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From the Grudge Match: Stranger Reviews WrestleMania VIII

Meanwhile, Saturday Night's Main Event just aired on 2/8/92. Here is what has happened between then and now, building up to this show...

  • On the 2/15/92 edition of WWF Superstars, it was announced that Hulk Hogan agreed to waive his shot at the WWF Championship so that he can get a crack at Sid Justice at WrestleMania VIII. The title shot now goes to Randy Savage. Flair would hint at a piece of news that he and Mr. Perfect knew about that Savage did not know.
  • It is also during the 2/15/92 WWF Superstars, that Sensational Sherri makes her first appearance as the manager for Shawn Michaels.
  • On the 2/15/92 edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge, we get the final "Barber Shop" segment, as Sid Justice is the guest. He destroys the set, chasing off Brutus Beefcake.
  • On the 2/22/92 edition of WWF Superstars, exclusive footage is shown of the events immediately following Saturday Night's Main Event, of The Undertaker preventing Jake Roberts from assaulting Elizabeth with a chair, thus beginning The Undertaker's face turn.
  • On the 2/29/92 edition of WWF Superstars, Jake Roberts was a guest on "The Funeral Parlor". After The Undertaker and Paul Bearer officially severed ties with Roberts, Jake attacked The Undertaker, locking his arm inside a casket and hitting him with a chair repeatedly, then giving Bearer the DDT on the set. The Undertaker would stalk Jake with his arm still trapped in the casket.
  • During this same episode, it was announced that Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster has defeated The Legion of Doom for the WWF Tag Team Championship at a house show in Denver, CO on 2/7/92. The team would take on the moniker Money Inc. and hire Jimmy Hart as their new manager. The Natural Disasters would receive the first title shot at WrestleMania VIII.
  • Jim Neidhart would make his final appearance in the WWF for 4 years as a member of The New Foundation, leaving Owen Hart as a singles wrestler.
  • On the 2/29/92 edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge, Sid Justice would make his first appearance with manager Harvey Wippleman.
  • On the 3/7/92 edition of WWF Superstars, Ric Flair reveals for the first time that Elizabeth was his before she was with Randy Savage, showing a photo of himself with Elizabeth by a pool that was a preview for a spread in WWF Magazine. Flair promised more photos the following week.
  • During this same episode, Sid Justice debuted the gimmick of putting opponents on a stretcher after his matches.
  • On the 3/14/92 edition of WWF Superstars, footage was shown of the WrestleMania VIII press conference and a verbal confrontation between Hulk Hogan and Sid Justice.
  • Ric Flair revealed more photos of himself with Elizabeth, with separate footage of Randy Savage's reaction and denial.
  • The first vignette for Nailz was aired, with his promise of revenge for The Big Boss Man.
  • Virgil attempted to save a jobber from Sid Justice, but wound up getting his face smashed into an exposed turnbuckle, leading to Virgil requiring a protective face mask for several weeks.
  • On the 3/14/92 edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge, Roddy Piper and Bret Hart had a face-to-face interview conducted by Gene Okerlund that was very tense, including a teased heel turn by Piper where he almost hit Bret from behind with the IC title belt.
  • On the 3/21/92 edition of WWF Superstars, while aboard his yacht, Ric Flair revealed even more photos of himself with Elizabeth. 
  • Also during this episode, rumors began swirling about WrestleMania VIII being Hulk Hogan's last match.
  • Tatanka and Rick Martel had a altercation in the aisle between their respective matches.
  • On the 3/28/92 edition of WWF Superstars, Ric Flair held a press conference where he revealed he had possession of a scarf that belonged to Elizabeth that was seen in photos he had revealed, and he would wear the scarf at WrestleMania.
  • On the 3/28/92 edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge, WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. were interviewed by Gene Okerlund immediately following a Natural Disasters squash match, but the Disasters ran off Money Inc.
  • During the March to WrestleMania special that aired on 3/29/92, a retrospective of Hulk Hogan's career was presented; following that, Vince McMahon had a sit-down nterview with Hogan, where Hogan was asked if WrestleMania VIII was his final match; Hogan did not confirm nor deny, but stated that he would know the answer after his match with Sid Justice.
  • Also during this special, Elizabeth revealed the photos from Flair were faked, and that they had the negatives to prove that the photos were actually Elizabeth with Randy Savage.
  • During the 4/4/92 edition of WWF Superstars, Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect promised they would reveal a centerfold of Elizabeth at WrestleMania.
  • Lex Luger was announced as part of an upcoming WBF Superstars episode.
Now that you're all caught up, let's check out the show.

