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From the Grudge Match: Stranger Reviews WCW SuperBrawl II

Here's a break from the non-wrestling content on a seemingly non-wrestling blog. Since we're in the experimental phase and all...

Meanwhile, since Clash of the Champions XVIII (a future review by our own Ted Blanchard) has occurred (1/21/91), let's take a look at some of the events and angles that have occurred during the interim:

  • Ricky Steamboat had the biggest target on his back courtesy of The Dangerous Alliance, as he fell victim to several attacks by the faction over the weeks. This prompted Steamboat to hire a "ninja" to watch his back.
  • Greg Valentine made his surprise WCW debut on the 2/15/92 edition of WCW Saturday Night.
  • On the 2/16/92 episode of WCW Main Event, the team of Big Josh and Ron Simmons would beat The Young Pistols to win the WCW United States Tag Team Championship. It was a short-lived reign however, as the duo would lose them to the team of Greg Valentine and The Taylor Made Man on the 2/29/92 episode of WCW Saturday Night at the same time that this very show was about to begin.
  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger did not appear on WCW television to hype the title match other than a few pre-taped comments. His contractually-obligated dates had been used up.
Now, on to the show...

LIVE! from The Mecca in Milwaukee, WI. Home to many people who wear blocks of cheese on their heads and mascots who dive into huge mugs of beer to drown their depression from hosting shitty teams.

Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff are hosting the show. Bischoff says Luger has "been in seclusion" which is kayfabe speak for "not giving enough of a shit to hype the show". Missy Hyatt is the backstage interviewer for the evening. Then they throw to Jim Ross in the ring, who introduces Jesse Ventura who gets a nice pop and rides a Milwaukee-made Harley to ringside. They will be your commentary team for this occasion. Ventura makes a comment about Ross wearing a cowboy hat and calling himself JR. You know, Ventura may have been onto something with his conspiracy show.

Match #1: Jushin Liger (c) vs. Brian Pillman - WCW Light Heavyweight Championship.

Ross lays in with the football background for Pillman right away. Lock up and Liger flips out of a wristlock and gets one of his own. Pillman with a shoulderblock off the ropes. They both throw a dropkick at the same time and we have a stalemate. Pillman gets an armbar on the mat. Liger to the corner for the break. Liger whips Pillman to the corner but Pillman gets a headscissors to take Liger down to the floor, and then follows it up with a dropkick through the ropes. Liger back in and gets a leg grapevine on the mat. Pillman gets out of it, and chops Liger in the corner. Liger to the opposite corner with a moonsault press for a 2 count. Pillman bails to the outside. Pillman back in and cinches in a headscissors on the mat. Liger gets out of it and tries for the surfboard but Pillman makes the ropes. Liger tries for it again, but Pillman makes the ropes again. In the corner, Liger gets some shoulderblocks, whips him to the opposite corner and hits a dropkick. Liger with a whip, but Pillman gets a crucifix for 2. Liger gets a sunset flip for 2. Pillman hits a sweet belly-to-back suplex that gets 2. Chop for Pillman and a whip to the corner, but Pillman hits the corner with his knee as Liger moves. Liger gets a kneebreaker and then a figure four leglock is some nice psychology after the knee bump by Pillman. The crowd tries to get behind Pillman, as they start to slap each other. Pillman trying to turn it over and they go into the ropes for the break. Pillman selling the knee as Liger kicks his leg out from under him. Liger gets a modified half-crab but Pillman hits an enziguri, but still can't stand because of the knee. Liger whips Pillman who gets a headscissors, but Liger dumps Pillman over the top, then follows up with a diving flip to Pillman on the floor. Liger fails to suplex Pillman into the ring, and Pillman runs his head to the corner, then hits a springboard flying clothesline. Pillman suplexes Liger to the floor from the apron, and then goes to the top with a flying crossbody to the floor! Pillman hits the railing on another dive attempt, and Liger puts him in the ring. Liger to the top and jumps into a Pillman dropkick. Pillman to the top now and they each miss a simultaneous dropkick attempt! Whew! Pillman gets a powerslam off the ropes for 2! Liger with a belly-to-back with a bridge...1...2...kick out! Liger puts Pillman on the top and he follows him up there, but Pillman drops him face first to the mat. Pillman with a crossbody from the top...1....2....kick out! Whip by Pillman, but he puts the head down and Liger hits a power bomb! 1...2...kick out! Pillman gets a DDT but Liger is in the ropes. Pillman with a whip, they criss cross each other and then hit each other with crossbodys. Pillman to the top but Liger crotches him. Liger gets the superplex!! 1....2....KICK OUT! Liger misses a splash from the top, and Pillman gets a cradle...bridge...1....2.....3!! (17:00) ****1/2

WINNER: And NEW WCW Light Heavyweight Champion, Brian Pillman. Respect handshake, raising each other's arms, great match. Pillman suddenly no longer selling the knee drops it by 1/2* but this was an all-time great show opener. 

