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Scott Sawitz's Kickstarter

Friends, family, former co-workers, people I know professionally… and the occasional former supervisor,

Many of you know that my writing partner, Mike Noyes, and I have been working on a script for the last year entitled "Confessions of a Superhero." It's a simple premise: a superhero and a super villain are roommates and best friends, but don't know each other's secret identities. Set in San Francisco, the series follows a night in the life of the duo.

John is Captain Liberty and has assembled the Legion of Valor together for their weekly poker night. They have a new member to induct, as well, and discussions of all things super heroic are on the table.

Blake is Professor Payne, wannabe conqueror of the Bay Area, and has a hot first date with a girl he met online. Also he has a death ray to complete; taking over the world isn't as easy as it sounds.

Basically, we've come up with a shoe string budget and a hilarious project that we'd like to show off to the world, but we need your help. We can't get this thing off the ground without the assistance of those that we hold dearest. There's a great website called Kickstarter that's made for just this purpose; allowing us to raise the funds via the contributions of those that care about us. Also, you'll get some pretty sweet stuff for helping us out.

Check out our project page here:

Despite what many people might already assume, we won't get any of the pledged money if we don't hit our goal: $10,000. Even the smallest donation can help. We're not asking you to donate every penny you have for our cause; we humbly ask for your support at even the smallest level. Every donation helps.

Also (and this part is VERY important!) please share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tell everyone who will listen about this! We need to get as many eyeballs on this project as we can to encourage contributions. We all have time for funny joke and chain emails, but how often can we all say that we helped someone achieve their dream? This could truly make a difference if we hit this goal.

I hope I haven't come off as though I am begging. I'm not. In fact, I am merely laying out the details for how we can work together to bring this project to fruition, something that would mean a lot to Mike and me.

Reach our goal of $10,000 will send Mike and me off on an amazing journey that we've been working towards for years. We will be eternally grateful for Whatever you can do to help us reach that goal. (and don't forget you're going to get some pretty sweet stuff as well!)

In 30 days, here's to hoping that I am sending you all another email thanking you for making this fundraising a success.

We hope each and everyone one of you had a happy New Year and is looking forward to prosperous 2016. Please feel free to hit me up with any questions.