Rated TV-14 for VIOLENCE!!!! 

LIVE! from the Hoooooooosierdome in Indianapolis, IN. Your commentary team is Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. Heenan is looking around for the giant centerfold of Elizabeth that Flair promised. Keep looking, Bobby.

BUT FIRST...."The Star-Spangled Banner" by Tito Santana's sister, Arriba McEntire. 

Match #1: Tito Santana vs. Shawn Michaels (w/ Sensational Sherri).

Tito, ever the gentleman, kisses Arriba's hand and allows her to pass. Shawn comes down to "Sexy Boy" as sung by Sherri. Shawn is apparently too sexy for this crowd accoring to his jacket. Some of you probably have no idea what the hell that reference is and you are better off for it. We get some stalling to start and a shoving match. Tito hits a crossbody coming off the ropes and gets a quick 2 count. Tito gets a side headlock on the mat. To their feet and Shawn lays in some rights on the ropes. Tito hits a clothesline over the top rope to put Shawn on the floor. Tito drags Shawn back in with a headlock. To the corner, and Shawn lays in some shoulderblocks. Whip to the opposite corner is reversed, but Shawn goes up and over. Another whip is reversed, this time Shawn goes up and over nothing, as Tito held up and lays in some rights. Back to the side headlock on the mat for Tito. Shawn tries to lift Tito out, but Tito hangs on and gets a pin attempt with the side headlock for 2. Off the ropes, Shawn puts his head down and Tito gets a small package for 2. Tito goes back to the headlock. Off the ropes again, and Shawn tosses Tito over the top to the floor. Shawn drags Tito back in, whips him off the ropes and hits a backbreaker. Cover..1....2...kick out! Shawn goes to a reverse chinlock. Tito elbows out, but then runs into a superkick. Since this is 1992, it's not Shawn's finisher. He goes for his 1992 finisher, the teardrop suplex, but Tito punches out and comes off the ropes with the flying forearm that sends Shawn to the floor. Tito follows out and takes Shawn to the stairs. Shawn is back in, and Tito slingshots in with a clothesline. Inverted atomic drop, and with the crowd fired up, Tito hits the El Paso de Morte, but Michaels smartly rolls to the floor. On the apron, Tito tries to slam Shawn back in, but Shawn falls on top. Cover...1...2....3!! (10:38) **1/2

WINNER: Shawn Michaels. Good start for Mr. WrestleMania with his first major singles win. This match started slow with stalling and headlocks, but it kicked into gear before the quick ending stopped that. This needed a few more minutes, to be honest. 

We go to Gene Okerlund at the podium who introduces The Legion of Doom, who have not been seen on TV for several weeks and even lost their titles during a house show. They bring Paul Ellering with them, who makes his WWF debut here. This was an attempt to freshen up the LOD by reuniting them with Ellering. They vow revenge on Jimmy Hart and Money Inc for screwing them out of the titles. Hawk compares themselves to a runaway train with no driver but now with Ellering driving, it's even scarier. Ellering states that they have always earned their money the old-fashioned beating people for it. Ellering cut a good promo here and this should have been the spark that LOD needed, but this was 1992 and you would be a *ahem* dummy to think this was going to get better for them.

Sean Mooney is backstage with Jake Roberts. Rumor is that Jake is bringing a snake to the ring. Jake says that Tunney will not allow it, as they go over Jake's attack on The Undertaker during the Funeral Parlor. Jake calls the attack mere foreplay and that he will put the final nail in Taker's him. 

Match #2: The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Jake Roberts.