Winner of the SuperBrawl guest ring announcer contest is someone named Barry Abrams. Barry, if you're reading this, the tuxedo jacket with shorts was a bad choice.

Match #2: Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. The Taylor Made Man.

Ross mentions the US tag title win for Taylor and Valentine. Lock up, to the corner and Taylor breaks. Lock up and Taylor takes him down, but Bagwell escapes. Lock up and Taylor gets a side headlock. Into the ropes, shoulderblock for Taylor but Bagwell gets a hiptoss. They start jawing at each other. Lock up and into the corner. Taylor with a right hand, but Bagwell gets one of his own to put Taylor down. Lock up and Taylor tosses Bagwell to the floor. Bagwell with an inverted atomic drop then a regular one and he clotheslines him back into the ring. Bagwell with a side headlock on the mat. Taylor knees out of it, then tosses Bagwell to the floor again. Back in, Bagwell gets a shoulderblock off the ropes and then covers for a 2. Lock up, knee for Taylor. Bagwell goes over on a suplex attempt and gets a sleeper. Taylor makes the ropes and the ref has to force a break. Taylor dumps Bagwell to the floor, then follows him out and takes Bagwell to the railing. Back in the ring, Taylor gets a jawbreaker. Bagwell comes back with rights, but Taylor gets a power bomb for a 2 count. Taylor takes Bagwell's head to the corner. Whip to the opposite corner and Taylor follows in with a clothesline. Kneedrop to the head, cover...1...2...kick out. Whip to the ropes, Bagwell gets a sunset flip for 2. Taylor gets a kick to the gut then hits a suplex. Taylor to the top and he hits the splash! 1...2....kick out! Taylor tries for a piledriver but Bagwell back bodydrops out of it. Taylor gets a necksnap then a cover..1...2...kick out. Bagwell reverses a roll up attempt...1...2....3! (7:38) **

WINNER: Marcus Alexander Bagwell. Fluke win for Bagwell. Taylor looked good in this match, but Bagwell couldn't keep up. Taylor ditches the lame York Foundation, gets a new gimmick and still can't win consistently. Bagwell was the new sensational rookie so the booking made some sense. After the match, Taylor attacks Bagwell with a DDT and leaves him laying.

Missy Hyatt is backstage trying to get a word with Luger, but she gets Harley Race instead. Race promises that Luger will be champ when the night is over. 

Match #3: Ron Simmons vs. Cactus Jack.

This match had been brewing on TV for a few weeks, including Simmons teaming with a face Abdullah the Butcher against Jack and any combo of Vader/Hughes. Lock up and to the corner. Jack goes to the eyes and slugs away. Simmons comes back with rights, but runs into a boot in the corner. Jack does the "hang himself in the ropes" spot on a missed dive and Simmons hammers away on him. To the floor, and Simmons takes Jack's head to the railing. Back in the ring, Jack goes low. Whip off the ropes and Simmons slams Jack's head to the mat. A slam and a legdrop combo follow for a 2 count. Whip to the corner, but Simmons eats elbow and then Jack puts him down with a clothesline. We get a shot of The Junkyard Dog in the crowd. Jack with a double underhook DDT, then a legdrop. 1...2...kick out. Jack tosses Simmons to the floor. Simmons gets his head put to the railing. Jack slams Simmons on the floor, then goes to the middle rope for the Cactus elbow! On the apron, Jack gets a necksnap on the ropes. Back in the ring, Simmons misses a dropkick. Jack covers...1...2...kick out. Jack slaps on the reverse chinlock. Simmons flips Jack off him, then hits a dropkick off the ropes. Simmons makes a dive attempt, Jack moves, and Simmons falls to the ramp. Jack follows him out there and Simmons HITS A SPINEBUSTER on the ramp! Back in the ring, Jack goes to the eyes. Whip to the corner, Simmons bounces out and Jack hits a bulldog. Jack to the middle rope, comes off and eats a powerslam! Cover...1....2....3! (6:34) ***

WINNER: Ron Simmons. Good match here that was the perfect length for these two guys. Simmons hit some impressive big moves and Jack did his usual crazy spots. After the match, Abdullah the Butcher hits the ring to seemingly help Simmons, but Abdullah turns on him! Abdullah and Cactus double team Simmons and here comes JYD through the crowd for the save. Good pop for the Dog here who appears to be a little slimmer than usual. "JYD" chants all around.

