Presley had nothing on him and that no one will take away his IC Title.

A replay of the Jake Roberts DDT video from a few weeks ago.

Pete Sanchez & Omar Atlas vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Ax beats the piss out of Atlas to start. We then get an insert promo from Demolition as they talk about their new song from the “Piledriver” album with vocals from Rick Derringer. Sanchez is in now and also gets destroyed until Demolition puts him away with the Decapitation (1:21).

Thoughts: The biggest thing from this segment was that Demolition was getting a new theme song. Really, it was just Derringer singing over their current music.

Okerlund is with the Rougeau Brothers, who believe that good things come to those who wait and will get a shot at the belts soon enough. Raymond talks about Jimmy Hart being a pain in the ass and sounds like a complete pussy in the process then talks about they have a goal to win the belts. He made Jacques seem like Dusty Rhodes on the mic by comparison.

Next week in action will be Koko B. Ware, George Steele, Butch Reed, Killer Khan, and Jake Roberts.

Final Thoughts: Decent show this week. The Million Dollar Man segment was tremendous and a must-see. It is also interesting to see Savage at this point as the crowds loved him despite the fact he was still a heel. Pushing newer acts like Rude was refreshing and having Martel & Santana as a team to continue the Islanders feud makes that interesting as well. The WWF was starting to get things going again but it was not quite there yet.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:
Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Brickhouse Brown
Friday: WWF Sam Houston Coliseum 8/28/87 (Paul Boesch Retirement show)
Saturday: Brickhouse TV, Episodes 1 & 2
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/29/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/30/87


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