It's weird to see The Undertaker make an entrance with no light show. This would be match number two of the streak. Jake dodges Taker to start things off. He tries a right to no effect. Another right is shrugged off. Jake clotheslines Taker over the top and to the floor and follows him out, but Taker whips him to the post. Back in, Jake keeps hitting Taker with rights. Whip to the corner and more rights. Another whip is stopped by Taker who gets one of his own, and then he lays in with choking in the corner. Heeeere we go *sigh*. Whip to the opposite corner and more.....choking. Throat trust by Taker in the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, and Jake bounces out into.....a choke hold. Taker breaks before five and then hits an elbow drop. Off the ropes for a huge flying clothesline, the one move Taker could always get right. Jake goes up and over on a slam attempt and HITS THE DDT!! Crowd buzzes for that, but then pop when Taker SITS UP! Jake with a knee to the gut and a short-arm clothesline, but Taker sits up again. Another DDT! Jake gets uncharacteristically stupid and goes after Bearer on the outside. Taker sits up, goes to the floor, grabs Jake and hits the TOMBSTONE ON THE FLOOR! He rolls Jake into the ring, covers..1....2...3! (6:36) *1/2

WINNER: The Undertaker (2-0). Let's face it, The Undertaker in his original incarnation was very limited because of the gimmick. There wasn't much Jake was going to be able to do with him. The finish lifted this match somewhat, but Jake leaves the WWF on a down note. Not his finest hour. Jake would appear in WCW very soon after this.

Gene Okerlund is backstage with both WWF Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper and his opponent Bret Hart. Piper lets Bret know that he loves the Hart family and remembers Bret when he was a little kid. Helen used to make some nice baloney sandwiches, apparently. The only thing Bret cares about is that belt (go figure) and then things get a little testy. Good way to show the tensions between the two to let us know how serious this is.

Match #3: Roddy Piper (c) vs. Bret Hart - WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Piper is all business coming down the aisle. The two come nose to nose in the middle of the ring before locking up. Piper gets an armdrag. Lock up again, this time Bret gets the armdrag. A third lock up and Piper takes Bret down and rides him, then to the wasitlock but Bret shrugs him off through the ropes and to the floor. Piper is pissed and they shove each other. I always enjoy when babyfaces get bitchy with each other. Knuckle lock for the two and they trade wristlocks. Piper tries to get out but Bret won't let up. Piper takes Bret's head to the corner but Bret is still hanging on. After fighting it, Bret finally takes Piper down and to the armbar. Piper to his feet, off the ropes, Bret goes under a clothesline and hits a dropkick but lands on his shoulder. He's duping Piper, though and gets a surprise inside cradle...1...2..kick out! Piper SLAPS the shit out of him for that. YES!! Off the ropes, Bret gets a crossbody that takes the two over the top and to the floor. Piper gets back in first, and holds the ropes open for Bret to come back in. Bret does so carefully and the crowd enjoys that show of sportsmanship. Then Piper CLOCKS Bret out of nowhere. Bret is busted open. Piper gets a bulldog out of the corner. Cover...1...2...kick out! Piper bites the cut and whips Bret to the corner. Kneelift from Piper. Cover..1...2...kick out! Piper with a right. Off the ropes, Bret gets a sunset flip! 1...2...kick out! Piper gets up and unloads with rights to put Bret down. Cover...1...2...kick out! They trade rights, then Bret comes off the ropes with a forearm that puts Piper to the floor. Piper back in and they each other down. Piper up first and he goes up, crowd abuzzing. Bret plays possum and crotches Piper on the top rope. Inverted atomic drop followed by a nice suplex. Cover...1...2...kick out! Bret with the Russian legsweep. Cover...1...2...kick out! Bret with the backbreaker then he goes for the Sharpshooter but Piper blocks. Bret the drops the elbow and climbs to the second ropes. He jumps off into Piper's boot! They're on the mat now slugging each other. To their feet, Piper shoves Bret into the referee accidentally and he is down. Bret is dumped to the floor and Piper follows him out. Piper takes Bret's head to the stairs and then grabs the ring bell. Both back in the ring now, and Piper is conflicted in whether to use the bell or not. The crowd is split on this and Piper decides to toss the bell. Piper slaps on the sleeper! Bret kicks off from the corner with Piper still holding the move. Piper's shoulders are down! The ref is up! 1....2....3!! (13:51) ****1/2

WINNER: And NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion, Bret Hart. Great match! These two conveyed intensity throughout, something a title match should always have. Probably Piper's best match in his WWF career. The match started out as a technical affair and then quickly escalated into a stiff fight. After the match, Piper grabs the title and after a few moments of deliberation, slaps it around Bret's waist. Bret is a bloody mess here. They embrace and leave together.