Match #4: The Z-Man and Van Hammer vs. Richard Morton and Vinnie Vegas.

Look at Kevin Nash toiling away in the mid-card. Of course, one year later he would be backing another shorter blond, but that's another story for another time. Stalling to start as Vinnie and Morton can't decide who starts, It's Morton and Hammer, and Morton gets in some rights, a corner whip is reversed and Hammer gets an overhead press slam. Morton tags out to Vegas and Hammer gets a hiptoss. A shoving match occurs then they lock up. They take it to the corner where the ref forces a break. Lock up again, to the corner again and Vegas pokes the eye. Right hands to Hammer, off the ropes and they fuck something up. I blame Hammer, because Nash is a professional, right? Hammer with the armlock, but Vegas gets some rights. Hammer slugs back, and mounts him in the corner. Vegas takes him hard to the opposite corner, but Hammer comes out with a big clothesline. Tag to Z-man, who comes off the top with a dropkick for a 2 count before Morton breaks it up. Vegas checks the hair (how about that?) and then gets a right. Tag to Morton, but several reversals later and Z-Man clotheslines Morton over the top, then hits a dive to Morton on the floor. A HUGE hiptoss on the floor and Z-Man is back in the ring. Nice sequence there. To the heel corner for the tag to Vegas who wants Hammer and Z-Man obliges. Vegas gets a nice back suplex and then a short-arm clothesline for 2. Morton in again and he gets an inverted atomic drop off a whip. Fistdrop for Morton and then a tag back to Vegas. Morton hits Hammer low, then Vegas gets a faceplant. Gutwrench suplex for Vegas gets 2. Whip and Vegas gets the big boot. Tag to Morton who comes off top to the exposed ribs. Back suplex for Morton and a cover but Hammer powers out at 2. Vegas back in and clubs away. Morton back in, whip is reversed and Hammer gets a powerslam for 2. Vegas back in for some double-teaming and then he gets a flying shoulderblock for 2. Hammer with some rights to try the comeback, but Vegas hits a suplex for 2. Ross and Ventura have been ragging on guys all show about failing to hook the leg on the cover, which is something you don't here anymore. Hammer and Vegas hit heads and both men go down. Vegas gets the tag to Morton, but Hammer gets the hot tag to Z-Man. Back bodydrop for Morton, then a powerslam for 2. To the corner, Z-Man goes up and over for a sunset flip..1...2....3! (12:01) **1/2

WINNERS: The Z-Man and Van Hammer. Decent tag team match here. Nash was slowly improving from his days as a Master Blaster and Oz. I think Z-Man should have been getting the sympathy heat here and Hammer the hot tag. 

Tony and Eric relive the attack on Barry Windham by The Enforcers several months back, and Larry Zbyszko calling himself "The Cruncher" because of the incident.

Match #5: Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes vs. Larry Zbyszko and Steve Austin (w/ Madusa).

Austin is the WCW Television champion here, a title he has held since June 3, 1991. So quite the decent title run there. The heels attack to start, but Windham clears Larry from the ring and they take it to the ramp. Rhodes and Austin in the ring, as Rhodes gets a backslide but no count. To the corner, but Austin shoves him off, goes to the top and jumps into a Rhodes clothesline. Tag to Windham, who comes off the top with a forearm. Dropkick for Windham who tosses him into his own corner so he can get Larry in the ring, who throws a fit about it. Lock up and Larry rakes the eyes. To the ramp, Windham backdrops out of a piledriver attempt and clotheslines him down. Back in the ring, Windham gets a lariat off the ropes and refuses to make the cover. Jumping DDT for Windham, who then tags in Rhodes for a double back bodydrop. Rhodes works on Larry's arm with knees and rights. Larry takes Rhodes to the corner, but Dustin blocks and tags in Windham. Windham hits a backbreaker for 2. Piledriver attempt for Windham but Austin comes in to clothesline Windham down. Austin works over Windham on the railing and Larry crotches Windham on said railing. Larry tosses him back in where Austin hits a short-arm clothesline. Suplex for Austin, cover..1...2..kick out. Windham comes back but misses a lariat and hits the floor. Larry takes Windham down on the floor and tosses him back in. Larry with a swinging neckbreaker, but Rhodes breaks up the pin attempt. Slam for Larry for 2. Austin in with a back suplex for 2. Snapmare takeover into a reverse chinlock on the mat. Windham hits a back suplex to break that, but Austin tags in Larry who gets the sleeper. Windham hits the jawbreaker to get out. They run the ropes and shoulderblock each other down. Austin tags in and Dustin gets the tag. Inverted atomic drop and then a dropkick for Rhodes. Elbow drop gets a 2. Lariat for Rhode,s but Larry breaks up the cover. Windham and Larry to the ramp, Rhodes and Austin in the ring. Austin hits a HUGE clothesline to take over. To the corner, head to the buckle. Whip to the opposite corner and Rhodes is down. Larry back in and gets another swinging neckbreaker gets 2. To the corner, head to the buckle. Rhodes comes back, but puts his head down and Larry gets a DDT coming off the ropes. Cover..1...2..kick out! Larry puts his head down on a whip and Rhodes gets in a big boot. Madusa gets in a slap on Rhodes, who goes after her like an idiot outside, and Austin clotheslines him down. Back in the ring, Austin applies the reverse chinlock. Rhodes to his feet, they run the ropes and Rhodes gets a crossbody for 2. Austin with another big clothesline to take him down. Larry in with some choking. Rhodes reverses a suplex attempt with one of his own for 2. Larry prevents the tag and tags in Austin. Rhodes gets an inside cradle for 2. Austin recovers and gets a side headlock on the mat with an assist from the ropes. Rhodes elbows out and then hits a scary looking stun gun on Austin. Larry in and Dustin meets him with a right and tags in Windham. Windham cleans house on the heels, then gets a lariat on Larry. Windham puts Larry up top and is going for the superplex but Larry pushes him off. Dustin shoves Larry off the top, then Windham comes off the top with a flying clothesline! Cover..1....2....3!(18:23) ***1/2

WINNERS: Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes. Good match, with a few slow spots but not enough to drag it down too much. The heels using old-fashioned heel tactics to gain the advantage, the babyfaces making their comebacks in the right spots and everyone goes home happy. 

Missy Hyatt is outside Ricky Steamboat's dressing room and runs into the ninja, who takes her to the dressing room where Steamboat is in the middle of some ritual. Madusa comes along and wants to see Steamboat and tries to bribe the ninja with the promise of sushi. The ninja is somewhat standoffish, Madusa slaps him and the ninja chases her off. You don't think the ninja might possibly be......nah. Not in wrestling.

Match #6: The Steiner Brothers vs. Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson (c) (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) - WCW World Tag Team Championship.