Bobby Heenan introduces Lex Luger via satellite from his home in Atlanta. Heenan declares him the next WBF Champion, something that once was a thing. Lex looks way more beefed up here a little more than a month after SuperBrawl II. The narcissim displayed here by Luger was off the charts. Of course, not long after this, he would get into a motorcycle accident which would put him on the shelf for several months and get him a steel plate in his forearm. Luger flexes and drinks some milk.

We get a backstage promo from The Mountie, Repo Man and The Nasty Boys. They each take their turn getting pumped up for the upcoming 8-man tag. This is followed by Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, The Big Boss Man and a face-mask wearing Virgil getting their promo time.

Match #4: Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, The Big Boss Man & Virgil vs. The Mountie, Repo Man & The Nasty Boys.

Then-Family Feud host Ray Combs does intros for this match. Combs says they conducted a survey on the people's feelings on each man in the match. The Mountie does the work of three men, Larry, Curly & Moe. Repo Man is not two-faced because he would be wearing the other one right now. The Nasty Boys are two men sharing one brain. Their success in wrestling was "lucky". Not very funny stuff here. Combs, of course, is a tragic story in his own right. The heels chase Combs off and the brawl is on. The faces clear the ring. Duggan and Sags start us off. Sags takes Duggan to the corner. Whip is reversed and Duggan gets a clothesline and then an atomic drop. Slaughter in the ring now but Sags takes over and tags in Knobbs. Whip to the corner is reversed and Slaughter gets a clothesline. Off the ropes and Slaughter goes low with an elbow. Boss Man tagged in and he gets a big boot. In the corner for some clubberin' but Boss Man misses a charge in the corner. Repo Man tagged in. He gets a crotch full of boot and Boss Man slugs him down. Virgil in now with a dropkick and a flying crossbody off the top. The pin is broken up and The Mountie puts him down. Repo with a back suplex.Virgil is triple-teamed for a moment and then Sags takes over. Pumphandle slam for Sags. Cover..1....2...kick out! The Mountie in as he goes to the middle rope and comes off into a spinebuster from the Boss Man. Everybody in the ring now but Sags accidentally hits Knobbs and Virgil makes the cover..1...2...3! (6:33) *

WINNERS: Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, The Big Boss Man & Virgil. Just filler for the most part. It wasn't horrible but it was pretty meaningless. This is the match that made Virgil into a future star on the autograph circuit.

Sean Mooney is backstage with WWF champ Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect. They have a blown up photo of Elizabeth that they have not revealed yet. Flair says this is Savage's attempt to defend the honor of his lady and win the championship. When Savage is flat on his back, Mr. Perfect will wave the centerfold around. Elizabeth is ALL THE WAY LIVE! WWOOOOOOO!!

Gene Okerlund is outside the locker room of Savage, who is not permitting interviews.

Match #5: Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair (c) - WWF Championship.

Champ comes out first because they're fucking with me! Perfect had the giant photo backstage but comes out empty-handed here. Savage comes out by himself and charges the ring, but Flair bails. Savage goes after Flair in the aisle! Here comes Perfect to pull him off! They hit the ring and Flair with a chop. Savage comes off the ropes with a clothesline and then knees Flair into the corner. Savage mounts the corner for some punches. To the opposite corner and Flair runs into a back elbow from Savage. That gets a 2 count. Flair back bodydrops Savage over the top rope and to the floor. On the floor, Flair with a chop and then rams Savage back first into the apron. Savage on the apron now, and Flair lays in with some stomps. In the corner for more Flair chops. Flair with a suplex. Cover...1...2..kick out! Flair with a back suplex now. Cover..1...2...kick out! In the corner for a chop and then a whip to the opposite corner. Another whip to the other corner and Flair hits a chop to take Savage down. Cover...1...2..kick out! Flair hits a knee drop coming off the ropes. Flair kicks Savage out of the ring and to the floor. On the floor, Flair rams Savage's back into the apron again. Flair suplexes Savage back in. Cover...1...2...kick out! Flair whips Savage to the corner and lays in a right hand. Another one slumps Savage in the corner, where Flair lays in some stomps. Another chop from Flair, but Savage comes back with a right. Back and forth they go until Flair stops that with a knee to the gut. Whip off the ropes, Flair puts his head down and Savage gets a neckbreaker! Both men are down. To their feet now, Savage slugs away but Flair gets a thumb to the eye and goes to the top. Savage catches him up there and tosses him off the top. Savage whips him to the corner and back bodydrops him coming out. Savage with another whip to the corner, but Flair goes up and over and comes off the top into a right hand from Savage! Cover...1...2...kick out! Savage clotheslines the champ to the floor, then goes up top and down with an axehandle to Flair on the floor. Savage takes Flair's head to the stairs and then to the ring post where Flair gets in the flop. Flair is busted open now, and Savage follows up with a suplex on the floor. Savage puts Flair in the ring an mounts him for some punching. Savage goes up top again and comes down with a double axehandle! Cover...1...2....kick out! Savage to the top for the elbow and he HITS IT! Cover...1....2....PERFECT PULLS HIM OFF! The ref failed to see it apparently. Perfect in the ring now and the ref gets between them. Perfect tosses a foreign object to Flair, who promptly NAILS Savage with it! Flair covers...1....2...KICK THE FUCK OUT! Flair lays in some punching on the mat. Perfect with a chair and rams it into Savage's knee, while the ref is distracted! Here comes Elizabeth. That will turn the tide! Flair attacks the knee on the ropes, while official are trying to get Elizabeth out of there. Flair goes for the figure four leglock! Flair gets an assist from Perfect and then starts slapping Savage around. Savage is fighting it....trying to turn it over.....trying.....he gets it! But the hold breaks and Flair tries for a slam, bu Savage gets a small package. 1....2....kick out! Flair takes Savage to the corner for chops. Looking out at Elizabeth: "THIS IS FOR YOU, BABY! WOOO!" Savage gets a right hand, then rolls up Flair...1....2....3!!!! (18:04) ****1/2

WINNER: and NEW WWF Champion, Randy Savage. What a match! Savage took a beating like a man. Mr. Perfect was one cheating bastard. Flair was his usual awesome self. The only fault I find with this match was the abrupt, out-of-nowhere ending. After the match, Flair goes after Elizabeth and kisses her and Liz just slaps the shit out of him. Savage attacks but is pulled off by the officials. Flair and Perfect shove people out of the way in order to get more licks in on Savage. Flair and Perfect are finally sent packing as Savage is a mad man in there. This is such a great story. Of course, not long after this, Savage and Liz would divorce and tragic endings would be had by all.

Backstage, Sean Mooney is backstage with an irate Flair and Perfect. Perfect claims that Savage had a hand full of tights. Here comes Heenan to join them to corroborate. Flair begins his promo calm and poised with a face full of blood. Awesome. Flair says they will reassemble the team and wants to see Savage try again. Perfect claims that Flair has never taken a short cut in his career. Replay does indeed show that Savage had the tights. Flair promises to beat Savage and kiss Elizabeth again.

Gene Okerlund is with the new champ Savage and Elizabeth. The title is what makes Flair tick and he only took a piece of Flair, He wants the whole package and what he did to Elizabeth has made him even madder than before. Okerlund asks Elizabeth if she feels vindicated but Savage cuts him off, sends Elizabeth off with the belt, and tears his shirt up. A pissed off Savage is always great stuff.

We get a video recap of the Hulk Hogan-Sid Justice feud, including Sid' less than professional reaction to Hogan being awarded the WrestleMania title shot, then Sid leaving Hogan in the lurch against Flair and The Undertaker on Saturday Night's Main Event, then Sid running off Beefcake from the set of The Barber Shop, then destroying the set with a chair. This is where we have Sid yelling at the camera with white powder all over his face like he was in Scarface or something. Then we get clips of Sid just annihilating various jobbers.