Gary Michael Cappetta announces that WCW Executive Vice President K. Allen Frye has barred Paul E. from ringside. Madusa is out to replace him, so I guess that's okay. Scott and Eaton start it off. Lock up, to the ropes and a break. Lock up, Scott gets a fireman carry takeover. Scott gets a takedown and then hits the rear chinlock. Leg takedown by Scott and Eaton makes the ropes. Lock up, side headlock for Scott into another leg takedown. Off the ropes, Eaton gets a swinging neckbreaker. Eaton goes up and comes down into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and Eaton bails. Back in, Eaton tags out to Arn. Arn wants Rick and Scott tags him in. Lock up, side headlock for Rick. Off the ropes, Rick gets a shoulderblock. Arn goes off the ropes and Rick gets a powerslam. Rick is caught in the heel corner but fights out, and Arn bails to the floor. Back in, lock up and to the face corner where Scott gets the tag. Arn kicks the knee a couple of times and then powers Scott down with a wristlock. Eaton in for some double teaming, but Scott gets a double arm drag and Rick comes in to clothesline both heels over the top and to the floor. Back in the ring, Arn throws Scott to the floor, but Scott avoids a double team and gets an inverted atomic drop on Arn. Back in the ring, Scott gets a reverse chinlock. To the heel corner, Eaton tags in and takes Scott to the ramp. Scott whips him into the ropes and hits the tilt-a-whirl on the ramp! Back in the ring, Scott gets a camel clutch but then tags in Rick. Eaton gets a body slam, goes up but Rick follows to get him on his shoulders where Scott springboards in with a clothesline to take him down. All four in the ring now, as Rick goes up but comes down on Eaton's knee crotch first. You don't see that often. Arn is in now and he stomps Rick. He takes Rick's head to Eaton's knee and tags Eaton in. Eaton to an armbar on the mat. Rick elbows out, but gets taken out by a clothesline from Arn, who got the blind tag. All four in the ring again, as the Steiners get stereo suplexes. Arn goes to the middle rope but jumps into a clothesline from Rick. Scott comes in and gets a back bodydrop on Arn. Suplex for Scott that gets 2. Scott to the front facelock, but Arn knees out. They start to club each other, but Arn slams Scott's head into Eaton's in a crazy move. Arn kneedrops the throat for 2. Tag to Eaton, who gets in the right hand. Body slam for Eaton and he goes up top and hits the flying knee drop! Cover....1...2...kick out! Arn in again for a whip, reversed by Scott, but he puts his head down for an Arn DDT! Cover...1...2...kick out! Scott gets a bodyscissors, but Arn turns it into a Boston crab! Nicele done. Eaton in and he goes to the camel clutch. Scott is forcing his way to his corner, but Eaton releases the hold and knock Rick off the apron. Arn takes Scott to the ramp for a backbreak. Eaton to the top, Arn with a Rocket launcher to Scott on the ramp! Eaton takes Scott to the railing, but Scott does the same. Eaton comes back and puts Scott in the ring. Arn tagged in, but Scott reverses and puts Arn's head into Eaton's knee. Hot tag to Rick! Steinerline for Arn! Rick goes up, but Arn catches him and puts him on his shoulders. Eaton with a crossbody from the top, but Rick rolls through! 1....2....kick out! Arn whips Rick to the corner but charges and hits boot. Rick with a bulldog from the top on Arn! Madusa gives Arn some poweder and tosses it in Rick's eyes. Rick suplexes the referee while blinded. Scott hits Eaton with the Frankensteiner! Another ref is in...1....2....3! (20:06) But wait! Referee Nick Patrick is calling for the disqualification for striking the official. DUSTY FINISH!! A shitty ending to a fine tag team match. ***1/2

WINNERS: By disqualification and STILL WCW World Tag Team Champions, Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson. If this match gets a clean finish, it's an easy ****. The finish brought it down a notch. Great action in the ring from all parties. 

Ross and Ventura review what happened in the last match as Jesse thinks the right call was made when Rick tossed Randy Anderson while blinded. The crowd is still booing this decision and the Steiners would chase Eaton and Anderson for the next couple of months before winning them at a house show in Chicago on 5/3/92.

Missy is backstage, again trying to get to Steamboat, as he comes out of his locker room with the ninja and make their way to the ring.

Match #7: Ricky Steamboat (w/ the Ninja) vs. Rick Rude (c) - WCW United States Championship.

The champ enters first as I withhold my inner rage at that unpleasantness. Rude getting massive heat from the crowd as he tries to get his opening spiel out. I mean, they are completely drowning him out here. It's a pretty awesome sight to behold. He calls them "fat, out of shape, Milwaukee meatheads". C'mon, Rick, that's being polite! Here we go. Lock up and break. Lock up again and to the corner. Referee separates them, but Rude tries a right which is blocked. Steamboat gets the armdrags then rams Rude facefirst to the mat for 2. Armbar for Steamboat. Back kick to the midsection for Steamboat and back to the armbar. Steamboat takes Rude's shoulder to the post as Jesse calls that a cheapshot. Steamboat goes to the armbar again. Chops to the shoulder for Steamboat and back to the armbar. Rude gets to his feet and gets a few rights to break. To the corner for some forearms, but Steamboat gets in some kicks and grabs the armbar again. Steamboat gets a hammerlock and than slams Rude on the arm. Back to the armbar. *sigh* Rude breaks with a right, off the ropes, Steamboat gets a crossbody for 2. Aaaaand back to the fucking armbar again. Rude to his feet with a forearm, but Steamboat lays in some chops. Rude is off the ropes and he gets a crossbody but they hit the ropes in a botch. Rude kicks Steamboat to the floor, then follows out and drops him throat first on the railing. To the apron, Rude gets in a forearm to the chest and suplexes Steamboat in. They trade punches and chops and Rude gets a clothesline with the weakened arm. Rude goes to the reverse chinlock. I hope this match finishes hot. Steamboat to his feet, Rude off the ropes, Steamboat puts his head down and Rude gets in a boot to the midsection and a clothesline. Rude drops Steamboat on the top rope throat first. Swinging neckbreaker for Rude. Rude hits a beautiful piledriver! Slow cover..1....2....kick out! Rude with a back suplex. Cover...1....2....kick out! Rude goes to the side headlock. Steamboat gets a legbreaker and then the figute four leglock! Rude makes the ropes. Steamboat tries again, but Rude shoves him off into the corner, then gets a clothesline from behind. Rude to the top and he comes down with a blow to the head of Steamboat. Rude to the top again and hits a forearm across the back of the head. Cover...1...2....kick out! Rude to the reverse chinlock, then to the camel clutch, which is a popular move tonight. Steamboat gets up and has Rude in the electric chair and drops him! They go back and forth on the ropes and then hit heads in the middle of the ring. To their feet, Rude gets a sleeper. The referee checks the arm, but Steamboat starts the comeback. To the ropes, and Steamboat gets his own sleeper. Rude counters with a jawbreaker to put Steamboat down. Rude to the top, but Steamboat catches him with a kick and crotches him. Steamboat up there with him, and pretty superplex from the very top! Cover...1...2...kick out! Steamboat with a couple of clotheslines then a whip into a back bodydrop. Steamboat with a seated clothesline. Cover.1....2...kick out! Steamboat to the top now and off with a flying chop! The ninja is on the apron and he hits Steamboat with a phone! What the...? How can that be?? Rude covers...1.....2.....3! (20:02) ***