We come back to some Native Americans performing a ritual in the ring. Sean Mooney is backstage with Rick Martel, who says that Indians don't have a sense of style. He also says that Tatanka was seen ouside "scalping tickets". Non-PC jokes need to make a comeback.

Match #6: Tatanka vs. Rick Martel. 

I have never been sure why this match was on a WrestleMania card, but considering that Tatanka got some good build with his vignettes, Vince must have been high on him. Lock up, to the corner where Martel gets in some knees. Whip to the opposite corner is reversed and Tatanka gets a hiptoss and some body slams, and Martel bails to the floor. Back in the ring, Tatanka gets a wristlock and some chops. Off the ropes, Tatanka blocks a hiptoss but Martel gets a clothesline for a 2 count. Martel tosses Tatanka over the top and to the floor. Martel follows out and gets in some kicks. Back in the ring, Martel continues with the stomps. Backbreaker for Martel and he goes to the top. For what? I don't know because Tatanka shakes the ropes to crotch him. Huge chop for Tatanka. Back bodydrop out of the corner, then some chops. Whip off the ropes, Tatanka puts his head down and Martel kicks him. Slam for Martel, then a whip off the ropes into a clothesline. Another whip, Tatanka goes under a clothesline and comes off with a crossbody...1....2...3!! (4:33) *1/2

WINNER: Tatanka, as he gets his first major victory. The match was short and pretty paint-by-numbers at that. It really had no business being on this card.

Sean Mooney is backstage with the tag champs, Money Inc. and manager Jimmy Hart. Jimmy reminds the Natural Disasters that he knows all their secrets. Okerlund is with the challengers, and they want revenge on Jimmy Hart for betraying them.

Match #7: The Natural Disasters vs. Money, Inc. (c) - WWF Tag Team Championship.

Earthquake and DiBiase start us off. Lock up and Quake shoves DiBiase to the corner. Another lock up and another shove to the corner. Earthquake powers DiBiase down who bails to his corner. DiBiase with a knee to the gut, but Quake reverses a whip and hits a clothesline. Clothesline for IRS coming in. The faces clear the ring as the heels bail. IRS takes over in the ring, but Quake wrings the arm and tags in Typhoon. Typhoon whips IRS to the corner and then steps on his tie. Head to the buckle 10 times. Typhoon misses a charge and DiBiase is in for some chops and rights. Corner whip is reversed and DiBiase is down. Typhoon charges DiBiase on the ropes but DiBiase dodges and Typhoon falls to the floor. IRS is out there to take his head to the steps. Back in the ring, the heels gets a double clothesline. IRS covers...1...2...kick out! DiBiase in and he takes Typhoon to the corner for some rights, then a double team back elbow coming off the ropes. IRS gets a front facelock, then tags in DiBiase. Typhoon and DiBiase clothesline each other down. Both men make the tag, as Earthquake gets some shoulderblocks on IRS in the corner. All four men are in the ring, as Earthquake clotheslines DiBiase out. Typhoon comes off the ropes with a splash, and now Earthquake signals for the Quake splash, but Jimmy Hart and DiBiase pull IRS out, then they grab the titles and bail. The referee counts them out! (8:38) *

WINNERS: Via countout, The Natural Disasters. Money, Inc. remain the tag champs however, as the title cannot change hands with that decision. Lame ending to a heatless match. The fans dug babyface Earthquake but he was saddled with the useless former Tugboat. The Disasters would continue their chase of Money, Inc. for several months before winning the titles on 7/20/92 at a house show in Worcester, MA.

Gene Okerlund is backstage with Brutus Beefcake. He is Hulk Hogan's best friend, and has always seen Hogan keep his dignity. He wants Hogan to know he is behind him all the way. He should have been doing the Big Wiggle when he said that.

Match #8: Owen Hart vs. Skinner.

Owen briefly wrestled as a singles guy as The New Foundation was split up due to the firing of Jim Neidhart in February for "unprofessional conduct". I find it hard to believe that a stand up citizen like Neidhart could ever be unprofessional. Owen backflips from the top rope into the ring where Skinner is waiting for him with a mouthful of tobacco spit. That is just disgusting. I'm appalled at that waste of tobacco. Skinner whips Owen to the corner and then gets a shoulder breaker. Skinner works Owen over in the ropes and then whips him off into a right hand. Skinner goes for the reverse DDT but Owen kicks out at 2!! Skinner tosses Owen over the top then turns his back and misses Owen skinning the cat back in. Owen gets a roll up...1...2...3! (1:36) 1/2*

WINNER: Owen Hart. Nothing match as it was too short to really go anywhere. This is another match that should not have been on a WrestleMania card. Owen would be teamed with Koko B. Ware as High Energy not long after this, so I guess at that time, Vince did not see much value in Owen as a singles wrestler.

Backstage, Gene Okerlund is with Sid Justice and his manager, Harvey Wippleman. I never understood that pairing, as Harvey was mainly managing curtain jerkers like Big Bully Busick and The Warlord prior to this. Maybe it was Sid's request, since they worked together in Memphis. Sid calls Gene a "fat, bald-headed little oaf". They show clips of Vince's interview with Hogan from March to Wrestlemania and the question of whether this will be Hogan's last match. Hogan waffles and doesn't give an answer. We come back to Sid claiming that he is the man to end Hulkamania.

Match #9: Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice (w/ Harvey Wippleman).

Wippleman takes care of Sid's introduction, as he calls it "WrassleMania". No wonder some people associate the sport with rednecks. Hogan comes down to the ring with a nice pop. Sid attacks before the bell, as Hogan's music still plays as he makes the comeback and puts Sid to the floor after a clothesline off the apron. The match officially gets underway as Hogan and Sid go nose-to-nose. Sid gets in some kicks to start things off. To the corner, as Sid fish hooks Hogan. Sid kicks Hogan down to his knees. Off the ropes, Hogan gets in a couple rights as Sid bails to the floor. Sid eventually gets back in the ring and wants a test of strength. The crowd is really jazzed for this match. They lock fingers and Sid gets the advantage, getting Hogan down to his knees. Of course, the crowd gets behind Hogan as starts to come back. Hogan back to his feet but Sid takes him to the corner for some knees. Whip to the opposite corner is reversed and Hogan follows in with a clothesline. Sid comes back with a chokeslam! "Do unto the man, as he would do unto you.....but do it first!". No bad, Sid. Not bad. Sid gets some forearms to the kidneys then boots Hogan to the floor. Out there, Sid hits Hogan in the back with Harvey's doctor bag. Back in the ring, Sid goes to a nerve hold. This goes on for a couple of minues, unfortunately. Hogan makes the comeback with elbows but Sid promptly hits a side slam to take back control. Sid HITS THE POWERBOMB! Cover...1....2....KICK OUT! Let the Hulk Up begin! Rights for Hogan. Headfirst to the buckle, off the ropes, big boot! Hogan calls for the body slam and gets it. Off the ropes for the legdrop! Cover...1...2....somebody botched because Sid kicked out while Harvey was on the apron. Hogan goes for Harvey and the referee calls for the bell. (12:28) *

WINNER: Via disqualification, Hulk Hogan. This match was energetic and the crowd was hot for it, but Hogan and Sid couldn't deliver. The botched ending and DQ were not a good way to end things. After the match, Papa Shango makes his way down to the ring to assist in the post-match festivities. WHERE WERE YOU TWO MINUTES AGO?? Probably casting spells causing women to shed some clothing. Sid and Shango lay the beatdown on Hogan until..... from out of nowhere KERRY VON ERICH IN ULTIMATE WARRIOR MAKEUP MAKES THE SAVE!!! Actually, that is the real Ultimate Warrior making his return to the WWF. How anyone could not see that it was legit is beyond me. Hogan and Warrior do the posedown to close the show and send everyone home happy.

WrestleMania VIII is a tale of two shows: everything from the opener to Savage/Flair is great, but everything after that is pretty bad. The show ends on a positive note with the return of The Ultimate Warrior, but there is so much filler on this show that did not deserve to be here. The roster was very thin at this point, and with Hogan leaving (for a while), bringing back Warrior made a lot of sense.

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