WINNER: And STILL WCW United States Champion, Rick Rude. After a slow start, this one picked up. Not as good a match as one would expect, but still a valiant effort from both at the end. Of course, speculation is that the ninja was Paul E. 

Back to Missy backstage as she goes into the Dangerous Alliance locker room to talk to Rude and stumbles into a face to face with Paul E. in the ninja outfit, who immediately hides his face as Missy screeches to a level that only dogs could hear.

Match #8: Sting vs. Lex Luger (c) (w/ Harley Race) - WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Nice reception for Sting, but that rat tail on the back of his head needs to go. I would boo him on principle for that. Luger comes down second and his apathy is apparent before the bell even rings. Stalling to start, as they stand in the middle and discuss their dinner plans or something. Remember that time Goldberg and Brock Lesnar took five minutes to lock up? They finally hook it up here and they break in the corner. Lock up again and Luger clubs away. To the corner, Luger whips to the opposite corner but a charge misses. Sting whips to the other corner and hits the Stinger splash, but Luger charges out with a huge clothesline. That was cool. Powerslam for Luger. Sting hits a German suplex and then tries for his version of the torture rack. Luger with a whip off the ropes, but puts his head own and Sting hits a leaping DDT. Luger bails to the floor after that. Race distracts Sting long enough for Luger to pull Sting out to the floor, but Sting reverses a rail attempt into one of his own. Back in the ring, and Sting chokes Luger with his boot in the corner. Whip to the other corner into a back bodyrop for 2. Sting tries for the Scorpion Deathlock but Luger makes the ropes. In the corner, Luger thumbs the eye to take over. He rakes the eyes along the ropes which Jesse approves of. Luger kicks the ribs a few times. To the corner, Luger with some rights. Sting comes back with a choke until the ref breaks it. Luger goes low on Sting to take over again then hits an inverted atomic drop. Luger continues the attack and then hits an overhead press slam. Race is calling for the piledriver and Luger hits it, but it was ugly. Cover...1...2...kick out! Luger drops a few elbows, cover...1...2...kick out. They go to the corner as Sting fights back with rights and kicks. Headfirst to the mat goes Luger. Sting resorts to raking the eyes along the ropes, then drops Luger throat first on the top rope. A couple of back rakes for Sting then more rights. Sting goes for a dive but Luger moves and Sting hits the floor. Luger goes out and takes Sting to the railing. Race tries a piledriver but Sting backdrops out of it, then goes to the top rope and hits Luger with a flying crossbody. 1...2....3!(13:02) **1/2

WINNER: And NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion....Sting! The match was only okay. Luger was on his way out and while there was a little bit of life in him, this was far from his best effort. Sting didn't show much and resorted to heel tactics like choking and raking. Uninspired offense from the Stinger here, plus the conclusion was never in question. 

Overall, a very good show that is recommended viewing. Liger/Pillman was match of the night by far. The surprise of the show may have been the Simmons/Cactus match. On the other side, I expected more from Steamboat/Rude. 


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